5 Things To See And Do In Mariveles, Bataan


Two weeks ago we kicked off the new 5 Things To See And Do series with a feature on Morong, Bataan. Now it’s time to move to the next town, Mariveles!

The southernmost town of the province, Mariveles (formerly known as Kamaya) used to be a small fishing village. Many people even believe that the town got its name from the phrase “maraming dilis”, referring to the anchovies that are normally caught by fishermen in its waters.

Today, Mariveles is home to numerous coves and lagoons that make it the perfect beach hopping destination!

Commuter’s guide to Mariveles

There are two ways you can get to the town of Mariveles from Metro Manila, the first of which is by riding the bus. Bus companies such as Bataan Transit and Genesis have daily trips straight to Mariveles. Simply get off when you reach the terminal at the town proper.

Another way you can reach Mariveles is through the ferry. You can contact ferry companies such as El Greco and 1Bataan Integrated Transport System to schedule your trip!

Things to do in Mariveles

While Bataan will always be known for its importance in our country’s World War II history, it has so much more to offer tourists. If you’re looking for a quick weekend nature-filled getaway, Mariveles is just what you need.

You can go hiking up a mountain or cliff diving into crystal clear waters. You can even warm yourself up in a natural hot spring!

1. Hike up Tarak Ridge

If you’re up for some mountain climbing when you’re in town, Mt. Mariveles has just what you need. It’s where the Tarak Ridge is located, which has actually overshadowed the mountain’s summit in terms of popularity among hikers.

With a difficulty of 4/9, the Tarak Ridge is found on the western side of Mt. Mariveles. Prepare for a steep, rocky climb and while you can attempt a day hike, it’s ideal that you allot two days for it.

“I fell in love with this mountain. Everything from the jump off point to the peak is just lovely,” says Agatha S. in her looloo review. “This is not an easy hike, but every detail of this mountain made it all worth it.”

Tarak Ridge can be found on Mt. Mariveles, Alas-asin, Mariveles, Bataan.

2. Explore all points of the Five Fingers Cove

Arguably the most popular destination in all of Mariveles, the Five Fingers Cove got its name from the fact that its coves do look like fingers when you view them from high up in the sky! It’s recommended that you book your tour through the Mariveles Five Fingers Tour by BWP, whose package includes a scrumptious seafood lunch by the beach!

Each point or finger is home to lagoons, monoliths, and even cliffs that you can dive from! The first point, called Cochino’s Point, is the “thumb” of the Five Fingers. Be prepared to trek for a couple of minutes before you can reach the viewing point! We promise you that the view is worth it!

The index finger, the Talaga Point, is where you can find the Natsu Lagoon, which has a 20 foot-tall cliff that you can jump from! You can also opt to swim and lounge around the nearby Apatot Cove.

Horno’s Point is the middle finger of the Five Fingers and has become a popular location for photoshoots because of its picturesque rocky landscape. It also has a 50 foot-tall cliff, but make sure to listen carefully and follow every instruction you’re given before you jump. You wouldn’t want to hit the rocks below!

The fourth finger, called the Naiklec Point, is where you can find the Mawakis Cove, another place perfect for swimming during your tour. Last but certainly not the least is the pinky finger, the Longos Kawayan Point. It’s where you can find the Tinanlakan Lagoon, another cliff diving site. Don’t forget to spot the Nagbintana Arch, which looks like (as its name already suggests) a window giving you a great view of the nature around you.

Five Fingers Cove can be found at Mariveles, Bataan.

3. Try the Balon Anito Hot Spring

All the walking, hiking, and swimming are bound to get your poor feet really, really tired. So before you continue your Mariveles trip, stop by Balon Anito and get some much needed rest!

Referred to as the Dead Volcano by the locals, the Balon Anito is a public hot spring. It’s believed that it has therapeutic benefits so locals and tourists alike take the time to sit on the mouth of the volcano to dip their feet into the spring!

The Balon Anito Hot Spring can be found in Barangay Balon Anito, Mariveles, Bataan.

4. Visit Sisiman Bay

Make sure your camera’s ready when you visit Sisiman Bay because it’s easily one of the most scenic, breathtaking places in all of Mariveles. Its rustic charm and rugged landscape will surely captivate any visitor who drops by!

There are a handful of things you can do in Sisiman Bay. There’s the Pebble Beach for those looking to go for a swim. A short walk will bring you to the all-white Sisiman Lighthouse, a great place for those Instagram photos.

And for those who feel like going on a hike, head up the San Miguel Peak. Time your hike in the afternoon so that you can enjoy the beautiful sunset from the peak!

Sisiman Bay can be found along the Mariveles Diversion Road, Mariveles, Bataan.

5. Eat at Pupung Grill

We don’t know about you but for us, one of the best ways to have lunch is to have it by the sea. Great views plus great food will always be a big check in our book. And that is exactly what you’ll get when you dine at Pupung Grill!

Serving a variety of Japanese and Filipino dishes, Pupung Grill has a wonderful view of the clear waters and even the Corregidor Island! Given Mariveles’ location along the peninsula, make sure to order one (or more!) of the seafood dishes Pupung Grill offers because they are guaranteed fresh! Here’s a tip: order anything that has tuna belly. It’s a favorite among loyal customers!

That ends the rundown of the 5 things to see and do in Mariveles, Bataan! Next month, we move on to another province to feature two of its towns and cities. Can you guess where we’re heading next? Sound off in the comments!

Pupung Grill can be found at National Rd., Mariveles, Bataan.

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