The 10 Types Of People You See In The Gym


Because toned arms, firm glutes, and pandesal abs a la Derek Ramsey’s are such sought-after physical features today, working out has become an essential part of the modern lifestyle. Which is why you’ll see lots of different people camping out in the gym.

Of course, there are the serious ones who are actually trying to work up a sweat. But you’ll also spot the pasimple selfie-taker, the social butterfly, the energetic tita, and a bunch of other quirky personalities. Check out the list below and see how many of them you’ve encountered before (or you might even be one of them!)

1. The Loud Mouth

This is the one who likes to let everybody know they’re hard at work. Every time they do a low lunge, bicep curl, or bench press, they’ll let out some sort of grunt or shout as indication of extreme physical exertion.


Maybe they can’t help it but it’s still pretty distracting to have to listen to someone’s weird noises the whole time you’re working out. If a Loud Mouth decides to do sit ups next to you, you might want to whip out your earphones and start listening to your gym playlist!

2. The Messy Bessy

The Messy Bessy is the type of person who forgets to put weights, mats, and other gym equipment back in their proper place. They’re also the ones who don’t wipe down the sit-up bench after they’ve drenched it in sweat.


No one likes the Messy Bessy so don’t be this person! The gym may be your second home but that doesn’t give you permission to be a slob. Remember that yo’ momma ain’t there to clean up after you so do it yourself!

3. The Selfie King / Queen

This person will have you wondering what they really came to the gym for–the equipment or the full-length mirrors? Because all they seem to be doing is posing in front of them and taking mirror selfies to add to their IG feeds (which they’ll probably post along with inspiring captions).


It’s actually pretty entertaining to watch the Selfie King / Queen in action because they have different tactics to get the perfect shot. Some of them are pasimple but others couldn’t care less about being judged and just go straight for it.

4. The Gym Rat

The Gym Rat’s dedication to working out is on a different level. Actually, they might be spending too much time doing cardio and building muscles because this person is in the gym all day, every day. Which makes you wonder if they do anything else with their time.


One of the signs that you’re the Gym Rat is if you know all the gym employees’ names by heart and vice versa. This is also probably you if you’ve been mistaken for a trainer before or if everyone gets worried if you miss a day at the gym.

5. The Hardworking Tito / Energetic Tita

While the Hardworking Tito may have a big gut that bobs up and down whenever he does jumping jacks, he’s the type of person you’d want to root for. He’s working out alongside a bunch of younger, stronger dudes but that doesn’t stop him from giving it his all.


The Energetic Tita is another fun find in the gym. Whatever it is they’re doing, whether it’s yoga, zumba, kickboxing, or indoor cycling, they do it with so much enthusiasm that they make you want to go harder too.

6. The Awkward Noob

The gym is an intimidating place for any Awkward Noob just because there are pros everywhere who seem to know exactly what they’re doing. While everyone’s already sprinting on the treadmill, this person will still be trying to figure out how to get the thing to start.


We’ve all been this person at some point or another. If this is you right now, just stick it out and you’ll eventually learn the ropes. It also helps to keep in mind that you don’t have to be so self-conscious because everyone’s probably more concerned about themselves than about you.

7. The Machine Owner / Space Hogger

One of the most annoying people in the gym, the Machine Owner gets a lot of stink eyes from other gym-goers. That’s because this person will continue to sit on the machine, either just resting or scrolling through their phone, even after they’re done using it. NOT. COOL.


Another one that should be banned from the gym is the Space Hogger. They’ll lay out their exercise mat right in front of the water cooler and start doing plyometric exercises with no regard whatsoever for the thirsty ones in need of hydration. ALSO NOT COOL.

8. The Heartthrob

This is the guy or girl who can make any head turn in the gym. They’re either a celebrity, model, or someone who’s just plain good looking. While having a Heartthrob next to you has its pros, it definitely has its cons too. Like you being way too distracted to actually workout.


In the same way, there are advantages and disadvantages if you’re this person. While it must be one heck of a confidence boost to have everyone admiring you, it’s also probably really awkward to have people constantly checking you out.

9. The Germ Spreader

If it’s common courtesy to not go to work or school when you’re spewing out germs from the holes on your face, what makes people think it’s alright to go to the gym?? Well, the Germ Spreader seems to think it’s okay for them to be sneezing and coughing all over the place just as long as they get their workout in for the day.


If you spot this person and they’re coughing their lungs out, stay away! If they decide to come near you, whip out your antibacterial spray and hopefully they’ll get the message.

10. The Fitness Goals Couple

This couple is like the James Reid and Nadine Lustre of the gym. Not only do they look cute together, but they’re also extremely fit individuals. They do partner workouts, they spot each other, and basically just make everyone else feel like incompetent potatoes.


For all the single folks out there who hate seeing the Fitness Goals Couple because they just look too darn perfect, you don’t have to be so bitter. You never know, you might just find your very own James Reid / Nadine Lustre in the gym!

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