The 10 Best-Rated Chinese Restaurants In Manila In 2015


Did you know that the Chinese fare was Google’s most-searched cuisine in 2014, beating out other world favorites like Japanese and Mexican food? But it doesn’t really come as a surprise that it’s such a well-loved cuisine because after all, they’ve given us wonderful things to eat like fried egg rolls, noodles, peking duck, and dumplings! What would life be without dumplings?!

If you’re a fan of this globally-famous cuisine, you’ll get a kick out of this list. We’ve enumerated the the top ten Chinese restaurants in Metro Manila that looloo reviewers raved about in 2015. Some of them are posh, others are hole-in-the-wall, but they’re all worth your looloo stars!

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10. Sincerity Cafe and Restaurant

Hunting for the best fried chicken in Metro Manila? You’re probably looking in all the wrong places because one of the tastiest versions of this dish is found in an old, no-frills eatery in Binondo! Those privy to this secret know that Sincerity Cafe and Restaurant’s fried chicken is crunchy on the outside, soft and juicy on the inside, and incredibly flavorful all over.

This mom and pop shop has been around since the 50s and has been passed down to the owners’ children. Over the years, they’ve come to be known not only for their standout fried chicken but also for other authentic Amoy dishes like the Fried Oyster Cake, Duck Misua with Chinese Herbs Soup, Fried Kikiam, and Fresh Lumpia.

Sincerity Cafe and Restaurant can be found at these locations.

9. Mogu Tree Noodle House

In China, noodles can never go missing on the dining table, especially on New Year’s Eve or birthday celebrations. The longer the strands, the longer (and luckier) your life will be! If you want to win the lottery and live ‘til you’re a hundred years old, eat often at Mogu Tree Noodle House to better your odds. They don’t ever run out of noodles here!

The first thing you’ll see when you step into Mogu are a lot of choices. Out on display are all kinds of noodles as well as a wide array of toppings. You get to pick exactly which ingredients go into your noodle pot as well as what kind of broth you’d want them to be cooked in. According to looloo reviewers, egg noodles in laksa is a tasty combination!

Mogu Tree Noodle House can be found at these locations.

8. King Chef Dimsum Kitchen

Banawe may be known for the countless car accessory shops that line its streets, but this little Chinatown in QC is secretly a haven for foodies, too! And one of the most well-loved restaurants in the area is King Chef Dimsum Kitchen. Having become such a popular venue for Chinese celebrations, it opened up one more branch in Banawe and another in Binondo.

If there’s one thing on their extensive dimsum menu that you really need to order, it’s their Hakaw. These plump, juicy balls of shrimpy goodness are everyone’s favorite! For some variety, their Pork Siomai, Bird’s Eye Dumplings, and Steamed Mantao are good choices too. Be sure to take advantage their promo in the afternoon–it’s fifty percent off on all dimsum!

King Chef Dimsum Kitchen can be found at 2/F Banawe Centre, 238 Banawe Ave. cor. Panalturan St., Banawe, Quezon City, Metro Manila.

7. Choi Garden

Whether it’s your ah ma’s birthday bash or your shoti’s graduation party, Choi Garden is easily one of the best Chinese restaurants to take your big family to. The entire place is decked out in red, and out of its kitchen come authentic Chinese dishes. If it’s a casual affair, take your spot on the first floor. But if it’s a formal celebration, make sure to reserve a table on the second which has more of fine dining feel.

Choi Garden

Photo from Theresa L.’s looloo review for Choi Garden

Make Your Own Shabu-Shabu Noodle Bowls, BBQ Pork Asado with Honey Sauce, and Steamed Suahe are some of the top picks here. But the real specialty of the house isn’t actually found on the menu. They’re known to have the best Pigeon in town — tender and flavorful.

Choi Garden can be found at these locations.

6. Causeway Seafood Restaurant

Not having the greatest day? The dimsums at Causeway are known to be a good way to forget about problems (as tried and tested by looloo reviewers!). They have around twenty varieties of dimsum so you know you’re going to leave the place happier than when you came in. Some of the bestsellers here are the Steamed Shrimp Dumpling, Beancurd Roll, Chicken Feet with Tausi, and Kutchay Dumplings.

But because it is a seafood restaurant, there’s a lot more on their menu that just dimsum. Their crabs (which you can either have steamed, baked, or fried), their fish and eel dishes, as well as their hot pot variations are other delicious picks here.

Causeway Seafood Restaurant can be found at these locations.

5. Tuantuan Chinese Brasserie

In France, a brasserie is known as a casual restaurant that serves down-to-earth dishes as well as a wide selection of drinks. Tuantuan, with its refined but cozy French-inspired ambiance, is exactly that. But instead of Parisian fare, diners get to fill up on Chinese comfort food and drinks here! This unique concept is brought to us by the same group behind Lugang Cafe.

Tuantuan Chinese Brasserie

Photo from Alvin Saimon C.’s looloo review for Tuantuan Chinese Brasserie

Getting its inspiration from award-winning Chinese restaurants like Mui Garden and Deer Garden, some of Tuantuan’s bestsellers are its Signature Halibut Soups, US Premium Beef Rib Curry, and Macau Style Cajun Chicken Fillet on Rice. A great way to end your meal here is with a cup of their Hong Kong Style Coffee and plate of their Fried Black and White Milk Bread.

Tuantuan Chinese Brasserie can be found at these locations.

4. Eat Fresh Famous Hong Kong Street Food

If you think Filipinos are the only ones with a penchant for “gross” street food like isaw, we actually have that in common with the Hong Kongese. They have just about every kind of food-on-a-stick you can think of! To sample their kind of street food, Eat Fresh Famous Hong Kong Street Food gives us a pretty accurate representation of what’s found along the sidewalks of HK.

From what seems like an endless list of skewered treats, you can pick out items like Special Squid Balls, Hong Kong Pancake Balls, Snow Shrimp, Fried Stuffed Tofu, and Lobsters Balls. You can have them either fried or drenched in curry sauce. Once you’ve had enough of those, be sure to try their bestselling Laksa, too!

Eat Fresh Famous Hong Kong Street Food can be found at these locations.

3. Wai Ying Tea House

With Manila’s stubborn jeepneys, shady alley ways, and lack of parking space, you could say that getting to Wai Ying Tea House is like weaving through a frustrating obstacle course. But that doesn’t seem to stop its loyal patrons from visiting because in the end, they leave with a satisfied stomach filled with all kinds of delicious Chinese food.

Wai Ying Tea House

Photo from Jairus d.’s looloo review for Wai Ying Tea House

At prices that don’t make the wallet groan, Wai Ying will give you the same quality dishes you’d find in more upscale Chinese restaurants. One of the bestsellers here is the Roasted Duck, a dish made indulgent by succulent meat and steaming hot rice. You can’t go wrong with their Siomai, Asado, and Soy Chicken either.

Wai Ying Tea House can be found at these locations.

2. Dong Bei Dumpling

It may be easy to judge Dong Bei just by its shabby looks alone but fortunately, the tastebuds don’t discriminate like the eyes do. Good food is good food whether it’s found in a swanky restaurant or in a humble little eatery like this one. At Dong Bei, all dumplings are freshly-made from scratch, served in generous amounts, and offered at very reasonable prices. What’s not to love!

Dong Bei Dumpling

Photo from Roy Lambert T.’s looloo review for Dong Bei Dumpling

The top three things to get here are the Kuchay Dumplings (looloo reviewers swear by this!), the Xiao Long Bao (delicately-wrapped with just the right amount of soup), and the Fried Vegetable Pancake (a tasty combination of minced pork and chives). Don’t forget to dip your dumpling into the special homemade sauce to complete the experience!

Dong Bei Dumpling can be found at 642 ET Yuchengco St. cor. V. Tytana St., Binondo, Manila, Metro Manila.

1. Tim Ho Wan

When the world’s cheapest Michelin-star restaurant comes to your country, you don’t hesitate. You get out of the house, wait in line, and order everything on the menu! This is exactly what looloo reviewers did when Tim Ho Wan opened its first branch in Manila back in 2014, eager to find out what all the fuss was about. Two years and four branches later, people are still waiting in line, no longer as clueless newbies but as regulars!

Tim Ho Wan, Manila

Photo from Carla M.’s looloo review for Tim Ho Wan

One of Tim Ho Wan’s specialties that keeps reviewers coming back are the legendary Pork Buns, baked to fluffy perfection and stuffed with juicy marinated pork. Scarf them down the minute they hit the table because they’re most heavenly when fresh out of the oven. Other dishes customers can’t get enough of are their Prawn Dumplings, Pork Rib with Black Bean Sauce, and Beancurd Skin Roll with Pork and Shrimp.

Tim Ho Wan can be found at these locations.

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