The 10 Types Of Grab Drivers You’ll Meet In Metro Manila


Thanks to Metro Manila’s insane traffic, Grab commuters spend around 3 to 4 hours on the road per day with their Grab drivers. And that’s quite a lot of time to be in a confined space with a complete stranger.

Depending on who your Grab driver is how you get along with them, your ride will either be a pleasant experience or one that will leave the both of you wishing you had never met (yikes!)

If you’re a regular Grab-er, you’ve probably come across these 10 types of Grab drivers in the metro. Let us know who you think the best (or worst) one is!

Note: We’re definitely going to list down all the types of Grab passengers too because riding is a shared experience!

1. The Chatty Cathy

This is the driver that opens up to you the moment you get in the car. They’ll let you know about their daily work struggles, their kid’s latest achievements in school, as well as their exciting plans for the weekend. If you’re in no mood to talk, then you might have yourself a problem.


But as much as it might seem like these drivers have no boundaries whatsoever, they mean no harm and probably just want some human interaction. After all, they do spend the entire day cooped up in a car. Besides, you might learn a thing or two from their stories!

2. The Pushy Opinionator

This is the driver that has opinions. Lots and lots of them. And they’re so passionate about these opinions that they feel the need to push their political / religious beliefs on their passengers. A relaxing ride is what you’re NOT going to get if you have one of these as your driver.


While they do tend to rub most people the wrong way, this type of driver might be your cup of tea, especially if you’re into lengthy discussions. Otherwise, it might be best to slip those headphones on and pretend to be asleep!

3. The Silent Worker

You won’t hear a single peep out of this driver. Nothing. Zilch. Nada. No hellos or goodbyes. No replies to your “Magandang umaga” or “Salamat po”. The only sound you’ll hear throughout your journey is the humming of the engine or music if there’s any playing in the car.


This type of driver might come across as rude but they could also just be oblivious to social cues. Whatever it is, don’t take it personally if your driver’s unresponsive to you. We could all use some peace and quiet anyway!

4. The Rant Machine

This is the driver that always sees the glass as half empty. They complain about every single obstacle on the road, from the jeepneys, to the motorcycles, to the traffic enforcers. Sometimes, they get so riled up that their ranting turns into full-on road rage.


This type of driver will either dampen your spirits or make you just as furious as they are. If you ever come across someone like this, remember to breathe deeply. You might want to scroll through your favorite pupper Instagram feed or watch panda videos on YouTube too!

5. The Wannabe DJ

There’s no need to hit the club anymore because this driver has all the crazy beat drops you’re ever going to need. If it’s not EDM though, then they’re playing either old school hip-hop songs or local rap music. On full blast. Nadarang FTW!


It’s all good if you’re into the playlist but it’s going to be a rough ride if your tastes don’t match. If your eardrums are on the brink of bursting, maybe politely ask your driver if they can turn the volume down. Hopefully they’ll hear you through the ruckus!

6. The Drama Enthusiast

This is the driver that doesn’t let his job get in the way of his favorite radio drama or teleserye. He’ll either be tuned into an AM station, listening intently to Diego and Jonabel’s blossoming romance, or playing reruns of tear-jerking Judy Ann movies.


Even if you’re not much of a drama fan, you might find yourself eavesdropping on the scripted radio conversation or stealing glances at the mini TV. No judgement though because we all know how boring it can get to wait in non-moving traffic!

7. The Lost Soul

This is the driver that will make you question why they ever decided to be one. While you’d think most drivers have an awesome sense of direction, this one will have you going around in circles, missing every single turn. You might as well have driven yourself!


They might say it’s their first day on the job or that they’ve never been in the area before, which are (kind of) understandable reasons for their lack of knowledge on the road. It’s just not the most convenient situation when you’re trying to make it in time for an important appointment.

8. The Odor Assaulter

Let’s face it, when Metro Manila gets insanely hot, armpits get damp. Like ~really~ damp. So it’s not all that surprising to come across a driver with BO. If the car freshner’s on the strong side and is able to sort of mask the unpleasant scent, then my friend, it’s your lucky day!


However, if the car is reeking completely of meat and onions and your nose is about to die, the best thing to do would be to strap on a face mask (a handy thing to have in your bag at all times). It’s a subtle move that won’t come across as rude.

9. The Changeless Collector

There’s nothing more stressful than when your driver’s about to collect your payment and they realize they don’t have change for your ₱500 bill. They then have to scramble out of the car to look for sukli. Or worse, they expect you to go out and have your bill changed into bariya.


If a driver’s not ready with change and they know it, the best thing they can do is drop by a gas station along the way and get smaller bills. This saves both sides the hassle of having to make last minute searches in unfamiliar areas!

10. The Ideal Grab Driver

Grab drivers don’t need to have pimped-out cars or readily available snacks to be considered ‘ideal’.


Most (if not all) passengers would be happy to give out 5 stars to any driver who makes them feel safe and comfortable, who won’t add extra stress to their day, and who’s able to keep their cool under all situations!

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