The 10 Types Of People You See In Manila Restaurants


Obviously, we go to restaurants to eat out. But restaurants are great places to people watch too! The next time you’re waiting for your order, take a look around and you might spot some pretty interesting personalities. Like the one who brings their own light source so they can take ~aesthetic~ pictures or the tita group with a lot of health issues (or love problems) to talk about.

Here are the ten most common types of people you can find in all restaurants. Have you encountered any of them recently? Which one are you?

1. The Barangay Captain

This is the one who walks into a restaurant with a whole trail of people behind them–lolos, lolas, titos, titas, and maybe a few rowdy kids with their yayas. Waiters usually have to join several tables together because it’s impossible to fit all of them in one!


If you’re seated next to a Barangay Captain, you’re probably not going to have any peace and quiet while you’re eating your meal. You also might have to scream quite a bit if you want to attempt talking to your tablemates.

2. The Lone Wolf

Eating out alone is scary for most people because no one wants to be judged as a weirdo with no friends. But the Lone Wolf couldn’t care less about what other people think. They’ll get a table for one and enjoy a nice meal by themselves!


But if you think about it, there are lots of perks to being a Lone Wolf. You don’t have to wait until everyone around the table has gotten their order. Nor do you have to share your food with anyone. And of course, it’s a good way to experience some solitude!

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3. The Millennial Pair

When you eat out with your bae, it’s usually so you can have quality time with them. But instead of talking to each other, the Millennial Pair will be on their phones. Which makes you wonder…why are they even out on a date?!

Millennial Relationship Goals

They’ll be checking up on Facebook, watching Instagram stories, reading tweets–really, are they even into each other?! If you’re one half of a Millennial Pair, do your relationship a favor by maybe locking your phone away on your next date …or maybe attaching the phone right up your forehead so at least the other person looks up at you. Ha!

4. The Frisky Duo

What the Millennial Pair lacks in communication, the Frisky Duo makes up for in *cringey* public display of affection. All their whispering, giggling, tickling, and kissing is enough to make anyone in the restaurant feel slightly nauseous.


If there’s a Frisky Duo near you, you have a couple of choices: 1) ignore them and try to enjoy your meal, 2) stare at them and try to make them feel uncomfortable, or 3) yell ‘Fire!’ and make them evacuate the premises.

5. The Scene Stealer

The Scene Stealer is every waiter / restaurant manager’s worst nightmare personified. Because if this customer gets ticked off by anything at all, they will cause a scene. An apology won’t cut it–they have to make you pay for it by embarrassing you in public.


Most Scene Stealers want to be heard so the best thing RMs can do is to listen. For the rest of the customers who are just trying to have a nice meal, it might be a good time to practice the fine art of tuning noise out.

6. The Choosy Foodie

Another challenging customer waiters have to deal with is the Choosy Foodie. Maybe they’re on some kind of a diet or maybe they’re just plain picky, but whatever the reason is, they make order-taking incredibly hard for their server.


You know you’re sitting next to a Choosy Foodie if their order goes something like: “One Deluxe Cheeseburger with extra cheese, ketchup on the side, no tomatoes, onions, pickles or mustard.” And despite all of that, you might still spot them picking ingredients out of their plate!

7. The Aesthetic Blogger

It’s easy to spot the Aesthetic Blogger because they’re usually the ones who do a mini photoshoot with their food before they eat. To get the most ~aesthetic~ pictures, they come to the restaurant prepared with their own light source and backdrop (ehem, looloo reviewers)!


If you’re eating out with an Aesthetic Blogger, make sure you’re not too hungry because it might take some time before you can start digging into the food. You know they have to get the perfect flat lay shot of all the dishes first!

8. The Tita Squad

What’s livelier than a high school barkada? The Tita Squad! They’ll beso-beso and compliment each other before proceeding to talk (loudly) about their kids’ latest achievements as well as their most recent health scares.


If you’re sitting next to a Tita Squad, don’t be surprised if you get asked to take their group picture. And you might have to take several shots because there’s bound to be one tita in the group who thinks they look fat from every angle.

9. The Dog Parents

The Dog Parents are usually spotted dining al fresco because they’re not allowed to take their fur babies inside the restaurant. They’re willing to endure the Manila heat just as long as it means getting to take their beloved dog out for a good time.


You’ll see people stopping by their table to make a fuss over their dogs and take pictures of (or even with) them. Most Dog Parents are super proud of their dog children so they probably don’t mind the attention!

10.The Awkward Birthday Celebrant

If you’re eating in a restaurant and you see waiters with tambourines starting to crowd around a table, you know someone’s going to get really embarrassed. For the duration of the Happy Birthday song, the Awkward Birthday Celebrant will be squirming in their chair, not knowing what to do with themselves.

Awkward Birthday Song

If you don’t want to be the Awkward Birthday Celebrant, make sure none of your tablemates rat you out for free cake!

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