5 Go-To Places For French Macarons In Manila!


Not to be confused with the chewy, coconut-y, mini cupcake-sized macarOOns from the bakery down the street, macarOns are the meringue-based French pastries made with almond flour and filled with a flavored cream spread.

But given how these sweet treats are all over the place these days (some countries now even serve them at their local McDonald’s!), you probably already knew that!

Unlike their double o’ed counterparts, macarons take a lot of skill to make, aren’t very filling, and are a bit on the pricey side… but that hasn’t stopped people from falling in love with them.

5 Go-To Places for Macarons in Manila

We dug through a whole bunch of looloo reviews and found 5 of the most popular and most-reviewed places where you can get these bite-sized sweet treats!

5. Bar DolciAverage Star Rating: 4.46
Reviews Talking About Macarons: 23

Bar Dolci Macarons in Manila

Photo from Christine C’s review for Bar Dolci

With the highest average star rating in the bunch, yet finding itself at number 5 on the list, we think it’s safe to say that Bar Dolci is one of those underrated must-try places for anyone who’s crazy about macarons (or gelato!). Reviewers love that the place offers sweet treats, both baked and frozen, and the fact that they constantly introduce bold new flavors quite often has their loyal clientele coming back for more.

4. Bizu PatisserieAverage Star Rating: 4.30
Reviews Talking About Macarons: 24

Bizu Patisserie Macarons in Manila

Photo from Ayen P’s review for Bizu Patisserie

To talk about Manila’s macaron scene and not talk about Bizu would be considered blasphemous to religious patrons of local patisseries! The Parisian-inspired cafe makes life simpler by offering not just desserts, but full meals and snack fare too. This makes dining here for your next Sunday brunch a no-brainer when you’re in the mood for brunch a la Burgundy, or a quick dessert merienda a la Marseille.

3. Mrs. Graham’s Macaron CafeAverage Star Rating: 4.09
Reviews Talking About Macarons: 39

Mrs. Graham's Macaron Café in Manila

Photo from Jayne Marie W’s review for Mrs. Graham’s Macaron Cafe

If there was any question as to how serious this place is about their macarons, one only has to look up… literally. Even their lighting fixtures are macaron-inspired! The place is just asking to be Instagrammed (or reviewed!) with their wooden tables and warm-colored decor accents that make it feel like a you’re at a neighborhood cafe along the backstreets of Paris, without feeling like you’ve left Manila. After all, you won’t find a champorado and tuyo macaron anywhere else!

2. TWG Tea Salon and BoutiqueAverage Star Rating: 4.27
Reviews Talking About Macarons: 59

TWG Tea Salon Macarons in Manila

Photo from Jeah Maureen D’s review for TWG Tea Salon

TWG Tea Salon and Boutique reminds us that there is still a bit of whimsy left to be experienced despite the fast-paced, always on-the-go lifestyle in Manila. Reminding many of a time when little girls dreamed of having tea parties like they did on TV or in movies, TWG allows you to pair their vast selection of teas with an equally impressive selection of macarons. Do yourself a favor and consider this place for the next time you want to have a nostalgic no-boys-allowed get-together with your girl friends.

1. Chez KarineAverage Star Rating: 4.16
Reviews Talking About Macarons: 70

Chez Karine Macarons in Manila

Photo from Kat M’s review for Chez Karine

With a degree from the famous Le Cordon Bleu, and having worked under a famous French pastry chef, Chez Karine’s founder Karen Yang showed that she definitely had the chops to put up her own patisserie. Armed with both creativity and technical skill, she led Chez Karine to become, at least in our book, the most popular place for macarons in Manila.

Their macaron menu offers simple classics and seasonal favorites, and has grown with the addition of the increasingly-popular macaron ice cream sandwiches. Whatever you decide to get, you’re not likely to be disappointed. The dozens of looloo reviewers who’ve tried their pastries can attest to that!

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