10 Philippine Restaurants with Clever Names


In the country’s crowded restaurant industry, creativity happens to come in handy when trying to attract business.

Coming up with a unique and memorable name for an establishment could make a huge difference to potential customers.

Why would anyone want to write a review for… what’s-the-name-of-that-place-again? See.

Boring Restaurant Name

Here are a couple of places listed on the looloo app with some clever monikers meant to be memorable by being funny. Some are clever, some are witty, while some might leave you wanting to scratch your eyeballs out.

Ang Kat Tea


Photo taken from Ang Kat Tea on Facebook

There are a ton of tea places nowadays, and business owners love playing around with the word “tea.” While places like Serenitea, and Infinitea sound so serious, we liked that this particular tea joint’s name was a lot more playful and actually chose a Tagalog phrase!

Brew Ha!


Photo taken from smsupermalls.com

We’re pretty sure this coffee shop in Bacolod didn’t choose their name with the intention of scaring anyone off (“bruha” means witch in Filipino), but you can’t deny that it does have quite a ring to it. Give the place a try and you could find yourself under the spell of their bewitching brews!

Bun of Brothers

Its name obviously a play on the WW2 miniseries “Band of Brothers,” the Marikina-based burger joint is actually pretty popular in the area. It’s been around for just over a year so you probably wouldn’t call it “battle-tested,” but their selection of gourmet burgers might be a good alternative to the usual fast food fare.

Eat My GF


Photo taken from Eat my GF on Facebook

Using a bit of shock factor by being a little bastos, you can’t help but be at least a LITTLE bit curious about the place. Apparently, GF stands for their Garlic Fries, which the owner modeled after his favorite game time snack from California.

Ken Afford


Photo taken from kainankorner.blogspot.com

A staple in the area (and also featured in our Fearless Foodie’s Field Guide to Katipunan!), Ken Afford is exactly that — good cheap eats accessible to the student population nearby. Not much has changed over the years, and we’re pretty sure you’ll be able to get their sisig and free bulalo soup for many more to come!

Meats and Match


Photo taken from Meats & Match on Facebook

As the name implies, the Pampanga-based restaurant lets you choose from their different meats for a quick and affordable meal. For a simple no-frills eatery, the creativity is admirable — they’ve even got a hashtag! #saucydito

Johnny’s Fried Chicken: The Fried of Marikina

Marikina has always been known for their shoemaking. Leather footwear may be the pride of Marikina, but apparently, Johnny’s Fried Chicken is campaigning to trump that! It’s a homey place with a simple carinderia vibe about it, but one reviewer says the chicken could hold its own against Max’s even!

Nacho Fast


Photo taken from jeepneygang.com

What do you call cheese that isn’t yours? Nacho Cheese! We’re guessing the place’s owner took his or her cue from this when he named the restaurant. Okay, so it’s not the most clever of names, but we appreciate the effort of making a movie snack nacho joint sound funner!



Photo taken from Obeertime on Facebook

“Dear, late ako uuwi, nag-obeertime ako eh.” If you say it fast enough, she’ll never be the wiser. Unlike your usual roadside inuman, this bar’s name is just clever enough to be witty without being too tacky. We also give it props for taking overtime (ugh) and turning it into something to look forward to!

Pork Barrel Grill and Restaurant


With the pork barrel scam being such a hot topic these days, we’re not sure how much of a negative vibe this place’s name sends out. If you believe in “no such thing as bad publicity” though, it can’t hurt! Now, how ironic would it be to see Janet Napoles dining here??

Tri Mo Shawarma Co.

Pretty straightforward, this one — they want you to try their shawarma! This hidden gem in QC has actually gotten a lot of good reviews, some mentioning the long lines people put up with for the food. Definitely worth a TRI if you’re in the QC area!

Did we miss anything? And yes, we know there’s a carinderia called Cooking ng Ina Mo.

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