5 Grilled Cheese Sandwiches in Manila for the Hardcore Cheese Lover


There is one food that has the uncanny ability to make lazy rainy afternoons feel brighter, lonely nights warmer, and night-before hangovers less painful…

And it’s not chocoloate nor ice cream, but…

The grilled cheese sandwich.


A lot of us grew up eating it, many of our moms have a recipe for it, and it’s a go-to snack that can be put together in the amount of time it takes to listen to an RnBrie song.

However, based on looloo reviews, there are a few Manila restaurants that have taken the common GCS and turned it into a gourmet treat actually worth shelling out cash for. I mean, c’mon… sweet baby Cheesus, these look good.

Borough’s Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup

Borough’s grilled cheese sandwich is so popular among reviewers, that one user on the app suggested it be renamed as the “Super-Delicious-If-I-Weren’t-Married-I’d Marry-You Grilled Cheese Sandwich.


Photo from Reisha D’s review for Borough

It seems to be all about the details when it comes to Borough’s version of this classic combo. The sandwich itself uses sweet buttery brioche bread and has just the right amount of cheese for you not to get that nakakaumay feeling. Paired with their tangy soup, it’s the go-to dish for when you’re feeling under the weather.

We hear melted cheese and tomato soup make for a good glue when piecing together broken hearts too.

Early Bird Breakfast Club’s Ultimate Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Roasted Tomato Soup

It’s not the first thing that comes to mind for most Filipinos when it comes to breakfast, but you don’t hear a lot of complaints from people who’ve tried it!

EBBC’s version uses three different types of cheeses: cheddar, mozzarella, and gruyere, which means it’s not likely to taste anything like what you make at home with that pre-sliced grocery-bought stuff. The onion relish in the sandwich gives it a bit of a twist, which makes Early Bird’s grilled cheese sandwich a hit with reviewers who enjoy a little extra sweetness in their food.

Wildflour Cafe + Bakery’s Soup, Salad, Sandwich Combo


Photo taken from http://www.cheffatsy.com/

According to some reviewers, Wildflour’s sandwich + soup combo is on the lighter end compared to the others on this list. Not too heavy on the cheese (just gruyere this time), and with caramelized onions to counteract the richness of gruyere, the dish feels balanced but still hearty. The soup is also less rich compared to the others. This means that all put together, you’ll have less to apologize to your muffin tops for.

Lunchbox’s Grilled Cheese, Please!

For an extra bit of freshness, Lunchbox adds a hint of basil to their version of the classic grilled cheese sandwich.


Photo from Ronith Jazel D’s review for Lunchbox

A lot more affordable than the others, Lunchbox lets the dish’s simplicity do the talking with the exclusion of multiple cheeses and the use of bread made in-house. If there was one thing to comment on, it’s that you’re not always going to get tomato soup with their grilled cheese, as it’s served with whatever the soup of the day is when you order.

Wild Card: Starbucks‘ Ultimate Grilled Cheese

If you’re lucky enough to chance upon a branch that has it (hence the wild card designation), you can’t call yourself a cheese lover if you don’t try Starbucks’ Ultimate Grilled Cheese. It’s got six (yes, SIX!) different cheeses in it: Gruyere, Emmental, Feta, Provolone, Mozzarella, and Cheddar so you can bank on some pretty extreme cheesy flavors, for sure. To counteract the richness, you might as well get it with a cup of your favorite Starbucks blend… or maybe that was their intention in the first place! Oh Starbucks, you ARE a sly one.

Try all five and I shall officially dub thee… a cheese wiz. Mehehehe

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