10 Deadly Desserts in Manila That’ll Make You Want to Quit Your Diet


So you say you’ve been all about that gym life recently? And eating your greens like your momma’s been telling you to? Well, we hate to break it to you (just kidding, we’re not really sorry) but your healthy lifestyle might be in jeopardy!

These ten over-the-top desserts in Manila exist for the sole purpose of breaking diets. Try as you might to resist them, they’ll lure you in with their ridiculously tempting looks. So don’t even fight it, you’re not gonna win!

1. Brioche with Dulce de Leche and Burnt Marshmallows at Precynct

Brioche is a French pastry that’s already decadent on its own, its crumb rich, buttery, and tender. But over at Precynct, their brioche isn’t just pastry–they’ve turned it into a ginormous dessert. And no matter how skilled you think you are at eating, you’re going to need help with this one.

Brioche with Dulce de Leche at Precynct

Photo from Peanut D.’s looloo review for Precynct

Prepare to gasp out loud when the Brioche with Dulce de Leche and Burnt Marshmallows is set on the table. Once you’ve gotten over its immensity, the next step is to dig in and enjoy. The savory and buttery brioche is the perfect buffer to the dulce de leche’s sweetness and the burnt lemon marshmallows add extra zing and gooeyness!

Precynct can be found on the G/F of The Grove by Rockwell, 117 E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave. (C5), The Grove, Pasig, Metro Manila.

2. CONEundrum at Carousel Creamery

With a hundred and one flavors of ice cream to choose from, it’s not hard to get carried away at Carousel Creamery. But in here, no one’s stopping you from going all out. In fact, they have something especially for those who love to go wild. Order up the CONEundrum and you’ve got yourself a platter of ten scoops of different-flavored ice cream!

But it doesn’t stop there. This thing is made even more excessive by toppings like whipped cream, chopped nuts, two cones, cherries, and wafer sticks, as well as drizzles of homemade hot fudge and warm caramel sauce. It also comes with a side of potato chips for when things get too sweet.

Carousel Creamery can be found at 8 Missouri St., Greenhills, San Juan, Metro Manila.

3. Milkshakes at Cafe Kumori

When Kumori opened its first stall in Manila, we went crazy trying to get our hands on a box of their much-coveted Japanese cheesecakes. But now, they’re giving us a new reason to line up again. And this time, it’s for their overloaded milkshakes! To get to the bottom of these cups, you’re going to have to sip AND chew!

Cafe Kumori Milkshakes

Photo from Rian K.’s looloo review for Cafe Kumori

There’s the Japanese Sweet Corn Milkshake, made crunchy with caramel popcorn and cereals and topped off with whipped cream. Then there’s the Choco Hazelnut Milkshake, adorned with pretzels on the side and a Kumori Breakfast Roll sitting on top. They also have the Matcha Milkshake, which comes with barquillos and wafers.

Cafe Kumori can be found on the G/F of The Block, SM City North EDSA, EDSA cor. North Ave., Quezon City, Metro Manila.

4. Milky Way at Casa Verde

Casa Verde, famous for its giant ribs and burgers, is always known to go big. But what not a lot of people know is that it has a humongous milkshake on its menu too. In fact, Casa Verde claims that it has THE biggest milkshake in town! Its Milky Way is so tall you’d need to stand up to drink through the straw. It’s also a challenge to fit it in a square shot from Instagram.

Milky Way at Casa Verde

Photo from Norman Lester T.’s looloo review for Casa Verde

The Milky Way is a decadent concoction of chocolate milkshake topped off with chocolate ice cream and drizzled with chocolate sauce. Because of its extraordinary size, you will need all the help you can get to finish it. But if you do decide to down it on your own, you would’ve reached your milkshake quota for the year!

Casa Verde can be found at these locations.

5. Muchos Churros at Churreria La Lola

Churreria La Lola single-handedly revived the churros trend in Manila, getting us all hooked on their crispy, golden, deep-fried creations. But what really got people to take notice is how big they make their churros, making all the others seem puny in comparison. And the great news is, they’re now letting us buy in bulk!

Go beyond the usual cone and ask for Muchos Churros. This gives a big box filled with thirty-six churros (just imagine how many cups of chocolate dip you’ll need for this!) Bring this to an office party and everyone will be thanking you afterwards! Or you could just have it all to yourself if you’re having a really bad day.

Churreria La Lola can be found at these locations.

6. Overshakes at The Lost Bread

We all know The Lost Bread has some pretty crazy milkshakes. But this time, they’ve definitely outdone themselves with their Overshakes. They’re bigger and more loaded than ever! They have two flavors so far, the Carousel and the Popshake, and they’re both worth the long wait at Maginhawa StrEat Park!

Popshake from The Lost Bread

Popshake from The Lost Bread | Photo from The Lost Bread’s Facebook Page

The Carousel, garnished with chocnut, white chocolate ganache, sprinkles, a marshmallow pop, strawberry wafer sticks, ice gems, and peppermint cotton candy, looks like something straight out of a fairytale book. The Popshake, on the other hand, looks a bit more sinister with toppings like hazelnut chocolate, pistachios, white chocolate and pistachio shards, and hazelnut and banana popsicle sticking out on top.

The Lost Bread can be found at these locations.

7. Pen Pals at The Lobby

You look at it and think “What is that majestic thing and where can I get one?”

Pen Pals is The Lobby’s creation and it’s made up 19 scoops of different-flavored ice cream (namely rocky road, double dutch, ube, chocolate truffle, strawberry, mango, queso, pistachio, chocolate, vanilla, mocha, and buco salad) sitting on top of a bed of fresh fruits.

And like that isn’t enough of a mouthful, they’re finished off with marshmallows, cherries, waffle sticks, chocolate sauce, and whipped cream!

The Lobby can be found at The Peninsula Manila, Makati Ave. cor. Ayala Ave., Makati, Metro Manila.

8. Rainbow Cake at Catabolic Cafe

Calling all Lisa Frank fans, here’s a dessert that would fit perfectly into her fantastic world of unicorns, hearts, and dolphins. Catabolic Cafe’s Rainbow Cake is so pretty and colorful that it could get even the grumpiest of grumps to crack a smile! But aside from looking like something Lisa made herself, it’s pretty delicious too!

Rainbow Cake from Catabolic Cafe

Photo from Denise J.’s looloo review for Catabolic Cafe

It’s made up six colors with light cream cheese icing smothered in between every layer. For extra cuteness, it’s covered in sprinkles too! Plunging your fork into it requires no effort at all because it’s soft and moist. It’s also huge so you might want to have someone to share a slice of this cake with you!

Catabolic Cafe can be found at 22 Malingap St., Teachers Village, Quezon City, Metro Manila.

9. Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake at Wildflour Cafe + Bakery

We all love a good chocolate cake. Even more so when they’re extra huge and moist. So it’s no wonder a lot of looloo reviewers are calling Wildflour’s Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake the best they’ve ever tried. it’s ginormous (we dare you to finish one whole slice yourself) and it’s so soft and rich it has trouble standing up on its own.

Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake from Wildflour Bakery

Photo from Mary Love S.’s looloo review for Wildflour Cafe + Bakery

It’s made up of three layers of chocolate cake glued together by dense slathers of salted caramel. Finally, it’s coated in glossy chocolate icing and sprinkled with sea salt. The best part is getting to the end of the cake where all the icing is! This is best paired with a nice hot cup of strong coffee!

Wildflour Cafe + Bakery can be found at these locations.

10. That Chocolate Thing at Bubba Gump

Is it cake? Or fudge? Or ice cream? Well, we’re not really sure…And it seems like the folks over at Bubba Gump were at a loss for words too when they were trying to name their own dessert. But whatever this thing is, it deserves to be on this list!

The best way to describe That Chocolate Thing is that it’s gooey. Very. Gooey. It’s got zero flour in it which explains its sludge-like texture. But its richness is balanced out by the light vanilla ice cream on top of it.

Here’s a feeling-pro tip: try to wait until the ice cream has semi melted into the warm chocolate. It’s a combination that sends eyeballs rolling back into their sockets.

Bubba Gump can be found at 2/F Greenbelt 3, Makati Ave. cor. Esperanza St., Ayala Center, Makati, Metro Manila.

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