6 Places In Manila Where You Can Burn Calories While Having Fun


The thought of working out can easily repel just as easily as it can attract people despite knowing that exercise is important to stay healthy. Spending hours at the gym or playing some type of sports just isn’t the cup of tea of many people.

But lucky for those who need to release some pent up stress or who simply want to get some exercise in their daily routine, workouts these days are not all about lifting weights or running on the treadmill at the gym or even going to UP Diliman to jog or bike around the campus.

The six places we feature on this list prove that burning calories can be so fun and even exhilarating that couch potatoes may even be convinced to give them a shot! And the best part is, these places are meant to be enjoyed with friends or family! You get to burn calories, spend time with your loved ones, and have fun all at the same time. What’s not to love?

1. Ball Pit Manila

Remember those days when practically every branch of fast food joints like Jollibee and McDonald’s had an indoor playground? What was your favorite part of that indoor playground? Is it the slides? Or maybe the ball pit?

These indoor fast food playgrounds might have become a thing of the past but lucky for us, an indoor ball pit was launched and guess what? It’s for adults only!

Ball Pit Manila

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Ball Pit Manila is an indoor playground and the first adult ball pit in the country! It surely brings back many fond, happy memories from our childhood. Playing in a ball pit might not seem taxing at first but when you have 80,000 white plastic balls around you to play with, it suddenly seems like quite an exercise. Imagine yourself standing in the middle of that ball pit and having to wade through all those plastic balls to get to one end. That is something definitely easier said than done!

You need to wear a clean pair socks with you to be allowed to enter the pit. You can’t use the one you’re already wearing on your way there so make sure to bring an extra pair with you!

Ball Pit Manila is located at 2/F Campos Rueda Building, 101 Urban Avenue, Makati City.

2. Trampoline Park – Zero Gravity Zone

Another childhood classic that we adults thought we’ve outgrown is the trampoline. It was just so much fun to bounce around and collide with friends, only to come crashing down in a heap of giggles and sweat when we got too tired to continue. Trampoline Park – Zero Gravity Zone is one of two places on the list that gives adults the chance to experience that all over again, adding a few more fun activities to make the experience all the more exciting.

Trampoline Park, Manila

Photo from Ann Margaret L.’s looloo review for Trampoline Park

Trampoline Park has 50 interconnected trampolines that you can jump on and you can ever soar into the air and land into a purple and yellow foam pool. Ever experienced shooting hoops or playing dodgeball while on a trampoline? If you haven’t, give it a try! For those looking for an intense workout, Trampoline Park even offers AeroDance workout sessions!

Trampoline Park is located at The Portal, Greenfield District, Shaw Boulevard corner Mayflower Street, Mandaluyong.

3. Jump Yard

The second indoor trampoline park in this list, Jump Yard offers a variety of activities that will not only let you break a sweat but are also so enjoyable and exciting. Aside from the Open Jump trampolines, you can try the Olympic Trampolines too to see just how high your jump can go!

Jump Yard Manila

Photo from Mary Love S.’s looloo review for Jump Yard

Aside from the foam pit and dodgeball, Jump Yard also offers Cage Ball, which requires you to shoot the ball into the opponent’s goal to score points, as well as a rock-climbing wall, balance beam, and monkey bars. Think you can do better than the basketball players participating in slam dunk contests? Give it a go for at the Slam Dunk Basketball area!

Jump Yard is located at Road E corner Las Fiestas Street, Frontera Verde, Pasig.

4. Flying Trapeze

You probably just used to sing those lines when that particular R. Kelly song plays on the radio but giving Flying Trapeze a try is probably another way you can say that you believe you can fly and touch the sky. If you’ve seen acrobats perform on a flying trapeze and wondered how it must be like to be high up in the air and moving from one bar to the next, this is your chance to experience it!

Flying Trapeze Philippines is the first and only flying trapeze school in the country open for those who are six years old and above. Since it means that you’ll be suspended up in the air more than 20 feet off the ground, safety is the biggest priority while at Flying Trapeze. Rest assured that there are safety nets around the area and that you’ll be required to follow a couple of rules, which include wearing sports attire (no loose clothing) and stretching appropriately before your turn.

Flying Trapeze Philippines is located at 34th Street corner 9th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

5. Ninja Academy

Ninja Academy prides itself in being the first indoor parkour facility in Manila. For those not familiar with parkour, it’s a military obstacle course-inspired training discipline that involves a lot of running, climbing, jumping, and swinging. Those who enjoy intense and very physical workouts will surely have a field day at Ninja Academy! If you haven’t experienced parkour before, don’t worry! Your coach will first teach you the basics, including how to jump properly as well as vaulting.

For the full experience, avail of the Gauntlet class, which lets you experience half an hour of circuit training and another half hour of with the obstacle course. Ready to bust a move and workout at the same time? Try Tricking, which is a combination of martial arts, gymnastics, breakdancing and capoeira.

Ninja Academy is located at Club Gymnastica, 155 Dr. Sixto Antonio Avenue, Pasig.

6. Lazer Xtreme

We’ve all experienced playing hide and seek at some point in our lives and many of us probably mimicked what we saw in games like Counter Strike by forming teams to take out “opponents” using toy guns. If said toy guns were unavailable, we had no problem using our hands and making the appropriate sound effects.

This kind of play may sound simple but it’s the idea behind laser tag, which kicks the experience up a notch through the use of laser guns. Laser tag arenas have been around for a couple of years now and have definitely become go-to places among friends and family looking to do something fun and active. Lazer Xtreme in particular incorporates a lot of secret chambers, ramps, and glow-in-the-dark lights in their arena to amp up the excitement for the players.

If you think that a round at Lazer Xtreme isn’t exercise, all the running, hiding, sneaking, and strategizing will prove you otherwise. Plus you have to lug your laser gun around with you, lifting it up to take your aim and shoot over and over again. Sounds tiring already? But we bet you won’t even notice all the exercise you’ll get because of all the fun you’ll surely have!

Lazer Xtreme is located at 4/F Market! Market!, Mabini Avenue corner McKinley Parkway, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

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