These 16 Weird Ice Cream Flavors Actually Exist In Manila


Some parts of life are allowed to be boring, like waiting in traffic or standing around while your girlfriend goes shopping. But if there’s one thing in this world that should never be humdrum, it’s your choices in ice cream flavors.

If you’ve always stuck to the basics like chocolate, cookies n’ cream, or vanilla, you need to stop right now and reflect on all the many weird yet exciting flavors you’ve been missing out on!

To help you on your new path to flavor discovery, here’s a list of strange but surprisingly delicious ice cream variants, all found around the Metro (in no particular order). There’s one that tastes exactly like a spicy Filipino dish, one that’s inspired by Japanese wine, and another that’s reminiscent of pesto pasta!

1. Ebun Malat (Salted Egg) from Apag Marangle

Apag Marangle is known for serving up authentic Kapampangan fare so expect to find wonderfully strange delicacies like Betute (stuffed frog) and Camaru (mole crickets) here. But the weirdness doesn’t stop there…it extends even to their dessert menu! Order up the Ebun Malat (salted egg) ice cream for a sweet, creamy, and slightly salty ending to your Kapampangan meal!

Salted Egg Ice Cream, Apag Marangle

Salted Egg Ice Cream, from Apag Marangle | Photo by eonabritta on Instagram

We usually find salted duck eggs in salads or puto bumbong but clearly, Apag Marangle has more creative uses for it. In his looloo review, Jon-erik P. admitted to finding this ice cream flavor strange at first but it turned to be “awkwardly good.”

Apag Marangle can be found at these locations.

2-4. Beer and Chicharon, Olive and Basil, and Bacon and Cheese from Carousel Creamery

There’s no doubt that the award for having the most number of ice cream flavors should go to Carousel Creamery. No one’s even close to having a hundred and one on their menu! But aside from their overwhelming selection, they’re also the most creative when it comes to making unusual flavors. Take the Beer and Chicharon, the Olive and Basil, and the Bacon and Cheese for example!

Carousel Creamery, Greenhills

Photo from Mary Love S.’s looloo review for Carousel Creamery

It’s normal to eat chicharon as pulutan when you’re guzzling down beer but to have them together in a cup of ice cream?! Rev C., however, raved about this unusual flavor in his looloo review, saying: “The ice cream just gave enough hint of beer while retaining the subtle sweet creaminess.”

As for olive and basil, we’d usually find these ingredients in a bowl of pesto pasta but apparently, they work well together in ice cream too! Mary Love S. in her looloo review said that it’s her favorite pick out of the bunch: “It had a nice light taste and it did taste weird at first. But I eventually grew fond of it. I found the one out of 101 flavors!”

Then there’s the combination of bacon and cheese. You’d think this savory pairing would be more suitable for lunch or dinner but it looks like it works for dessert too. Abe C. in his looloo review described it as excellent, saying “The cheese ice cream is just the right level of cheesiness and no pungent taste. The bacon’s real. Gives the saltiness to break the slight sweetness of the cheese ice cream.”

Carousel Creamery can be found at 8 Missouri St., Greenhills, San Juan, Metro Manila.

5-6. Laing and Kamote Q from Alab Restaurant

At Alab, you get to open yourself up to a ton of authentic Filipino dishes you’ve probably never heard of before like the Pianggang, the Penuneng, and the Poqui-Poqui. But you’ll find that even their ice cream flavors are truly Filipino (and truly unheard of)! Order up their Laing or the Kamote Q flavored ice cream for a strangely satisfying experience.

Alab Restaurant's Ice Cream

Alab Restaurant’s Unique Ice Cream Flavors

Watch out because their Laing ice cream is known to play tricky mind games on eaters. At first bite, it’ll feel like you’re eating the actual thing, gabi leaves, gata, chili, and all! But then the sweetness, the creaminess, and the coldness come through to remind you that you are, after all eating dessert.

As for the Kamote Q, you can expect it to be a little less bizzare. Yen E. even said in her looloo review that it’s her favorite out of all the flavors she tried and that she couldn’t help but want more of it. It’s got a subtle sweetness to it just like camote and to replicate the coating of brown sugar, it’s mixed in with bits of caramel!

Alab Restaurant can be found at these locations.

7-8. Roasted Forbidden Rice and Davao Meets Bicol from Papa Diddi’s

Papa Diddi’s has piqued the interest of Metro foodies with their handcrafted ice cream, making them with nothing but locally sourced ingredients. People have come to love flavors like Farm Cheese, Tres Leches, and Dulce Gato. But included in their really popular creations are the Roasted Forbidden Rice and the Davao Meets Bicol, both of which are straight up odd (but good)!

Papa Diddi's Davao Meets Bicol

Photo from Pat L.’s looloo review for Papa Diddi’s

Forbidden rice, or what most of us know as black rice, is usually found in the baunans of people on a diet. But this healthy carb serves as a great topping for ice cream too! Here’s what Russel F. had to say about it in his looloo review: “The Roasted Forbidden rice was definitely their best one! Roasted rice flavor sounds crazy, but is actually good and Diddi’s very own creation they should be proud of!”

The Davao Meets Bicol on the other hand, fuses together two of the provinces’ most well-known produce–Davao’s dark chocolate and Bicol’s sili! The spiciness of the chili cuts through the bitter-sweetness of the chocolate but according to Jayson J.’s looloo review, it’s a spicy dessert he doesn’t mind indulging in.

Papa Diddi’s can be found at 168 Maginhawa St., Diliman, Quezon City, Metro Manila.

9-10. Mangga’t Suman and Tinutong Rice from Manila Creamery

Having studied in Italy to learn the art of making gelato, you could say Manila Creamery’s owners are pros when it comes to this dessert. Combining their know-how with the use of familiar Filipino tastes, they created a menu that includes flavors we’ve never experienced in gelato form before. Like the Mangga’t Suman and the Tinutong Rice!

In your cup of Mangga’t Suman, you’ll find mango-flavored gelato, clumps of sticky rice, and drizzles of latik. And as said by Reich T. in her looloo review, it’s exactly like the real thing! “True to it’s name, this tastes like the local kakanin. One spoonful will bring back memories of your childhood.”

If you’re the type who likes to scrape down the sides of the rice cooker just so you can munch on the burnt bits of rice, you’re going to like their Tinutong Rice flavor. The sweetness of the ice cream is marked by a slightly bitter, smoky aftertaste that mimics the real thing!

Manila Creamery can be found on the G/F of Glorietta 2, East Drive, Ayala Center, Makati, Metro Manila.

11-13. Wasabi, Miso Sake, and Blue Cheese from Dojo Japanese Ice Cream

The reason why people rave about Dojo (aside from the fact that they have extremely rich and indulgent ice cream) is because they have the perfect balance of safe and crazy flavors. But if you’re more interested in the latter, you shouldn’t miss out on their Wasabi, Miso Sake, and Blue Cheese variants!

Get yourself a cup of their Wasabi If you like the brain-exploding effects of this green Japanese condiment. But if you don’t want to shock your taste buds too much, you might want to opt for their Wasabi Light version! But still, expect the spiciness to kick in hard!

Another Japanese-inspired flavor is the Miso Sake and while it does sound scary, looloo reviewers have confirmed it to be delicious (albeit a little hard to explain). This is how Sous V. described it in his looloo review: “A combination of sweet and salty and some funky flavors that i can’t explain but it tastes so good.”

For the cheese fans out there, the Blue Cheese is for you. If you need more convincing, here’s what Cheryl S. had to say about it in her looloo review: “We were quite hesitant to try this knowing that blue cheese has a strong stinky smell but we actually loved it! The blue cheese wasn’t overpowering at all! Just the right amount of saltiness! The ice cream also included bits of honey-soaked figs that really balanced the flavor.”

Dojo Japanese Ice Cream can be found at these locations.

14-16. Green Mango with Bagoong, Sapin-Sapin, and Champorado with Tuyo from Sebastian’s Ice Cream

Aside from being the first one to carry artisanal ice cream, Sebastian’s was also the pioneer in introducing the Metro Manila population to weird flavors. When they first opened back in 2011, their Green Mango with Bagoong, Sapin-Sapin, and Champorado with Tuyo flavors were the talk of the town! So of course, they need to be on this list.

On her visit, Marjorie G. tried both the Green Mango and the Sapin-Sapin and she breaks the experience down for us in her looloo review. On the Sapin-Sapin: “It was sticky, a bit chewy, with a hint of ube taste. It was unbelievably good, tasted just as pleasing as it looked. On the Green Mango: “How did it taste? Like an effing green mango! It was intensely sour, the kind that will have you salivating at the mere thought of it. It’s the exact reason why the bagoong worked.”

As for the Champorado with Dilis, Sebastian’s also did an outstanding job of making it taste authentic, as said by Veronica F. in her looloo review: “It really tastes like champorado in the form of an ice cream. I really liked it since I love how it compliments each other because of the sweetness of the ice cream and the saltiness of the dilis.”

Sebastian’s Ice Cream can be found at these locations.

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