People-Watching: 10 Types Of Diners You Love And Hate To Eat Out With


In this installment of our People-Watching series, we feature the type of people who make the best AND worst foodtrip companions.

The company you keep can make or break a dining experience after all, so here are the people you usually love eating out with at restaurants…

and those who make you want to hide behind your menu when they walk in.

Awesome Food Trip Companions:

1. The Sharer

People at Restaurants, The Sharer

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This generous friend of yours will always offer you a taste of whatever he orders. Having these guys at the table is great because you can always split a dish with them, meaning you’ll get to try more dishes off the menu than you normally would have if you were eating alone. Sometimes they do it out of friendship or because the serving sizes are huge (maybe you’re eating at places like Friday’s, Chili’s, or Banapple), other times, well… baka mahina lang talaga kumain.

2. The Reviewer

People at Restaurants, The Reviewer

“I hear the Ratatouille is good.”

These are the types of people that are sure to do their research before trying out a new restaurant. Before even opening the menu, they’ve probably already read a ton of looloo reviews and can probably pinpoint best-sellers better than your servers can. At places with super extensive and complicated menus like (or DIY joints like Project Pie), they’ll not only save you time, but that crappy feeling of ordering something you’ll end up hating later.

3. The Taga-Split ng Bill

People at Restaurants, Human Calculator

Math. It DOES come in handy! | Photo from

Who would’ve thought your nerdy math genius friend would come in handy when eating out?? Rather than having everyone bring out their phones and whip open their calculator apps, this friend willingly offers to do it for you. They’ll even compute for service charge, VAT, and properly collect cash and hand out change while you sit back, relax, and spoon up the remnants of that chocolate cake you had for dessert.

4. The Finisher

People at Restaurants, The Finisher

“Leftovers? What leftovers?”

Ever order way too much food that you don’t want to take home? Or maybe all you’ve left are a few bites that’d be too embarrassing to have bagged up for later? That’s when the Finisher rolls up his sleeves and gets down to work. He’s never “laway conscious” and won’t mind chowing down on your leftovers so none of your food (and what you paid for it) goes to waste.

5. The Spontaneous Manlilibre

People at Restaurants, Spontaneous Manlilibre

“I got this. Make it rain, son!”

Nothing makes food taste better or a meal more satisfying than when it’s FREE. Just when the Taga-Split ng Bill is about to work his magic, this person grabs the check and goes “ako na, guys.” Yes, you’re sort of obliged to cheer and shower her with thanks, but hey… FREE. FOOD.

Food Trip Downers:

6. The Magic Tinidor

People at Restaurants, Magic Tinidor

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The Magic Tinidor has the uncanny ability to make food appear on his fork… YOUR food. Before you have the chance to answer his “patikim naman!” request, that piece of steak from your plate is already halfway to his mouth. Not that you’d mind sharing your food or anything (especially if you’re a #1 on this list), but really, how hard is it to ask (and wait for an answer) first?

7. The Super Picky Eater / The Allergic-to-Everything

People at Restaurants, Picky Eater

The pains of eating with a Super Picky Eater begin before you even step into a restaurant. Hearing “Ay, I don’t like that eh!” or “Can’t eat there! I hate the smell of…” 15 times is enough to tick anyone off, especially if you’re hungry and you just want to eat at the next restaurant with an “OPEN” sign hanging on the door. Adding fuel to the fire is when he takes forever to order because he has to nitpick about everything, holding up everyone else’s orders along the way.

8. The Masungit sa Waiter

People at Restaurants, Masungit sa Waiter

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Drama is a dish best served… NEVER. Eating out is usually a way to unwind and de-stress, which is why sharing a meal with this person can get pretty frustrating. It’s one thing to expect good service, but nobody likes being stared at when someone at your party starts throwing a fit at the waiter because she got a regular Coke instead of Diet.

9. The Forgot-my-Wallet

People at Restaurants, Forgot my Wallet

The foil or anti-hero to the Spontaneous Manlilibre, the Forgot-my-Wallet’s favorite line is the “pa-spot muna ah! Thanks!” This is then followed by days of you awkwardly having to remind him that he owes you money.

10. The Narrow-Minded Regular

People at Restaurants, Narrow-Minded Regular

“Soooooo… McDonald’s?”

There are the adventurous foodies who love discovering new places (looloo users!), and then there are these guys… the type of people who are so set in their ways that getting them to have dinner with you in a place other than the nearest branch of *insert name of their favorite restaurant here* is like asking Spongebob to eat at the Chum Bucket.

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