10 Destinations In Tagaytay To Visit For First Timers


Tagaytay is a popular holiday location thanks to its cooler climate, great scenery, and proximity to Metro Manila. There are so many things to do and see but only so little time. So, we’ve rounded up ten destinations that are must-sees for first timers!

1. Dine with the view of Taal Lake

All over Tagaytay, there are many restaurants and hotels with a good view of Taal Lake. If you’re staying at a hotel with complimentary breakfast, it would be good to check if their dining area has a view of Taal Lake. Being able to eat good food while enjoying a great view is one of the things that make Tagaytay special.

2. Hike the Taal Volcano

If you think Taal Lake is breathtaking from afar, getting closer to it and hiking to Taal Volcano is even more beautiful. After a half-hour boat ride, the hike begins after paying the entrance fee. You can even ride a horse. It’s an easy hike, but it would still take about 45 minutes. The gorgeous view at the end is a fulfilling reward, though.

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3. Have an al fresco meal in Picnic Grove

Picnic Grove is one of the biggest landmarks in Tagaytay. You can’t really say you’ve been to Tagaytay unless you’ve been to Picnic Grove. It’s popular because of the panoramic view you get to enjoy of Taal Lake while eating. You can rest in their huts and have a picnic, or if you’re still looking for excitement, you can go horseback riding or ride the cablecar or zipline.

Photo from Jona P.’s looloo review for Picnic Grove

4. Enjoy art in Museo Orlina

For some raw Filipino talent, visit Museo Orlina to view the works of Ramon Orlina. It has four floors of unique glass sculptures which will leave you marveling at the craftsmanship that produced these works of art. There is even a sculpture garden! Plus, you can view Taal Lake from their roof deck.

Photo from Sheena D.’s looloo review for Museo Orlina

5. Visit Sky Ranch

Sky Ranch is one of Tagaytay’s most eye-catching landmarks, and for good reason. Its Sky Eye is one of the tallest ferris wheels in the country! This amusement park has fewer rides compared to other parks but the view is more astounding because it is of Taal Lake. Riding the the said ferris wheel is a unique way to experience Taal Lake.

Photo from Ice V.’s looloo review for Sky Ranch

6. Drop by the Palace in the Sky

This abandoned palace was built and used by Imelda Marcos to host international guests. Now, it is a ghost of its former glory, but you can see from its grandiose architecture that it had been very lavish. It has been renamed “People’s Park in the Sky”.

Photo from Angela Marie C.’s looloo review for People’s Park in the Sky

7. Pay a visit to the Pink Sisters

This convent—run by nuns in pink—is also a unique site and a popular retreat destination. It has a beautiful garden with a statue of the Virgin Mary as its highlight. They also have a picturesque chapel where you can submit your prayer requests. You can choose to have your Sunday service here.

8. Eat at restos with good food

Tagaytay is a haven for food lovers. Of course, when in Tagaytay, it’s a great idea to try out their specialty: bulalo. Depending on where you want to go, there are so many options like Leslie’s, Bulalo Point, or one of the many bulalohan along Aguinaldo Highway. But besides bulalo, there are so many unique restaurants here to delight the soul. There’s something for every palate such as Nanay Cirilas’ Kapeng Barako, Lake District, and Concha’s Garden, to name a few.

9. Go on a date at Antonio’s

Antonio’s has a quaint and romantic ambience perfect for dates and intimate occasions. Their duck and foie gras is one of the delicacies you wouldn’t want to miss. And if you enjoy their bread, you can order takeout at their bakery. It has a wide range of pastries, bagels, and toasted breads to choose from.

Photo from Katrina E.’s looloo review for Antonio’s

10. Have coffee in Bag of Beans

If you’re looking for a good cafe, and you want to try something out of the ordinary, Bag of Beans is the place to hit up. They have a rustic ambience, incorporating lots of wood and greenery. The place is fresh and breezy, perfect for having cake and coffee. Their desserts are delicious! No matter what your favorites are, you’re sure to find your fancy at Bag of Beans.

Bag of Beans

For your first time, I know it’s a bit daunting as there’s a lot to do in Tagaytay. But try to make your trip as worth it as possible by visiting Tagaytay’s many landmarks and enjoying the many sights it has to offer. Be sure to have the full experience by trying out the unique food joints you will only find in Tagaytay.

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