5 Secrets To Posting Stunning Instagram Food Photos


Now with 300 million active users and growing, Instagram is no doubt one of the most used social media platforms for sharing photos today. Makati and Pasig even topped the global list for most Instagram selfies.

Fortunately, selfies aren’t the only thing Instagram is used for. The other popular type of photos?

Food photos!

Whether we’re drooling over cookies someone posted at 3 PM or crispy fried chicken at 2 AM, creative food photography makes for a richer Instagram experience.

Thankfully for us, smartphone companies have now upped their game when it comes to their camera features. With a little bit of creativity and the help of some apps, it’s now a lot easier to take great photos with just your phone.

Here are some of my personal tips on how to take stunning Instagram food photos with just your iPhone or smartphone.

1. Light ’em up!

Instagram Food Photo Lighting

Make sure to find a spot where there’s good lighting!

Take advantage of the light! Try not to use the flash. A well-lit subject can make your photo a whole lot better. It can even add a little drama. A lot of the restaurants nowadays offer decent lighting – you just have to scout a bit to find out which area of the restaurant has the best lighting.

2. Experiment with filters, just don’t overdo it!

VSCOcam for Food Photography

VSCOcam – an app not just for filters.

Sure you can snap a photo of a dish at face value and probably still capture its beauty. But a little “post processing” can make the photo turn out outright gorgeous. I personally use the VSCOcam app, and it does absolute wonders for my photos.

With VSCOcam (pronounced “visco cam”), the filters I normally use are: HB1/HB2, A6, KK, and C2. To find HB1 and HB2 on VSCOcam, just tap on the Shop button at the end of the filter selection and choose Hypebeast X. Don’t worry, this filter set is free!

If you want to go the extra mile and have a couple of pesos to spare, you can also purchase other filters for even more editing options.

Another feature I like about VSCOcam is how you can play with your photo’s temperature, exposure and sharpness. This will help to get that sharp picture across after post processing. For image sharpening, you can either use VSCOcam or the editing tool found on Instagram.

3. Harness the power of friendship.

Instagram Food Photo with Friends

Get your friends to participate in your food photos.

Include your friends (or in this case, “willing victims”) in your photos! Have them interact with the food while you snap away. And then let them munch away while you decide which photo will make it to your Instagram feed out of the the 20 different angles of the burger you just shot.

4. Don’t forget what you came for.

Do remember that you are at the restaurant to eat, not to turn it into a food styling studio. Don’t over-stage your photos, and don’t take too long when taking them, especially when you have friends with you. Sometimes the first shot is your best one. Let it come naturally.

Don't forget to eat and enjoy your meal with your friends! (Chichi T. with looloo's #TeamClingy)

Don’t forget to eat and enjoy your meal with your friends! (Chichi T. with looloo’s #TeamClingy)

Good framing makes for a good photo, but don’t forget to enjoy the food as it is served because unless you’re getting paid to take food photos, you don’t want to eat food that has gone cold.

5. Let your imagination run wild.

Instagram Food Photo Story

From a hearty summer beach meal to a comforting rainy afternoon, even food photos have stories to tell.

A photo tells a story. Let it tell yours – it could be of the restaurant, or how you’re feeling.
You don’t need to be tech savvy or use all the filters known to mankind to post an awesome photo. Sometimes, it just takes a smartphone and a lot of heart.

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