5 Secret Bars And Speakeasies In Metro Manila That Are Extra Hard To Find


Secret bars and speakeasies seem to be the trend as of late and from the looks of things, the harder it is to find, the better. Owners have definitely found a number of ways to hide their establishments, but these five on our list are on a whole different level.

For example, there’s one that you can enter after pressing a soju bottle on the wall. Another speakeasy is hidden behind a vending machine-looking door. There’s even one in BGC whose entrance is found inside a convenience store!

1. The Odd Seoul

Hidden inside Gaja Korean Restaurant is a soju bar called The Odd Seoul. Finding it, however, is easier said than done, especially if you don’t find the soju bottle mounted on the wall that you have to press to get in. Manage to find it and you’ll be greeted with neon lights, a cooler ambiance, and Korean-flavored drinks.

Photo from Jayson J.’s looloo review of The Odd Seoul

Take the Kimchi Sour for example. Yes, you read that right. There’s kimchi in the drink, along with soju, almonds, lemon juice, and an egg white. “I’m not a fan of kimchi,” Pat D. says in his looloo review. “But this drink surprised me!”

Photo from EJ B.’s looloo review of The Odd Seoul

If you want your drink with a side of theatrics, order the Smoking Tiger! Get your camera ready and be sure to capture the smoke effect that this drink comes with!

The Odd Seoul can be found in Gaja Korean Kitchen, 8445 Kalayaan Ave., Poblacion, Makati.

2. Bank Bar

7-11 is probably the last place you’ll go to when you’re bar hunting. But if it’s Bank Bar you’re searching for, this convenience store is exactly where you should be.

The 7-11 at the RCBC Savings Bank Corporate Center in BGC is where you’ll find the secret entrance to Bank Bar. Simply look for the door that leads to what seems like a stock room. Go through the hall and voila! Hello Bank Bar!

Photo from Inna A.’s looloo review of Bank Bar

Bank Bar is undoubtedly one of the most sophisticated bars out there. In his looloo review, Christian C. says that upon entering Bank Bar, you will be welcomed by a well-decorated bar and chic furniture that is “striking enough to be remembered” and resembles a “refined boutique”.

As for the drinks, Paolo S. describes them as “very, very well-prepared” in his looloo review. “Don’t go too crazy though on these drinks, else you might break the bank.”

Photo from Alex O.’s looloo review of Bank Bar

Bank Bar can be found on the G/F of the RCBC Savings Bank Corporate Center, 25th St., corner 26th St., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

3. Blind Pig

A pair of eagle eyes is what you need when looking for the Blind Pig. There are no big and colorful signs outside the door and while checking the website will at least give you an address, you still won’t find it by checking which building on Salcedo Street bares the number 227.

What you need to find is a building with a small sign written in braille. When you spot that, it means you’ve found Blind Pig. We recommend that you actually place a reservation first before you go braille sign hunting on Salcedo Street to make sure you can actually get in once you reach the right place.

Inside, Blind Pig is a dimly lit speakeasy that is perfect for those who just want to disconnect from the outside world for an hour or so. According to Dominic D.’s looloo review, it’s got the “speakeasy hush-hush vibe”, vintage decor that will make you feel like you flew straight back to the Prohibition period, and custom-made cocktails.

Blind Pig can be found at 227 Salcedo St., Legazpi Village, Makati.

4. RM 16

Look for the Coca-Cola door somewhere in Tittos Latin BBQ and Brew and you’ll land yourself in RM 16. You might think that this is pretty easy to spot but trust us, many have mistaken this door for a legit vending machine.

Photo from Dennis O.’s looloo review of RM 16

Just like Tittos, the Latin American influence is easily seen in the name of RM 16’s cocktails. Among those he got to try, AlwaysHungryPh P. finds the Coquito as the most interesting.

Photo from AlwaysHungryPh P.’s looloo review of RM 16

“It’s a blend of dark rhum, chocolate and coconut milk. On top of it is an ice cream cone,” he says in his looloo review. “The drink is still alcohol laden but with hints of sweetness.”

RM 16 can be found in Tittos Latin BBQ & Brew, 16 East Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo, Pasig.

5. Alcohol By Volume (ABV)

To get to Alcohol By Volume (ABV), you need to enter popular burger joint Lazy Bastard and then look for a door leading to an elevator shaft. You’ll know you’re in the right place when the jazz vibes hit you and you’re suddenly surrounded by decor inspired by the Prohibition era.

Photo from Christian C.’s looloo review of Alcohol By Volume

If you happen to drop by ABV with an empty stomach, no worries! You can order food from Lazy Bastard and have it brought to ABV. Once you’re all ready to drink the night away, you’ll have a jaw-dropping set of options within your reach.

Photo from Ginny B.’s looloo review of Alcohol By Volume

“Their selection of ales and liquors is just impressive. Brands I didn’t even know existed were being sold here,” Angela Marie C. says in her looloo review. She ordered a Belgian white beer that she “really enjoyed” and adds, “They put coriander, orange peel and nutmeg for a bolder flavor, and it really gave the beer body. Tanginess from the citrus peel is really pronounced.”

Alcohol By Volume can be found in Lazy Bastard, 22 Jupiter St. corner Galaxy St., Bel-Air, Makati.

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