5 Things To See And Do In Bauang, La Union


ICYMI, we moved on to a new province for our 5 Things To See And Do series with a feature on surfing destination San Juan, La Union! Now are you ready for the next town in Elyu that we’ll be armchair visiting?

Just like San Juan, the coastal town of Bauang has its fair share of beaches that will entice any beach bum. But more than being just another beach lover’s paradise, Bauang is also a must-visit destination for anyone who loves fruits!

Wondering why? We’ll tell you more about it in a bit. First, we’re going to tell you how to get to Bauang!

Commuter’s guide to Bauang, La Union

Getting to this La Union town is pretty easy and straightforward. Just board a bus bound for La Union and ask to be dropped off at the Bauang-Caba Boundary Arch. Where you go from there will depend on your intended destination but you’re sure to find jeepneys and tricycles that can take you wherever it is!

Things to do in Bauang

A trip to Elyu just won’t be complete without going to the beach and Bauang is one of its towns where you can do so! In fact, if you feel like going all out and splurging on the ultimate staycation, we have the place you need on this list.

But if there’s one thing that Bauang is really known for, it’s the grape farms and the local products made from guapple! And yes, you can even pick your own grapes!

1. Hit the beach

You’ll probably find that the beaches of Bauang aren’t as popular or as crowded as those in San Juan, making them the perfect destination for those who want more privacy. Bauang’s beaches can be found in barangays such as Baccuit Sur, Pagdalagan Sur, Paringao, and Taberna, which have numerous resorts for those looking to stay for a longer period of time.

Photo from Karla Francesca G.’s looloo review of Editha’s Residencia

Those heading to Baccuit Sur can check out Marand Resort & Spa. Room rates begin at ₱2,600 for a standard room good for two persons. It even has a water park both kids and kids-at-heart will enjoy! You can check out the rates for the water park here.

Other resorts you can find in Bauang include Editha’s Residencia, China Sea Beach Resort, Priscilla’s Beach Resort, Kaykayo Private Resort, and White House Beach Resort.

Marand Resort & Spa can be found along the National Highway, Baccuit Sur, Bauang, La Union.

2. Pick some grapes at one of the town’s vineyards

You might have seen photos of Napa Valley or any of the popular vineyards across the world and probably wished you could visit one someday. Believe or not, you don’t have to go out of the Philippines just to visit a vineyard. You can find a couple of them in La Union!

Lomboy Farms, the country’s largest grape farm, is one of the vineyards located in Bauang. Started in 1972 by Avelino Lomboy, Lomboy Farms also produces 50 different varieties of grapes and two types of grape-based wine: Rosa (red wine) and Mestiza (white wine).

Another grape farm you can visit in Bauang is the Gapuz Grapes Farm, which is credited for starting the trend of grape picking among the farms in Bauang. Promoting it on social media, owner Joe Corpuz encouraged tourists to tour the farm and even plant their own grapes.

Here are other grape farms you can visit in Bauang: Manguerra Grapes Farm, Calica Grapes Farm, and Ancheta Grapes Farm. It’s highly recommended that you visit during the harvest season, which takes place from March to May.

Gapuz Grapes Farm can be found at 78 Urayong, Bawang, La Union.

3. Shop for pasalubong made from guapple

Aside from grapes, Lomboy Farms is also well-known for producing guapples. The guapple is a non-seasonal fruit (meaning it’s available throughout the year) and is best eaten raw.

It’s not always readily available in Metro Manila, making it a perfect pasalubong for your loved ones if you’re coming from Bauang. You can also buy other products made from guapple, such as jams, candies, and even wine!

Lomboy Farms can be found at 68 Urayong, Bauang, La Union.

4. Splurge on a staycation

Going on an out of town trip doesn’t always mean you want to do something new or adventurous. Sometimes, you go on that trip just to laze around and take a break from life. If you’re planning to do just that and you have enough cash to spend, why not head to Bauang and stay at Lafaayette Luxury Suites Resort!

One look at this Bali-inspired resort and you can definitely expect luxury comfort during your stay. Make sure you have your cameras at the ready to take photos not just of the resort and its picture-perfect facilities, but also of the breathtaking sunset view this resort is known for.

As its name suggests, you won’t get standard rooms when you check in at Lafaayette. The most basic accommodation you can go for is the Deluxe Suite, which can house two guests for ₱7,360 per night. If you’re ready to go all out on the spending, book the Three Bedroom Villa! This two-storey villa can accommodate up to 10 people for ₱20,920 per night.

Lafaayette Luxury Suites Resort can be found at 353 Baccuit Sur, Bauang, La Union.

5. Visit The Sts. Peter and Paul Parish Church

Built in 1580 by Augustinian missionaries, the Sts. Peter and Paul Parish Church is one of the oldest churches in the country. Damaged twice since its completion, the church once had a stone convent that was destroyed in 1955.

Here’s an interesting piece of history involving the Sts. Peter and Paul Church: the church’s bell was taken as a souvenir by American soldiers during Philippine-American war in the early 1900s. The bell stayed in the United States since then and was only returned to Bauang in 2016.

Sts. Peter and Paul Parish Church can be found in Barangay Disso-or, Bauang, La Union.


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