10 Philippine Restaurants with Clever Names


In the country’s crowded restaurant industry, creativity happens to come in handy when trying to attract business.

Coming up with a unique and memorable name for an establishment could make a huge difference to potential customers.

Why would anyone want to write a review for… what’s-the-name-of-that-place-again? See.

Boring Restaurant Name

Here are a couple of places listed on the looloo app with some clever monikers meant to be memorable by being funny. Some are clever, some are witty, while some might leave you wanting to scratch your eyeballs out.

Ang Kat Tea


Photo taken from Ang Kat Tea on Facebook

There are a ton of tea places nowadays, and business owners love playing around with the word “tea.” While places like Serenitea, and Infinitea sound so serious, we liked that this particular tea joint’s name was a lot more playful and actually chose a Tagalog phrase!

Brew Ha!


Photo taken from smsupermalls.com

We’re pretty sure this coffee shop in Bacolod didn’t choose their name with the intention of scaring anyone off (“bruha” means witch in Filipino), but you can’t deny that it does have quite a ring to it. Give the place a try and you could find yourself under the spell of their bewitching brews!

Bun of Brothers

Its name obviously a play on the WW2 miniseries “Band of Brothers,” the Marikina-based burger joint is actually pretty popular in the area. It’s been around for just over a year so you probably wouldn’t call it “battle-tested,” but their selection of gourmet burgers might be a good alternative to the usual fast food fare.

Eat My GF


Photo taken from Eat my GF on Facebook

Using a bit of shock factor by being a little bastos, you can’t help but be at least a LITTLE bit curious about the place. Apparently, GF stands for their Garlic Fries, which the owner modeled after his favorite game time snack from California.

Ken Afford


Photo taken from kainankorner.blogspot.com

A staple in the area (and also featured in our Fearless Foodie’s Field Guide to Katipunan!), Ken Afford is exactly that — good cheap eats accessible to the student population nearby. Not much has changed over the years, and we’re pretty sure you’ll be able to get their sisig and free bulalo soup for many more to come!

Meats and Match


Photo taken from Meats & Match on Facebook

As the name implies, the Pampanga-based restaurant lets you choose from their different meats for a quick and affordable meal. For a simple no-frills eatery, the creativity is admirable — they’ve even got a hashtag! #saucydito

Johnny’s Fried Chicken: The Fried of Marikina

Marikina has always been known for their shoemaking. Leather footwear may be the pride of Marikina, but apparently, Johnny’s Fried Chicken is campaigning to trump that! It’s a homey place with a simple carinderia vibe about it, but one reviewer says the chicken could hold its own against Max’s even!

Nacho Fast


Photo taken from jeepneygang.com

What do you call cheese that isn’t yours? Nacho Cheese! We’re guessing the place’s owner took his or her cue from this when he named the restaurant. Okay, so it’s not the most clever of names, but we appreciate the effort of making a movie snack nacho joint sound funner!



Photo taken from Obeertime on Facebook

“Dear, late ako uuwi, nag-obeertime ako eh.” If you say it fast enough, she’ll never be the wiser. Unlike your usual roadside inuman, this bar’s name is just clever enough to be witty without being too tacky. We also give it props for taking overtime (ugh) and turning it into something to look forward to!

Pork Barrel Grill and Restaurant


With the pork barrel scam being such a hot topic these days, we’re not sure how much of a negative vibe this place’s name sends out. If you believe in “no such thing as bad publicity” though, it can’t hurt! Now, how ironic would it be to see Janet Napoles dining here??

Tri Mo Shawarma Co.

Pretty straightforward, this one — they want you to try their shawarma! This hidden gem in QC has actually gotten a lot of good reviews, some mentioning the long lines people put up with for the food. Definitely worth a TRI if you’re in the QC area!

Did we miss anything? And yes, we know there’s a carinderia called Cooking ng Ina Mo.

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You'll find EJ rummaging through refrigerators for unlabeled leftovers, earning him the nickname, "The Finisher." He's got a knack for magic tricks too, his best one being the ability to make food on his plate (or anyone else's for that matter) disappear in the blink of an eye. Too damn cheap to be picky, he once ate several slices of pizza doused in Robitussin... just because he can.

  • Peach Lopez

    Oohhh, a lot! There’s Starbuhoks Salon and Spa complete with a pirated version of Starbucks logo, in Paranaque. Then a barber shop called Edgar Scissorhands in Fairview. And don’t forget the carinderia at the back of Aristocrat in Roxas called Aristoback. Hahahaha!

    • EJ dela Vega

      Starbuhoks! Good one! Haha!

  • awaken

    obeertime in pasong tamo!

    • EJ dela Vega

      Obeertime’s already on this list! 😀

      • Ray

        Hi EJ dela Vega,

        There’s a Chawarma Baa-bique place in Marikina that sells shawarma &bbq

  • Joshua Bataller

    Linkin Pork in Wilcon City Center along Visayas Avenue. Witty Name and Good Food.


    • EJ dela Vega

      Gah! Missed that one! GOOD FIND!

  • richiez168

    Found this at a food court near my office in Ortigas!

    • Hahaha that’s a good one!!!!

    • EJ dela Vega

      Nyahaha good one! There are a LOT of cleverly-named food carts/stalls actually.

    • Hahaha! Aliw! 🙂

    • Linda Maranan

      Pad Thai Ka Dyan

    • Hi Richie. Can I post this in my blog? I collect funny business names and post it on the blog monthly. Photo will be credited to you, of course. Thanks.

  • Bien Licop

    Beer Hunter… dun sa Commonwealth

    • Jan Christian Amon

      ano special sa name na un?

      • maldita effect

        It’s a play on the phrase “Deer Hunter”, which is the title of an Oscar winning movie and a popular mobile game.

  • Benmode

    I saw a Pancit Malaboni… well, in Boni, Mandaluyong.

    • EJ dela Vega

      So what’ll happen when they expand? Pwede lang sila sa… BGC. Pancit MalaBonifacioGlobal? lol

      • Benmode

        Haha! Good one! We’ll have to wait and see for that one to happen.

  • Justin Jonas Jocom

    You forgot Caintacky Fried Chicken in Cainta. Hahahaha.

    • EJ dela Vega

      Gah! Not on looloo yet! You should suggest it!

  • pia88

    Papay pandesal! At first I thought it was just a play on the “tinapay” word but when I looked at the subhead they sell spinach pandesal and the image they use looks like a certain cartoon sailor.

    • EJ dela Vega

      Haha! I’m actually pretty curious… I wonder how spinach pandesal tastes!

    • don custodio

      Where is this place?

      • William White


  • Jan Christian Amon

    i saw a pet grooming and shop near e. rodriguez. its called Dog Whiskerer lol

    • EJ dela Vega

      Pet shops + laundromats are actually a gold mine of witty business names :))

    • Hi Jan. Can I post this in my blog? I collect funny business names and post it on the blog monthly. Photo will be credited to you, of course. Thanks.

      • Jan Christian Amon

        sorry for the extremely late response. lol sure 🙂

  • yuisehehar

    This one is from Naga City

    • Hi yuisehehar. Can I post this in my blog? I collect funny business names and post it on the blog monthly. Photo will be credited to you, of course. Thanks.

      • yuisehehar

        Yes sure.. thanks..

  • rizalkid21

    Found this along the hi-way to Angono, Rizal!!

  • Guest

    Found this along hi-way to Angono, Rizal!! 😀

  • Ligaya Delmo

    SleepNot Cafe – Bacolod City

    • Hi Ligaya. Can I post this in my blog? I collect funny business names and post it on the blog monthly. Photo will be credited to you, of course. Thanks.

  • Alexisoi Yacusar Morante

    HOw about the ” hoi Panga! ” food counter, also selling ” HOI SHONGA” ( SHOMAI NA PANGA ) .. 🙂

  • Guest

    This one is from Laguna. 🙂

    • Dodong Tonio

      yes, binan and sta rosa

      • charkee

        My wife and I eat there all the time, mura at masarap.

      • Gryse Blacolar

        There’s a sari-sari store here in our place named “Storebucks”!

  • Aileen Tagle

    Kina Rogers in Manila near recto.

    • Jym Marabe

      hmmm… yung nakita ko sa Iba Zambales gilid ng Iba Capitol. COOKING NG INA MO at yung katabi nya, COOKING NG INA MO RIN… kakaiba di ba.. 🙂

  • Nashy Nash

    Pork barrel restaurant has been established for quite some time now,even before the pdaf scam was exposed.

  • Guest


    • Ria Elaine Aguinaldo

      baguio 😉

    • Ehdz Xua OcSicnarf

      nag way na yan cla dati. bati nanaman cla ngayon

  • Ms. Kuting


    • chuiSingko

      It would be more awesome if they used Mang Inasal’s logo..hahaha

      • Lester Ed Pausal Paler

        But that would be subjected to copyright infringement..

        • I don’t think so (about the copyright). A little alteration and it would pass as “parody.” Check “Dumb Starbucks”

  • El Paul

    dito samin may “your wash is my command”
    sa talisay cebu

    • Asa dapita sa talisay? naa kay picture? Ako i-add sa blog hehe. Salamat.

  • Nikolas

    There is this place in Calauan Laguna called Pan de Sally. lol

  • playamoth

    Magkatabi dati noong ’80’s sa Quezon Ave. sa South Triangle ang Goto Haven at Mang Donalds.

  • erratic

    There’s Hijo de Pita at Malingap Street in Teachers’ Village. The place serves Mexican pita wraps. I swear, it cracked me up the first time I saw it, and I still giggle whenever I pass by the place.

    By the way, Hijo de Pita is in the same compound as Bagneto. The logo? A pig’s face instead of Michael Fassbender’s or Ian McKellen’s in the helmet. XD

  • iloveyoy

    punta ka sa Malolos crossing…sarap ng pagkain nila sa Jollibak. Their restaurant is located at the back of Jollibee Malolos crossing so they named the restaurant Jollibak. I will upload the photo tomorrow.

  • Chris

    More of si jimmy napoles ang makikita mo sa Pork Barrel. It’s a beerhouse with girls na maitetable

  • Kazuhiro Miyazaki

    How about “Eat My English” in Ortigas? I don’t know if it’s still standing though. “_”

  • Jellica Syril Ignacio

    Cute din to. MTRCB level ang manok. 🙂

    • bob


  • sampungsumpa

    Facelook in Batangas City

  • Anonymous

    sarado na yung ang kat tea, pano masyadong napagtripan ang pangalan haha.

  • Harvey Reynon

    Not a name of a restaurant, but I saw a laundry shop at QC(I forgot the particular place) wherein the owner named the shop “Lord of the Rinse”.

    • Aiu

      meron pa nga rin pong laundry shop (nakita ko lang na ipinost sa isang FB page), Summa Cum Laundry ang name, hahaha 😀

  • Gaudz Pacot

    how about ‘esteban labada laundry’?

  • Guest

    This one’s in Sucat Paranaque…

    • mozarellacat

      wahaha we thought this was a cruel joke until we saw their store =))

  • alfie

    I saw a fish balls stand in Batangas: EAT MY BALLS

  • Pearl

    HARRY PATA (selling grilled pork) in Imus, Cavite and ITLOG NI KUYA (selling balut, itlog na maalat, and other egg products) in Laguna 🙂

  • Carlo Batalla


    • Bong

      I have a salon ang name nya Philippine hAirlines.

      • photo of the shop name please! 🙂

  • john paul melo

    There is one in Paranaque. TEA li Ling!

  • Czarmaine Audryl C. Gomez

    I saw one carinderia here in Laguna. “TOUNGE IN A MOOD” 🙂

  • GlennBond

    Filipino food is awful! Tried it. Lots of fat, fatty this and fatty that, they love mayo too! It’s crazy to see families in these TV commercials sitting around a bowl of mayo just dipping their whatever into it and chowing it down!!! They love fried foods too! The cholesterol levels in their bodies must be sky high! No wonder a lot of strokes in the country! Arteries clogged to the Max!!! I forgot too about all the pork they eat!

    • Yolly Pd

      You just have not found the best ones yet. You should go to China…they eat anything and everything that moves there….spicy dog, stewed cat, crispy cockroach, sweet and sour gecko, snake burger, steamed spiders, dried starfish, sea turtles, etc, etc. Theirs is flooding with oil that comes from sewages. And they pick their nose and spit while they are cooking and eating.

    • Jigz Laya

      TRY CHINA!!! lots of dirt hahaha. at least ours has lotso fat only ahaha China even use cartons or cardboxes as an ingredient ahaha

    • porkwad

      I feel so sorry for you then.

      • GlennBond

        No need to. You will be the one in the hospital sooner with all the bad cholesterol clogging your veins from all the “wonderful” Filipino fried everything food! Remember these messages when you are lying in that hospital bed! Some of the worst food on the planet!

        • porkwad

          Oh, I wish you’d provide a credible evidence about how that will eventually happen to me sooner or later. Unfortunately, it won’t. And thus, making your claim invalid. Go munch some grass!

    • Herman Near

      Are you sure you’re not mistaking it for American food? Claims without proof make you no better than a dog that’s all bark.

      Get some proof before you run your mouth about how one food is bad. Not only are you looking stupid, talk is, wait for it… CHEAP.

  • Guest

    makagets nito panalo! ahahha

    • Bryan

      porn site yan

      • porkwad

        di nga??

        • Aiu

          Opo. ang taba nga ng utak nung nakaisip niyan e hahaha :D. FAKE TAXI po ang name pagdating sa mga P*rn sites. Yung mga hindi nakakaalam, syempre hindi masyadong matatawa. But for those na alam kung saan galing, siguradong matatawa talaga. Hindi na importante kung bastos dahil dun galing o dahil sa nanunuod ng p*rn yung mga nakakaalam, ang importante e nakakatawa dahil matindi ang sense of humor nung nakaisip 🙂

    • koshifoshi

      cool 🙂

    • Ikkin B. Tolentino

      hahahaha gets ko lagi akong nanood niyan

  • Lance Valle

    eto pa!!

  • Dasty

    Meron ding lugawan na Mang Do ang name… (McDo)

  • Brian Carrera Shaw

    How about Sinangag Express? Also known as SEx hahaha. Can’t forget that.

  • PH Raydiance

    paano yung restaurant sa Cainta? CAINTA-yo!

  • Guest

    a famous steak house in Dumaguete, along the Boulevard.

  • Dons Barraquias

    a famous steak house in Dumaguete City, along the boulevard.

  • Dons Barraquias

    something to go to to get sober. also along the Boulevard in Dumaguete City.

  • Ron Nilla

    sarap 😀

    • Patrikios

      Hahahahahaha HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! THAT’S THE BEST!!!!!

      • Josie Mella Medina

        ano ba yan ..u make me happy ..

    • charkee

      If they only knew what this means in Spanish.

  • Leonides Jocson Casibo


  • Guest

    Found This along Fairview not so funny name but the logo they use looks like MANG INASAL.. hahah

  • Guest

    found this along fairview not so funny name but the logo they used looks like MANG INASAL.. heheh

  • puff

    PAPA CARWASH in Antipolo!

  • puff

    PAPA CARWASH in Antipolo City!

    • Hi puff. Can I post this in my blog? I collect funny business names and post it on the blog monthly. Photo will be credited to you, of course. Thanks.

      • puff


  • king

    There’s one in malolos named Bente-Meal! hahaha..

    they sell budget and student meals. 🙂

  • sonnycheeebah

    Someone should set up a bulalo restaurant named “Lindsay’s Bulalohan”….or a liquor store named “Amy’s Wine House”

  • Jmv

    Master Siomai. Kosh Kosh laundry. Steven Eleven.

  • Cornelio Buenavista

    There’s Bertito’s ANYHAW Restaurant in Calamba.

  • Cornelio Buenavista

    There’s a small bar in Sta. Rosa named “Tongue in a Mood”

  • 56del_11

    nice! naaliw ako ds morning

  • deadswitch

    Star Box

  • deadswitch

    SATTIS fied

  • David de Los Angeles

    Author missed Seditious Filipino Cuisine in Manila

  • Guest

    Here’s one from San Juan! 🙂

  • Angelique

    Here’s one from San Juan! 😀

  • Eduardo M. Marbida

    And this one is also ours!

  • Guest

    And this one’s ours too!

    • Eduardo M. Marbida

      Options submitted to DTI:
      1. Waterrade
      2. UnliWater
      3. MyHusband’s Water
      Number 3 ang inapprove ng DTI….. ang galing nyo! Salamuch!

  • Inxs Singson

    You missed this! SkewU Grill! serves Angus and chicken skewers hehe

  • Freejosef

    A restaurant in Calauan, Laguna is named ISKARGU. (Isda-Karne-Gulay) hahaha

  • Jett Dragunov

    Ang Kat Tea – mangangamot ka kc sa ulo pag-nakita mo price nila.. 😉

  • MarlboroReds

    nakita ko lang sa facebook lol

    • Jan Ben

      I saw this in Batac, Ilocos Norte

    • Josie Mella Medina

      talagang magaling ang mga Pinoy…lakas ng tawa ko..

    • Valerie


  • MarlboroReds

    nakita ko lang sa facebook lol.

  • Nice! I have a monthly post for funny business names here: http://mustachioventures.blogspot.com/p/go-random.html

    If anyone wants to share anything, please send the photo including the area where you found it. Thanks!

  • Patrick Leonardo

    Here’s a new one at Maginhawa Street! Hahaha!

    • Dodong Tonio

      palitan dapat ng JA yung Da

  • Paul Wenceslao
  • Ed

    I’m a little too far south in Philippines now to take a pic, but I always got a laugh at the “Hari Pata” sign along Aguinaldo in Bacoor Cavite.

  • ferdinand_dti

    Somewhere in libis 🙂 http://instagram.com/p/uu0meVynv5/

  • Guest

    somewhere along the riles …

  • Cholo & Robbie

    There’s a place along gil-puyat ave in makati, that’s named “FaBurrito” It’s amazing, and should be included in this list.

  • Guest

    just to add

  • Herman Near

    There’s a new one. Tapa Out. (parodies tapout, the MMA outfit)

  • j.francis a. siaotong

    I had a good laugh. The bakeshop can be found in the Municipality of Norala, South Cotabato Province, Philippines. I wonder what the owner had in mind in coming up with this name.

    • Ehdz Xua OcSicnarf


  • Guest

    pabastusan ba? etong senyo https://www.facebook.com/teateaplace

  • Wilbert Raagas Tan

    pabastusan ba? etong senyo! bwahahaha

    • Ehdz Xua OcSicnarf


  • There’s also: Aristoback. And as their name suggests, their at the back of Aristocrat. Location: Malate, Manila. 😉

  • Josie Mella Medina

    dito lang maaalis na ang kalungkutan mo..


    EAT MO KO , ayan ang itatayo kung restaurant.

  • Valerie

    Funny article. Mga pinoy talaga….

  • Gab Ferrer

    yan matindi

  • iloveyoy

    This one is in Malolos City located just behind Jollibee and Sacred Heart Hospital that is why the resto is named Jollibak pagkaing babalikbalikan.

  • iloveyoy

    Jollibak pagkaing babalibalikan

  • mozarellacat

    i’d always stare at eat my gf stand at atc because of its name hahahah

  • Mhacleo Nachor

    tri mo is in lagro.qc. the best shawarma

  • Elias Dela Cruz

    Guyabano(also known as Soursop or Graviola) is a superfood that has been named as “The Natural Cancer Killer” because of its ability to indentify, target and fight cancer cells. You can taste real Guyabano goodness in every sachet of Elixir Wonder Drink, for more info please visit http://www.flowdragon.net/

  • black magna

    para sa mga Facebool addict

  • Randy Felix Malayao

    If you are starving after a long drive, stop by Tomgoot Resto at San Mateo, Isabela.