5 Spots In Manila For Your OOTD Photos


For those who like to do #OOTD or “Outfit of the Day” posts, the background is just as important as your outfit in order to stand out. With everyone showing off their personal style on Instagram, a simple mirror shot in your cluttered bedroom might not just cut it anymore.

Take a cue from fashion bloggers, who usually opt for plain or patterned walls, interesting architectural details, doorways and natural landscapes like grassy fields and parks to let their outfits shine.

Here are a few commonly used destinations in Manila that you can head to in order to level up your Instagram game.

1. Intramuros, Manila

Old Manila has its charms and the streets of Intramuros offer a worthy day trip destination to enjoy history and culture.

The textured walls, walkways, gates and doorways of Fort Bonifacio, Rizal Shrine and Baluarte de San Fransisco can be photogenic provided it’s not too crowded and it’s not too hot in the day. The ornate doorway of San Agustin Church nearby is always a favorite for snapping OOTDs.

Intramuros, Manila

Photo by @braddmichael on Instagram for @thezza.png

Casa Manila, a complete reproduction of a colonial Spanish-style house is another pretty spot for taking photos. Photography is usually not allowed inside Casa Manila’s museum, but you can take photos in the courtyard and facade. Pose with a kalesa or one of the guards in uniform on the streets for a more vintage touch.

Tip: If you get hungry, you can stop for a meal at Barbara’s or Illustrado Restaurant in Intramuros, which serves Sampaguita Ice Cream!

2. Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

Bonifacio Global City in Taguig is a popular spot for netizens to showcase their street style or office looks. Also known as “The Fort” or BGC, this destination contains a mix of high-tech offices, residential buildings, shopping hubs, and urban parks.

Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

Photo from @stephragasa on Instagram

One of the most interesting features you can see here are the larger-than-life murals and street art splashed on the walls of buildings that make eye-catching backdrops for your selfies.

Match the color of your outfits or go for structured pieces in solid or basic colors that will stand out against the graffiti walls. For a visual guide and location list of all the street art in BGC, read more here.

Tip: After taking your selfies, be sure to head to one of the many restaurants in BGC for some good grub. Also read: The Fearless Foodie’s Field Guide to the Newest Restaurants in Bonifacio High Street

3. UP Diliman, Quezon City

For those based in the North, the campus of University of the Philippines Diliman in Quezon City is another favorite for pre-nup and debut shoots. For those doing OOTDs, the state university is ideal for casual attire, bohemian or sporty outfits.

UP Diliman, Quezon City

Photo from @staceybellido on Instagram

From the grassy fields of the Sunken Garden and near the Oblation, to the tree-lined avenue of the Academic Oval and the UP Film Center’s brick walls, the campus offers a lot of spots ideal for photo shoots.

Watch out for seasonal sights like fire trees and rows of sunflowers in bloom during summer months.

Tip: There are a lot of cheap street eats to sample in the campus like isaw, kwek-kwek, fishballs, dirty ice cream and taho. For full meals, head to the nearby UP Ayala Town Center or one of Maginhawa Street’s many food parks. Also read: The Fearless Foodie’s Field Guide to Maginhawa

4. Restaurants

Restaurants aren’t just a place to grab a bite to eat. A lot of restaurants have elevated their dining experience with Instagram-worthy interiors. Match your foodie cravings and restaurant of choice with the look you’re going for.

Rustic Mornings, Marikina

Photo from @rizzatan on Instagram (Rustic Mornings, Marikina)

Romantic outfits look great in Rustic Mornings, a shabby chic garden restaurant in Marikina. You can wear something more funky in Mitsuyado Sei Men, a hidden gem in Makati that transports you to the streets of Japan complete with food carts and vintage Japanese posters.

Le Petit Souffle, Makati

Photo from @tgosingtian on Instagram (Le Petit Souffle, Makati)

For retro outfits, check out Filling Station Bar & Restaurant, a 50’s type diner overloaded with wall to wall vintage memorabilia in Makati. Or go for something a little more classic in Le Petit Souffle, a French cafe with a garden dining ambiance and hipster accents in Century City Mall.

Tip: It can be difficult to take photos inside crowded restaurants, so plan your visit during off-peak hours or right when the restaurant opens. Peak times include lunch and dinner hours for restaurants and between 4 PM and 8 PM for cafes.

5. Hotels and Hostels

During the rainy season, shooting indoors may be necessary. Make the most of your weekend by checking into a hotel or artsy hostel in the metro. Boutique hotels often have interesting details like pillars, stairways, quirky furniture and other structural details that look great in photos.

B Hotel, Quezon City

Photo from @paxieness on Instagram (B Hotel, Quezon City)

The Henry Hotel Manila has key design components from 20th-century Manila, giving the place a nostalgic vibe ideal for vintage prints and more elegant ensembles. Amelie Hotel Manila in the old bohemian district of Malate has lots of graphic details of iconic landmarks and art deco furniture.

Meanwhile, B Hotel in Quezon City has a minimalist and industrial vibe for the artsy and hipster types. When staying in hotels, you can pack a lot of extra outfits for pictorial purposes, which you can space out when you upload photos on Instagram.

Tip: Hotels usually offer rainy day promos with more affordable rates. Lots of hostels in Makati offer a fun laid-back place with lots of places to shoot in the common areas. Read: Check Into These 4 Artsy Hostels in Makati


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