People-Watching: 5 Hardcore Personalities You’ll Find At Malls In Manila


Sad as it may seem, hitting up the mall is probably the most popular pastime for Filipinos.

With at least 1 mall in almost every city in Metro Manila, it’s really not much of a surprise.

This, of course, makes these modern day marketplaces a great venue for people-watching!

1. The Hardcore Shopper

Malls in Manila Hardcore Shopper

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Their favorite days of the month? Pay day Fridays. With crisp bills just withdrawn from the ATM, they’re at the malls on a mission: stretch that shopping budget as far as possible until the next shopping spree 2 weeks later. Mission targets: unsuspecting sale racks just waiting to be raided. A word of warning: you don’t want to be around one when the item they want doesn’t come in their size during an SM Megamall 3-day sale.

2. The Hardcore Tambay

Malls in Manila Hardcore Tambay

Ever been to the mall during an MTG tournament? Hardcore. | Photo from Neutral Grounds Philippines on Facebook

They’re either a large group of students (still in their uniforms even), a big family, or just a bunch of geeks getting together to play and trade Magic: The Gathering cards (no offense meant, I used to be one of you guys), these large groups of people clog the hallways, walkways, and most forms of free seating in the area. They’re most commonly found at malls like Trinoma or Eastwood, near schools, offices, and major transport hubs.

3. The Hardcore “Under”

Malls in Manila Hardcore "Under"

Many guys would PAY to carry Emma Watson’s shopping bags | Photo from

Predominantly male, the hardcore “under” is a noble distinction given to only the most loyal soldiers… of love. Carrying the heavy burden (both figuratively and literally) of having to lug around his significant other’s shopping bags, these guys are true examples of selflessness and dignity. Things are looking up for all the “unders” out there though! Stores these days often have “man island” couches for them to rest and interact with fellow tagabuhats while their girlfriends shop.

4. The Hardcore #OOTD

Malls in Manila Hardcore OOTD

You never know when the paparazzi might show up. | Photo from

Malls in Manila are not just places to shop, they’re places to be seen. At more upscale places like Greenbelt or Power Plant, you’re not likely to find anyone dressed in pambahay. Whether it’s to show off their latest #OOTD, or perhaps banking on the off chance that they’d bump into their celebrity crush, these hardcore personalities are always dressed to the nines.

5. The Hardcore Foodie

Malls in Manila Hardcore Foodie

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Now that a lot of the most-hyped restaurants are opening at malls, you’ll see a lot more hardcore foodies congregating there, too. Whether it’s to brave the wait of a line at J.Co or Tim Ho Wan, hardcore foodies are also known to have an otherworldly patience and resolve. Until of course, you cut in line ahead of them… you don’t want to mess with a hungry foodie.

Are you a hardcore mall-goer? Which persona best fits you?

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