5 Places In Metro Manila Where You Can Indulge In Unlimited Steak


2018 is, without a doubt, the year of unlimited meat. There are just so many eat-all-you-can samgyupsal and yakiniku restaurants that opened this year; it’s hard to keep count! These places also get long AF lines regardless of the time and location. And believe it or not, there are people out there willing to wait hours (yes, plural!) just to indulge on unlimited meat.

But did you know that aside from samgyupsal and yakiniku, you can also get unlimited steak here in the metro? Nope, you aren’t seeing things! It’s possible to indulge in as many steak as your bellies can handle!

Here are the five places you can head to for a steak feast!

1. Butcher’s Daughter Restaurant

BF Homes is one of the go-to places of meat lovers who live down south because of the many unli meat restaurants you can find in the area. One of which is the Butcher’s Daughter Restaurant, which is located along the famed Aguirre Avenue. For ₱599, you can get unlimited servings of pork chop, liempo, chicken, sausages, and of course, the T-bone steak! You also get to have unlimited side dishes and iced tea as well!

Here’s how the unli meat system at Butcher’s Daughter Restaurant goes: for your first round, you will be served all choices of meat. For your succeeding rounds, you get to choose which specific meats will be served. Sounds like a great deal if you ask us!

In his looloo review, Allan D. rated Butcher’s Daughter five stars in terms of value for money! “Try this place,” he says. “You won’t regret it!”

Butcher’s Daughter Restaurant can be found at 163 Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes, Parañaque.

2. Chateaubriand Premium Steak Restaurant

Have you ever tried Brazilian-style churrasco or grilled meat? If you haven’t, now is the perfect time to book your reservation at Chateaubriand Premium Steak Restaurant!

Named after the chateaubriand steak, which in turn was named after French statesman François-René de Chateaubriand, Chateaubriand Premium Steak Restaurant offers a fine dining experience along with unlimited servings of topnotch steak.

Photo from FoodventuresByFrapao T.’s looloo review of Chateaubriand Premium Steak Restaurant

The churrasco buffet is located on the first floor of the restaurant and includes your standard buffet fare. “They offer everything basic you would look for in a buffet spread, like a make-your-own-salad bar, cold cuts and cheese station, mixed sushi, rolls, sashimi, and tempura at the Japanese station, and even desserts,” Midz S. says in her

The churrasco buffet is located on the first floor of the restaurant and includes your standard buffet fare. “They offer everything basic you would look for in a buffet spread, like a make-your-own-salad bar, cold cuts and cheese station, mixed sushi, rolls, sashimi, and tempura at the Japanese station, and even desserts,” Midz S. says in her looloo review. “But all these are meant to serve only as appetizers, or side dishes for the highlight of the dining experience – the churrasco.”

Chateaubriand Premium Steak Restaurant serves up to ten different kinds of meat for its churrasco buffet. Wondering just how much this carnivore feast will cost you? Weekday dinner and weekend lunch will cost you ₱2,000 per head while weekend dinner will cost you ₱2,200 per head.

Chateaubriand Premium Steak Restaurant can be found at 110 Williams Street corner Roxas Boulevard, Pasay.

3. Cru Steakhouse

Sundays are meant to be rest days, family days, and even cheat days. So if you want to treat yourself and your loved wants to a steak feast, Cru Steakhouse is the place you need!

Photo from Lia B.’s looloo review of Cru Steakhouse

Located in the Marriott Hotel Manila, Cru Steakhouse has the “vibe of a classy steakhouse,” according to Yina M.’s looloo review. Those looking to indulge in high-quality steak shouldn’t miss out on Cru’s specialty, the US Prime Rib Eye.

But why have just one steak when you can have unlimited steaks? Every Sunday, Cru Steakhouse holds its Unlimited Cru Steaks featuring the U.S. Certified Angus Beef. For ₱1,300 net per person, the eat-all-you-can Angus Beef comes with an appetizer, side dishes, and even dessert!

Cru Steakhouse can be found on the G/F of the Marriott Hotel Manila, Resorts World Manila, Newport Boulevard, Newport City, Pasay.

4. Hogs & Cattle Steakhouse

Here’s a fact: eating wagyu beef doesn’t always have to wear a hole in your wallet.

Here’s another fact: eating unlimited wagyu beef doesn’t have to wear that a big of a hole in your wallet either.

Think we’re kidding? Well, now’s a good time for you to check out Hogs & Cattle Steakhouse!

For ₱899, you get to have your unlimited wagyu in one of two ways. First, you can opt to have the wagyu on its own. But if you’re a big fan of prawns, you can go for the eat-all-you-can wagyu and prawns for the same amount!

But before you start salivating over the idea of unlimited meat and seafood, it’s important that you take note of the schedule of Hogs & Cattle’s branches so that you’ll know the best day to dine in. For the Mall of Asia branch, the unlimited wagyu is available daily while the unlimited wagyu and prawns are available only on Mondays, Wednesdays, and the weekends.

As for the Century City Mall location, unlimited wagyu remains available daily while the eat-all-you-can wagyu and prawns are on the menu every Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

Hogs & Cattle Steakhouse can be found at these locations.

5. Stoned Steaks

Fancy having your steak served on a volcanic stone that has been heated for several hours? If you want to give this a try, it’s time for you to head to the Tomas Morato area and look for Stoned Steaks!

Grilling your steak on a stone might be something new for many foodies out there but it’s actually not a very new concept. “Did you know that lava stones are probably the oldest and healthiest form of cooking meat?” AlwaysHungryPh P. asks in his looloo review. “It also retains high temperatures, trapping the meat’s natural flavor.”

If you happen to drop by from Mondays to Wednesdays, you’re in for a treat because of Stoned Steaks’ unli steak promo! There are three different steak options for this promo and each has its corresponding price. There’s the eat-all-you-can angus sirloin for ₱1,999. If you’re craving for wagyu instead, you can choose between the wagyu sirloin grade 7 (₱2,499) and the wagyu sirloin grade 11 (₱2,999).

Stoned Steaks can be found at 55 Scout Rallos Street, Laging Handa, Quezon City.


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