5 Provinces in the Philippines You Probably Ignored But Should Visit


The Philippines has a total of 81 provinces, how many of them have you visited?

Are you the type to stick to the trail and go to the places where tourists usually go, or are you the kind of person who would rather choose adventure, deviate from the norm and take the roads less travelled?

For the curious and adventurous traveler, we put together a short list of Philippine provinces that seriously need more attention.

Surigao del Sur

Surigao del Sur Philippine Map

One of Surigao del Sur’s prides is the Enchanted River in the town of Hinatuan. This entrancing river continues to fascinate tourists and residents alike not just because of its crystal clear water but also because of the many unexplained mysteries that surround it.

It may be reminiscent of Coron’s Kayangan Lake but with its widely spread stories of mystical creature sightings to beautiful fish that can’t seem to be caught, this river has a whole lot of reasons to call itself “Enchanted.”

Not a fan of otherworldly stories? How about this: rivers are generally bodies of fresh water but the Enchanted River has salt water flowing through it. What’s interesting is that there is no visible source of where that salt water is coming from.

While it’s been reported that the river is about 25 meters deep, many still claim that no one has ever reached the bottom of the Enchanted River.

Enchanted River Surigao del Sur

Photo taken from Adrenaline Romance

Another spot that should not be missed when in Surigao del Sur is the Philippines’ “Little Niagara Falls” called Tinuy-An Falls. This three-level white water curtain in Bislig has the widest waterfalls in the Philippines. It’s also said that a rainbow always appears in the area between 9:00 AM to 11:00AM. Definitely another grandeur to behold.

Tinuy-An Falls Surigao del Sur

Photo taken by Rawen Balmaña

The easiest route to get to these places in Surigao del Sur from Manila is via a 1.5 hour flight to Butuan City, Agusan del Norte. From Butuan City you can get to either Hinatuan or Bislig by bus with both destinations taking approximately 4 to 5 hours of travel time.


Map of Antique, Philippines

You’ve probably passed by Antique on your way to Iloilo or Boracay but have you ever stopped to check out what this place has to offer?

The province of Antique is often referred to as the place “where the mountains meet the sea” because of the short distance between its mountains and coast which is really a pleasant sight to see especially if you are a nature lover.

If you’ve already tried the water rafting in Cagayan de Oro then you must experience the river kayaking in Tibiao, Antique. Unlike the white water rafting in CDO, you get to ride and navigate the kayak alone from start to finish.

With whitewater rafting grades of up to 3 (intermediate level with medium-sized waves and 3 to 5-foot drops) and 4 (advanced level with large waves, considerable drops and sharp maneuvering needed), it’s no wonder the Department of Tourism has been promoting it as a whitewater kayaking destination.

Kayaking in Tibiao Antique

Photo taken by Rupert Quitag

If you are a fan of waterfalls, then trekking to the falls of Bugtong-Bato should top your list. The 1.3 kilometer trek will give you a nice scenic view of three out seven waterfalls of Tibiao.

For a unique and relaxing experience, do not miss the Kawa Hot Bath from the same town. The over-sized woks serve as a tub to give travelers a therapeutic sauna-like experience.

Kawa Hot Bath Tibiao Antique

Photo taken by Melo Villareal

Here are some ways to get to Antique: You can take a 17-hour Philtranco bus ride to Tibiao, Antique from Cubao, Quezon City. Take an hour flight to Caticlan and get to Tibiao from the airport within 2 hours by car or van.

Fly from Manila to Iloilo City (1-hour flight) and take a 2 to 3-hour bus or van ride to Tibiao.


Capiz Philippine Map

If you are a seafood lover, then Capiz is the perfect place for you. It’s not called the “Seafood Capital of The Philippines” for nothing. Fresh seafood is very abundant and affordable in Roxas City, Capiz’s capital.

This tiny province in Visayas may have an unpleasant reputation because of “aswangs” or shape shifting mythical creatures that are said to be thriving here, but visiting this captivating place and discovering its secluded waterfalls, well-preserved churches, and rivers will prove the folklores wrong.

Take the relaxing Panay River Cruise or the Palina River Cruise on a cabana and have the river all to yourself as you spot mangroves, fishing boats and fishing villages that will give you a peek of the daily life of the locals.

Panay River

Photo taken by Nonoy Espina

After the cruise, you can visit the Pangilatan Falls, regarded as the most beautiful falls in Western Visayas.

There are daily flights (1 hour) from Manila to Roxas City, Capiz.


Marinduque Philippine Map

Marinduque, dubbed as the “Lent Capital of the Philippines,” is not only worth your time during Holy Week. In fact, the best time to experience the natural wonders of this small heart-shaped island is during off-peak seasons. Marinduque has lots of places waiting to be explored but unfortunately, people only go here to see the famous Moriones Festival.

The town of Sta. Cruz, Marinduque is home to the Bathala Caves, a complex network of seven caves but only four of which have so far been explored.

If you are into mountain climbing, then trekking the summit of Mt. Malindig in the town of Buenavista, should be included in your itinerary. It is said that on a clear day, Mt. Mayon is visible from its summit.

Mt. Malindig Marinduque

Photo taken by Rome Diwa

If you are up for some swimming, visit the 1-kilometer long, fine white sand beach of Poctoy. This beach has a magnificent view of Mt. Malindig and its coral reefs and clear water makes it an ideal spot for snorkeling.

Air Asia Zest no longer has direct flights to Marinduque. You can instead take an 8 to 10 hour direct trip via the JAC Liner bus.


Siquijor Map Philippines

Siquijor, they say, is a mystical island that only brave souls would dare set foot on. Lore has it that Siquijor is a place of sorcerers or mangkukulam which unfortunately, is enough reason for some people to avoid visiting this province.

Obviously, these are all just rumors as the only thing that’s supernatural on this small island is its rustic beauty.

If you are up for an adrenaline rush and know how to swim, prepare to walk down 130+ steps so you can jump off Cambugahay Falls Tarzan-style (using a rope strung on a branch or baging). With its multi-level cascaded falls, you’ll end up jumping anywhere from 8 to 12 feet high.

Cambugahay Falls

Photo taken by Trish Lim

For a taste of Siquijor’s history, checking out the 400-year old giant Balete tree can get a bit creepy but it’s a definite must-see.

Siquijor Balete Tree

Photo taken by Joshua Berida

Get to Siquijor from Manila by taking a 1-hour flight to Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental and then taking another 1-hour ferry ride to Siquijor from the Dumaguete Port.
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Toni Alvarez

Having been bitten by the travel bug, exploring the world has been an obsession to her. Toni Alvarez sees to it that not a year will pass by without her satisfying her wanderlust and writing online itineraries after every travel has been automatic to her.


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  2. I am from Siquijor and my house is just a stone throw away from the 400-year old giant Balete tree and the last picture in the article is definitely not what we have in Siquijor. The actual balete tree is much larger and has a natural spring surrounding it which adds to its charm.

    • Rodolfo Inferido Villarmia on

      I have been there in Siquijor last May 3, fiesta. We toured around the island and we stop balete to some pictures. There are many nice resorts mostly owned by foreigners in areas between Larena and Siquijor town

  3. christian duran on

    I am from Siquijor and my house is just a stone throw away from the 400-year old giant Balete tree and the last picture in the article is definitely not what we have in Siquijor. The actual balete tree is much larger and has a natural spring surrounding it which adds to its charm. Below is a picture of the actual Balete tree in Siquijor.

  4. christian duran on

    The balete tree image used in the article is definitely not the one in Siquijor. Our Balete tree has a natural spring surrounding it and so much bigger than what is shown in the article. Here’s an actual picture:

      • I was in Siquijor last May 3rd in time for fiesta of Larena town. Here are pictures of me near balete tree and signage.

        • Rhey Anthony Magabulo on

          whats that name, “to ingilo?” is it 1st name or last name?.. coz, my fathers midle name is Ingillo.. and whats that inside the plastic bag?..

      • Michael Angelo Respicio on

        follow the thread. The photo christian duran gave was uploaded before the correct photo of the balete tree was posted in the blog.

  5. You can’t go wrong with Misamis Oriental, Bukidnon and Camiguin…

    CDO backyard… you don’t have to travel far to enjoy and experience the beauty…










    BUKIDNON…lots to do and see not to mention the Longest Dual Zipline in Asia….

    CAMIGUIN Island…has more…Volcano, White island, sunken cemetery, waterfalls, hot spring, cold spring….and more.

  6. The rapids in Tibiao are tiny compared to the rapids in CDO. If you want smaller rapids like in Tibiao then Misamis Oriental and Bukidnon has that too…and not only 1 river. we have plenty to choose.


    The river at Malitbog, Bukidnon.

    Or the Cabulaway river in Balingasag, Misamis Oriental. This is typical to some European style kayaking in narrow but continuous rapids for distances…

    If you want just minutes from CDO CBD then we have at least a couple.

    and Balubal river in CDO.

  7. When will people tel the truth about the Philippines?. Don’t expect a Filipino to. The authors name tells us she is one. The Philippines is full of guns, ignorance, poverty, corrupt politicians, weak law and in your face religion. The towns that you have to travel through to get to the beautiful sights are squalid and foreign tourists are targeted and then ‘ripped off’. Nearby Malaysia for instance has the same beautiful nature but none of the above problems and so gets 5 times more tourists and Thailand even more. Sometimes numbers do tell the truth.

      • and in his face religion too…I dont know what kind of God he is believing, but, his message can tell the bad influence on him… besides when you are travelling your main target is the place… not the people, government or some cultures they believe into or maybe he was being ripped off because of his bad attitude… Yeah he is telling the truth but only half of it. Kung di nya gusto di wag siya pumunta db? so keep calm lang po tau :))

        • Joseph Price on

          I have been living in Iligan for over a year, and “ripping off the kano” does actually seem to be normal behavior. It is unfortunate, but true. When I was dating different people, nearly every family would just show up at my door to use my internet, stay for HOURS, and look around at dinner time. They do all this without asking permission to come over. They never think of what I might have been planning for that evening.

          As long as the foreigner pays for everything, they have a great time. I never got invited to their houses. I never took part in anything they did as a group, but you can damn well bet they always invited themselves over to get anything they could for free.

          I am sorry if this sounds bad, but for us it IS bad. Many of us were raised with manners, and that is something I see very little of in this country. Filipinos ignore lines, do not follow traffic laws, run people off the road in their quest to always be first, and (honestly) I have not seen a single Filipino driver that would last longer than 10 minutes in the state of Georgia. You people would be buried UNDER the damn jail for the way you drive…especially the damn jeepney drivers!!!

          Seriously, Filipinos have a lot of work to do on themselves if they wish to be taken seriously in the international world. Corruption is only one of the problems.

    • I don’t know about Malaysia, but Thailand is more known for its sex industry than its tourist spots. Foreigners, mostly pedophiles from Europe flock there.

      • I wish you didn’t say that about Thailand. I’ve been to Thailand many times and I can understand why Thailand is one of the top tourist destinations in the world. Try to educate yourself and if possible mag travel ka.

        • elephant_walk on

          no need for denigrating words mnimad. and how did you know that deocafa01 has not traveled to thailand and anywhere. he’s right about the sex industry being strong in thailand, which is is a source and destination country and a hub in the mekong sub-region for trafficked sex workers. it is a major tourist destination and has a far advanced tourism industry, which is admirable, but unfortunately has its downsides.

          • Are oblivious of the sex industry in the Philippines? Even without the tourists we have a thriving sex industry in the Philippines. Just in case you don’t know.

          • swit n sawar pok on

            are you in Thailand? then stay there for the rest of your life. And yes Thailand is the sex trafficking and sex change capital of the world.

          • Isn’t the Philippines also into the SEX TRADE? it is one of the distinations for pedophiles and sex tourists from Europe and other countries. Yet it is supposedly a country of very religious people. Old old men taking young girls as the sexual partners who are nicknamed muchawa….Muchacha sa bontag asawa sa gabii.

          • emaritta, please stop saying things when you don’t even know what’s real. Someone might have given you wrong info about ph. I’m a Filipino. besides the thieving and accidents that i saw in news every once in a while, Sex trade have never been one of them. if there ever was, it had been immigrants from other countries that set up places where they can have sex and record it for who knows what ( I’ve seen the report recently in the news, don’t remember when though, although once in a while, I have seen some of what we’re talking about here often). and from what I’ve read about what you wrote, You’re putting every Filipino and the whole country in the same category with ‘old men taking young girls as their sexual partners who are nicknamed Muchawa’, which should be fixed.

      • Just a comment from a Westerner

        …actually the PI is arguably the best destination for sex in all of asia. by far the easiest country to pick up non-working girls, and its premier P4P destination angeles city is only rivaled by pattaya in thailand, in terms of number of gogo bars and working girls. it’s a paradise for PUA’s and whoremongers alike….

        Read more: http://www.city-data.com/forum/travel/1455746-why-dont-more-tourists-visit-philippines.html#ixzz3IYjHdxJ6

        There are more on the net.

    • i am a filipino and i agree with one of things you listed here…CORRUPT POLITICIANS! as for the rest of what you’ve said all i see is blah…blah blah blah blah.. you seriously need to chill dude and lighten up, when you’re on holiday you should relax and don’t think of negative things that’s why you’re on holiday in the first place..by the looks of it you are one stressed out person..sooo saaad.. and you mentioned ignorance, with this commentary of yours i think you’re projecting. get a life dude…i survived megastorm haiyan and suffered great losses but i haven’t lost my positivity so far, so i’m thankful i am not you..

      • I was there during Yolanda, So Sad. but the people are beautiful and the most respectful I have met anywhere.
        You want to travel, leave your ignorance and arrogance at home

      • morris marshall on

        Well I have lived in the Philippines for 15 yrs, all this friendly loving people is crap, call it Cruise ship smiles ,I,E, Give me money.There are some very nasty people live here.

      • I have lived in the Philippines provinces for 13 years and my wife’s job has meant that I’ve met some interesting people. I live here largely because I have 3 kids and I have a responsibility for their welfare. But the details of living here are terrible. Filipino women don’t tell the truth about where you are coming to and only want your money not you. When they’ve got it all they turn on you and try to drive you out, so their family can move in. This has happened thousands and thousands of times here, so it’s the norm and if you are all truthful, you know it too. The infrastructure of this county is an international disgrace, not just physical infrastructure like roads, but manners too like pushing into queues and conversations and bad behavior. What is the most frequent statement here Walang Pera, what do I here the most when out, ‘give me money, I want money’. Our former mayor was a convicted murderer, the current one totally corrupt and useless. If you’re a tourist here for two weeks, so what and anyway at the resorts people behave better. But I live with real Filipino’s and all I hear is negative emotion anger and physical abuse. If you watch the soaps on TV here it’s all negative emotion, anger and physical abuse too so don’t tell me I’m wrong for 13 years of living here proves I’m right. If you’re a tourist, you cant know the truth, for you’ve not lived long term here.

    • Waling-Waling Eco Village on

      Sad to know your experience in the Philippines wasn’t a good one. But I don’t get the fuss about lots of guns? People don’t go recklessly shooting people in the Philippines. Go to L.A. , New York or even Washington D.C. You have a bigger chance there of getting killed from a drive by shooting. And that’s America (first world nation, superpower etc)…they really have the numbers there.

      • Teodorico Banaag Dulay on

        Waling-waling,pls don’t worry about True Twit’s comments.If he is an American, then he has the RIGHT TO BE STUPID.Sec Kerry confirmed that in his speech in Germany:” AMERICANS HAVE THE RIGHT TO BE STUPID”. We Filipinos don’t have that right, so better display your intelligence..

        • Elizabeth Radley on

          I’m American and I’ve never been to these places in the article, but I’m pretty sure you can read reviews on TripAdvisor and see that he is really wrong about Malaysia not being poor and having crime. The biggest part of Malaysia travel is getting ripped off by cab drivers who refuse to turn on the meter and second rate knock off goods the same as Manila. I’ve been living in Manila for 4 years now and your generalization about Americans shows your own ignorance or blatant disregard for the truth.

          • This is true, however, TrueTwit does not have the right to assume about things in the ph. i do agree in the part where politicians are corrupt, if it weren’t for them, ph would be a much better country than it is now

    • malaysia is malaysia, and philippines is philippines!!! that’s what travelling is all about, seeing the world!!! you don’t explore the world by going to one, two, three, four or five places only!!! philippines, whether you like it or not is in this world!!! so, you see, you don’t have an option, you too came to us!!! hehehe. 😀

    • Wow promoting other countries aside from the indicated topic? Wtf are you implying? Those countries doesnt have the same bullshit youre talking about the Philippines? Get your facts straight first! Youre stupid and ignorant to state that. I’ve been and stayed long to those countries so don’t give me a crap that im making this up. Each of these countries has their own unique beauty so dont be a moron to sum it all up like they all have the same places like Philippines blah blah whine whine whine. Not all people are dumb like you to get “ripped-off” so stop scaring people off like you’re the one paying their vacation. I’d bet you never even tried visiting any of these places.

    • offended pinoy on

      Ur out of topic idiot…. we are promoting the beautiful places in the Phils and not the people whom you know… if you cant say something good, better shut up…

    • i am filipina. Heres a question.. Have you been here ? Or any of the good awesome NATURAL SCENERY here ? Maybe not, because if came here your not gonna say that thing.. maybe we have a corrupt politicians and poverty. but all of the country in this earth this corrupt politicians inside their country too. And poverty ? Are you sure that your country doesn’t have one ?
      As a tourism student i must say, that these wonderful natural places are one the foreigner craving of. Maybe you’re just jealous because your country is as pathetic as you ! All we have here is all gift from god. unlike other countries they’re more of this MAN MADE whatever scenery..

    • Jose P. Umali on

      Hey True Twit, if you think the Philippines is as hateful as you perceive it to be. why are you still here? Get lost man, go,find your Shangri-ila somewhere else, we don’t need you here.

    • truetwit, where else do you think is a safe place? where else do you think is the place where there is no corruption? Philippines is better than any Islamic countries with its beautiful nature and hospitality that Filipinos show.

    • David Francis Powell on

      There is some truth, at least on a personal perspective, in all theses statements. But virtually every country has its good and bad. The worst part of the Philippines is the corruption and knock-on effects of that – such as the poverty and squalor and dishonesty. But I’ve lived here 14 years and many of the ordinary people are friendly, hospitable and decent, and the natural beauty is wonderful and varied. If it was as bad as some say – I would not have stayed here. Bad as the corruption is, most 3rd world countries are similar, and the rich countries are often just better at covering it up, so its not so blatant at all levels. By the way – I’m English.

      • Agree, I have been to many countries and the recent one is a communist, the beauty of the country depend upon the visitor taste. Corruptions are any where as long as there are politicians there are corruptions same with crimes. But lets not dwell on the negative side if I compare other Asian citizens Filipinos are still better.

    • Oh shut the hell up…. you complain too much. Bet you’ve never even been to there and fell victim to what others said about Philippines and its negative side. Lets assume you’re from United States. Does America have people full of guns, ignorance, poverty, corrupt politicians, gang related violence, weak law and in your face religion too? I say YES too all those! Did you know that MAJORITY of the people in Philippines happens to look up to that country and and does end up following their examples?? Sheesh, before you make negative comments, I suggest you look at your country first! America messed the world up in the first place.

      • Yeah America messed everything up to the point of everybody wanting to go there and loot its economy. America is clearly the best country on the planet even with all her problems. I have lived here in the PH for 2 years now and there is no comparison to America, not even close. Some things I really like here and most things I don’t. As I recall you would never even have a country if not for the good nature of Americans saving your behinds not once but twice so please don’t even start!!

    • Rhey Anthony Magabulo on

      if you said ignorance, then what will happen to those victims of yolanda?.. without the help of other filipino those victims did not recover yet, until now.. hey.. try to think of your self you bitter!?.. i think you didn’t feel to be loved… how sad you are..

    • 내 한국 이름은 태양입니다 on

      then i invite you to our province in the philippines borongan eastern samar forsome cookies so you’ll know what this post and all other people are talking about.

    • Maiqui Namocatcat on

      I do think its your decision to get exposed to the bad things in the Philippines. But it is also your choice to bathe yourself in the splendor the country Philippines can offer. You should not think that a country is perfect, even its people aren’t so you should not think like that

    • Your twitting is exactly that, “twits”. It is obvious that you have an ax to grind against Filipinos or the country, perhaps a personal bad experience. And thereafter your views about the Philippines and Filipinos have been clouded. Definitely, one incident or for that matter, an individual’s single opinion (yours), doesn’t represent the real picture. Do you read about what’s happening in Chicago or New York, or the whole US in general? Per capita, Americans have more guns, especially the last few years, Americans have been arming themselves. Ignorance? Our high school graduates can write better English that an average American teenager?!”Wuss up?” rather than “What’s up”? Do you watch Jay Leno or O’Reilley shows where American teenagers interviewed on the streets do not even know the name of their vice president and simple civic questions? In a recent research, Filipinos were judged to be the “best” business letter writers in the world. The Philippines overtook India in the hiring of the call centers operators (that means we speak better and judged to be more accent-neutral than them) , we have the best pool players in the world, the best bowler, we furnish almost a third of the world sailors, our engineers and other professionals are very effective middle-level supervisors in business in the US, Singapore, Taiwan, Canada, , etc. The Philippines was the first democracy in Asia, we have the first airline, we have produced people like Rizal, Carlos Romulo, Abad Santos, Bonifacio, and a lot of honorable and learned men. We have the most beautiful women in the world as shown by the fact that there seems to be always a Filipina finalist on the top five of beauty contest, etc, etc. I am proud to be a Filipino and too bad you hate us or you are a mis-informed Filipino yourself. (Sorry for typhos as I am not doing a review here to post this fast).

    • In travelling here are my thoughts: Sometimes we see things as we are and not as they really are… Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. .. The world is not perfect but it is still good… Smile always and the world will smile back. In travelling enjoy their beauty, ignore and surpass the ugly because it is the beauty that you have paid and go for. If you don’t want to encounter scammers, research before you travel. I was scammed once and I will say it was my fault because it was actually written in tourist book inside my room but did not bother read. But now I can laugh about it because it is a story to tell. Then leave politics to politicians, you did not travel for politics. If you don’t like the situation of the country then don’t go, coz you will never enjoy it anyway.

      Now when it comes to my country, there is so many place to go. We Filipinos in Philippines could not even go to all seven thousand plus islands. Those guns, scammers and corruption are actually concentrated in urbanites, few in nature destinations. If you have only gone to Manila, I would say you have rally not travelled Philippines you only reached the port.

    • What nationality are you? And whatever your nationality is, you are such a disgrace of your own race. You are judgmental, you are an asshole and you dont know how to respect.You are a racist!What did we do to you , to treat us like this . Yes we admit that there are issues like that in our government but do not generalize all Filipino.FYI ,we do not kill tourist in our country, we are not a killer, again do not generalize all Filipino.Obviously, you have not visited our country yet and you are not welcome to visit by the way,Philippines is not only the country who have a problem in graft and corruption and poor government system?Lucky you ..you maybe belong to a country who can support you even though you will not going to work.But us, Filipinos..we work very hard to achieve our goals in life.Lucky you that you do not seem maybe have to save money from your payroll monthly because you have a great government who support you till you get old.But us Filipino..we work hard every penny of it and we make sure that we have to save what we work hard to have a better future. Who cares if Thailand and Malaysia have a better places to visit than us..Who cares if they have more tourist than the Philippines. If you do not want to visit our country then dont!To those Filipinos who agreed to what he posted..then leave the country.You seems like you dont love your own race.Who else will support each other..isnt suppose to be us..filipinos?

    • Seriously? did you ever try traveling to these places? If not, then shut up you weirdo coz i did and enjoyed it…maybe your only travel is the newstand to read violent news and your toilet where you smell your own shit!

    • I am an American. I have been all over the Philippine Islands from the South to the North, East to West. The people have always treated me with respect and love. I have never had a problem. Nice people, great place to live and visit on holiday. You will be treated to super hospitality from all Filipinos.

  8. тαтχ ѕαит. ∂єѕℓαтє on

    Hi Toni! I am an Antiqueno / Karay-a currently living in Cebu. Thank you so much for featuring Antique in your article. Some people might have over looked our little (but slightly elongated province), but great things come in smaller packages. If you haven’t tried different municipalities of Antique yet, you should. Take Caluya (tatus crabs), Anini-y (siraan hot spring), Pandan (bugang river), Libertad (Tinigbas), Culasi (Malalison Island), and Barbasa (Cadiao Falls), so to speak of some. Nice blog, overall! Kruhaay! 🙂

  9. EatAndySummers on

    I commend Toni for focusing on these underrated province destinations in the Philippines and I know there are still a lot out there to discover. Just last month, I was visiting a friend from Jose Dalman, Zamboanga Del Norte and I was amazed by the rock formations along their hidden coastlines. Away from the civilization yet pure outdoor experience. Kudos to Toni and everyone who supports her. You may always visit my website at http://www.eatandysummers.com. It’s still a work in progress since it was hacked a couple of years ago and I am left with blank pages. 🙁

    • EatAndySummers on

      PS. There’s more to Siquijor than what’s written there. My mom’s originally from there and we make sure to visit the Island Province at least once a year. In fact, today is the annual fiesta celebration of Lazi and tomorrow too. You can go spelunking, and do lots of snorkeling around the island. There are also hidden falls aside from the much celebrated Cambugahay Falls. As well, it boasts the oldest convent in Asia. 😉

    • Thank you so much! Yes, you’re right. There are actually lots of beautiful places in the Philippines waiting to be discovered. Thanks also for the recommendations. =D

  10. check out also dinagat island… there’s a bat sanctuary, bonsai forest, cold spring and crystal clear white sand beaches… i visited that place before with my parents but so sad my mom lost the camera..we don’t have any pictures left…hehehe

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  13. Hello, I was in Siquijor last May 3rd, it was my first time there, and I really enjoyed the natural view, the extremes, the culture and the hospitality 😀

  14. Here’s my photo of Century Old Balete tree, very relaxing fish spa for free. Siquijor is indeed awesome! Don’t hesitate to go just because of the rumors.

  15. What you did Ms. Toni Alvarez is highly appreciated. Tingnan mo ang daming nag-contribute kung saan pa maraming dapat mabisita. And I believe to what they say. Y’ung isyu sa corruption eh hindi lang naka confined sa Philippines. Marami pang mas masahol na bansa kesa atin. Ito lang kasing media sa atin ang sobrang magbalita. Baka naman may kumontra sa akin eh nakatravel na ako sa more than 25 countries. That’s why I have evidences to compare. NAPAKAGANDA NG PILIPINAS.

  16. Lets not forget the Bataan Province , home of the memorial at Mt. Samat, Bagac, Morong, The Camaya Coast, The villas at Acuzar……just to name a few

  17. Tony Alvarez! Thank you very much for providing information on how to go to this beautiful places in our country. One of the difficulties in developing tourism in our country is the lack of information on how to go these local attractions.

  18. Wow. I’ve never been there before, I should probably tell this to my family about this place. Me and my family loves to travel every summer. And yes, we’re a Filipino, we don’t care about the CORRUPT POLITICIANS. We were born, raised and live here in the Philippines and our country is the best because all the places that we’ve been traveled and stayed are good and affordable. Well, for us Filipinos, the only problem for traveling is the budget, the place where we should stay to sleep and eat (like hotels, bed and breakfast, resorts, etc.). That’s all! oh and for the Tourists, you should travel and experience the cultures of Philippines, because It’s more FUN in the Philippines!

  19. Natz Hans Borongan on

    Hello everyone, I am Luis and i am a registered freelance tour guide here in the province. if you want to pay a visit here in the island, you may visit my page “Explore Siquijor” without the quotes. I can help you for free inquiries and give you the lowest tour packages and other services here in the island.

  20. Johaness Alaine del Mundo on

    You could also check out Luba, Abra if you like hiking and the like. It’s a very relaxing place and a good choice for an escape from reality trip 😉

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  22. Yanexi Martos-De Guzman on

    I’m Cuban-American & I’ve been living in the philippines 4 a yr, and i love it. i hate america its full of racism even til this day. there r some nice americans but most of them think better then others. plus the culture in philippines is like my cuban culture, family is always 1st & always parties celebrating & drinking. I would love 2 see more places like this in philippines thats 4 sure! 🙂

  23. is it only the south of PH that is beautiful ????????. i’m from the UK and i now live in San Fernando La Union, here is lovely, the mountains of Baguio and Hundred Islands are amazing, and if u travel even more north you come to the Pearl of the PH……..Vigan…………….history stood still here………………………….the most beautiful city i have ever visited.

  24. Philippines has
    never failed to amuse the world with its natural beauty. Its exquisiteness
    keeps the tourists coming back for more. Even a whole year is probably still not
    enough time to explore all the beautiful places. Tourists need not worry about
    making friends with the natives since Filipinos are known for their exceptional
    warm-heartedness when dealing with visitors or guests The Kawa Hot Bath, is
    pretty amazing, the fact that it gives off a witchy, mischievous atmosphere
    makes it more intriguing. If like me, you also love reading travel blogs, visit

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  26. Junie Bapor Jr. on

    the Philippines is amazing, it is a really PERLAS NG SILANGANAN, i am proud that i am a filipino, and on the other hand i am proud that my province is in surigao del sur visited almost two times in the enchanted river. GOD BLESS PHILIPPINES.

  27. There are really lots of tourist spots in the Philippines waiting for an attention like this. Writing a blog about this places is a good way to promote these tourist spots. Especially now that we Ranked 8th in the Best in Travel 2015 by Lonely Planet, who would know? Maybe these tourist spots can attract more attention.

    I have also written a blog post about a tourist spot in our place where there are seldom visitors but it’s the only tourist attraction we have so I might share it here Tribu Bagobo Woodlands.

    Thanks so much.

  28. Marlo Rayon Hallasgo on

    Makabisita rin ako diyan ,. Talagang pono ng mga magagandang tanawin ang Pilipinas .. Proud to be a FILIPINO 🙂

  29. jasmin Bañas on

    I have been to tibiao, antique .. the place was really beautiful and refreshing.. its tranquility will give u a peace of mind. and you can even take a bath on their river and think that you are experiencing the old ways of Filipinos before.
    At night fireflies will visit your cottage and they have hanging bridge as well. too bad we forgot to go on their hanging bridge.

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