5 European Restaurants In Metro Manila Where You Can Dine On A Budget


Home to all things boujee, Europe is the continent to fly to if you want a life (or at least a few glorious days) of luxury. Designer clothes, classy cars, and lavish food…Where do we sign up?!

But let’s keep things real for a moment here: Cash doesn’t grow on trees and trips to Europe are expensive AF. Which brings us to this article. Just because Europe isn’t in the budget right now doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself to a ballin’ European meal!

Here are 5 restaurants in Metro Manila where you can dine like a posh European local without having to fork over an exorbitant amount of money (thanks to the huge discounts you can score via BigDish!)

1. El Cocinero

Chef Arnaldo, the head honcho at El Cocinero’s kitchen, trained for several years in Ibiza, Spain before coming to the Philippines to open up his own restaurant. So if we’re talking about credentials here, he’s got ‘em! He first set up shop in Batangas and Tagaytay and then finally decided to open up in Alabang to cater to the Metro Manila crowd as well.

Photo from Eboy D.’s looloo review of El Cocinero

The Conchinillo, with its perfectly crispy skin and delicately soft meat, is a dish that’s not to be missed at El Cocinero. Other must-try entrees here are the El Cocinera Pizza, the Paella Negra, and the Arroz de Matanza. For dessert, order up their Flao d’ Eivissa, their take on the traditional Ibizan cheesecake.

Be sure to book a table via BigDish and score discounts if you’re dropping by for a Spanish feast!

El Cocinero can be found at these locations.

2. The French Baker

ICYDK, The French Baker was first opened in 1983, which means it’s older than Metro Manila’s millennial population. But while they aren’t so hot among the young hipsters, they’ve continued to be well-loved by the loyal titas! Because not only are their tasty goodies freshly baked every day, but they’re also pretty easy on the wallet.

Photo from Jorraine V.’s looloo review of The French Baker

If you’re a regular at The French Baker, you would know that the best time to drop by is an hour before closing time (this varies per branch) because it’s when they put their bread and pastries up for sale. Sometimes, you can even slash up to 50% off your bill!

You don’t actually have to wait ‘til the end of the day though because BigDish has discounts you can claim throughout the day!

The French Baker can be found at these locations.

3. Lartizan

If you’ve always wanted to feel what it’s like to dine like a sophisticated Parisian, pull up a chair at Lartizan. Having introduced traditional French baking to the Philippines, it’s one of the best places to get top-notch bread and pastries in the country! They pride themselves on using wild yeast, all-natural wheat, unbleached bread flour, and other high-quality ingredients.

Photo from EJ B.’s looloo review of Lartizan

Aside from the top-notch food, the posh interior design will also have you feeling like you’ve been transported straight to France! EJ B. couldn’t help but be in awe when he first saw what lay inside. “Upon entry, I was captivated with the elegant and beautiful interior inside the restaurant. It was so neat, bright and well organized,” he said in his looloo review.

Lartizan may be a fine dining restaurant but you don’t have to be scared for your wallet. Book through BigDish and get yourself an awesome discount!

Lartizan can be found at these locations.

4. Little Italy

Greenhills may be the Pinoy’s go-to place for cheap bargains but there are also plenty of great food finds in the area–including Little Italy! This little slice of Europe is on Promenade’s mezzanine floor, making it a little difficult to spot. But it’s definitely worth looking for, especially since they’ve recently revamped their menu with a bunch of new Italian dishes!

Photo from AAA M.’s looloo review of Little Italy

What customers love most about Little Italy is how generous they are with their servings, each entree big enough to feed two to even three people. Candice N. confirmed this in her looloo review, saying: “They have huge servings and are sooo not cheap on the cheese.”

They keep their prices on the affordable side but it wouldn’t hurt to check out the discounts on BigDish for an even smaller bill!

Little Italy can be found at Greenhills Promenade, Annapolis St. cor. Missouri St., Greenhills Shopping Center, San Juan, Metro Manila.

5. Pasto

Pasto has been around for what feels like forever and that’s because classic Italian food will never go out of style. Especially in a place like Metro Manila where people can’t live without carbs! They have all the different kinds of pasta you could ever crave for as well as 12-inch thick crust pizza in a wide variety of flavors.

Photo from Joy Vee A.’s looloo review of Pasto

Wiljohn M. was all about the Aglio Olio Pasta, saying this in his looloo review: “It had great garlic flavor and the pasta was al dente with just the right amount of olive oil.” “The prosciutto pizza was also a delight. A perfect blend of saltiness from the cheese, sweet from the caramelized onions and smokey flavor from the ham,” he added.

For the most sulit meal at Pasto, check out the discounts you can score over at BigDish!

Pasto can be found at these locations.

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