5 Restaurants In Poblacion, Makati Where You Can Score Huge Discounts


The Poblacion area in Makati is quickly becoming the city’s ultimate foodie destination. Its bright and colorful streets are now home to a variety of cuisines and restaurant concepts waiting to be discovered by the diners that flock the area!

It can get kind of overwhelming because everywhere you look, there are restaurants and bars calling out your name to try their food. So to help you out with that dilemma, we list down five restaurants in Poblacion that you must try!

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1. El Chupacabra

The hip, casual vibe of Poblacion has made it the perfect location for many Mexican restaurants such as El Chupacabra. Popular for its street food such as tacos and barbecue, El Chupacabra will instantly make you feel like you just walked into one of the lively streets of Mexico, complete with lots of conversation and the smell of great food.

Photo from Midz S.’s looloo review of El Chupacabra

In her looloo review, Cleo R. even calls El Chupacabra as one of her favorite spots in the whole of Poblacion with its “great food, great crowd.”

If you’re not quite sure what to order here, you can’t go wrong with the Baja California Fish Taco! “No gimmicks. It looks like an ordinary taco but it’s packed with flavor,” Reich T. says in her looloo review. “Looks can be deceiving, eh? The fish is cooked to perfection and doesn’t have the fishy aftertaste. The veggies are fresh and crunchy. It tastes ten times awesome when you add some calamansi.”

El Chupacabra can be found on the G/F of the JVR Building, 5782 Felipe Street, Poblacion, Makati. You can check out the BigDish discounts for El Chupacabra here.

2. Hummus Elijah

Middle Eastern cuisine may not be widely popular here in the metro, but the number of places where you can find it are steadily increasing. Hummus Elijah is one of those places and you can find it just along Makati Avenue in the Poblacion area!

It’ll be a sin to drop by Hummus Elijah and not try any of its hummus dishes. There are a handful of options available, with its namesake Hummus Elijah leading the pack. It’s made up of hummus, tahini, chickpeas, olive oil and some herbs and spices, and is served with two pita breads. If you wanna jazz up the regular hummus a bit more, you can opt to have your hummus served with mushrooms, fava beans, pine nuts, or even a hard boiled egg.

Photo from Ian P.’s looloo review of Hummus Elijah

If hummus ain’t your thing, order the shakshuka! Made up of two eggs cooked in a thick tomato sauce, it’s served with either ciabatta bread or some pita.

Hummus Elijah can be found on the 2/F of 7850 Makati Avenue, Poblacion, Makati. You can check out the BigDish discounts for Hummus Elijah here.

3. Pura Vida

Ever been to a reggae bar? No? Well, maybe it’s time to start making plans with your friends and head to Pura Vida!

Photo from AlwaysHungryPh P.’s looloo review of Pura Vida

“From the outside, it looked like a chill beach house,” Clarissa P. narrates in her looloo review. “As soon as you open the door, you’ll be greeted by colorful steps and side walls full of posters that are so colorful you’ll get mesmerized! Go up the stairs and get ready to be amazed with how they made this place so cozy and chill, relaxed and so laid back! It was like an old house by the beach that was turned into a reggae bar! So easy to love!”

Photo from Clarissa P.’s looloo review of Pura Vida

Pura Vida serves Costa Rican dishes, which are probably unfamiliar territory to many foodies out there. We don’t know about you but this sounds like the perfect opportunity to explore and try new food!

Try the Arroz Con Pollo, which AlwaysHungryPh P. calls his “favorite” among the main dishes in his looloo review. “It’s an order with spiced rich roasted chicken and fried rice mixed with beans,” he says. “This staple dish made me wanna go to Costa Rica!”

Pura Vida can be found on Don Pedro St. corner Jacobo St., Poblacion, Makati. You can check out the BigDish discounts for Pura Vida here.

4. Taqueria Seta

Opened just early this year, Taqueria Seta is another Mexican restaurant in Poblacion where you can score great discounts! It’s hard to miss it even in the hustle and bustle of Poblacion, especially with its colorful, vibrant wall murals that will make you feel like you walked into the Disney film Coco.

Photo from Gene G.’s looloo review of Taqueria Seta

As its name suggests, the star of the menu are the tacos. Among the soft tacos, these are counted as their best sellers: Cabeza de Credo (sisig), Carnitas, Lechon, Tripa (tripe), and Lengua.

Photo from EJ B.’s looloo review of Taqueria Seta

In his looloo review, Jam B. calls the Lechon taco the “highlight of the night” and says “the sweet and crispy pork belly complemented very well with the rest of the ingredients.”

Taqueria Seta can be found at 4988 P. Guanzon St., Poblacion, Makati. You can check out the BigDish discounts for Taqueria Seta here.

5. Three Guys and A Grill

The next time your stomach starts craving for something really hefty and meaty, give Three Guys and A Grill a try!

They’re best known for their sausages and hot dog sandwiches, which are proudly made from local and even organic ingredients! Try the Breakfast Dog, which Dennis O. highly recommends in his looloo review. This hotdog sandwich is made up of two pork grillers that are topped with onion jam, BBQ sauce, and an omelette.

Three Guys and A Grill also offers some generously-packed, filling burgers on the menu! Made up of a pure beef patty, fried egg, grilled onions, lettuce, tomatoes, cheddar cheese, a special sauce, and a grilled pineapple sandwiched between two potato buns, the Kiwiana Burger is a favorite and a must try for Brie K. “It was a festival of flavors,” he describes in his looloo review. “From the rich flavor of the beef to the subtle hint of sweetness from the pineapple.”

Three Guys and A Grill can be found at 4364 B. Valdez St., Poblacion, Makati. You can check out the BigDish discounts for Three Guys and A Grill here.

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