6 Places To Get Shawarma In Metro Manila


Shawarma may be an old invention from the 1800s but time hasn’t changed people’s love for it. After all, how can you resist vertically-roasted meat that has been bathing in its own delicious juices for hours, right? Yup, even the Avengers had to get some of that!


If you’re salivating for some shawarma right now, we gotchu. Here are 6 places in the metro (listed in alphabetical order) where you can grab a helping of this tasty stuff! Each one offers a different kind of shawarma experience so it’s up to you to hit them all up and figure out which one is the best!

1. Rafik Shawarma

In case you were wondering who Rafik is, the name’s inspired by Rafic Hariri, the Lebanese business tycoon-turned-Prime Minister who was assassinated in the Beirut explosion. While that may sound all dark and heavy, Rafik Shawarma actually keeps things pretty simple and straightforward. You come in with a shawarma craving, they hook you up with an awesome shawarma wrap / rice meal and you leave feeling satisfied. That’s it!

Photo from Jayson J.’s looloo review of Rafik Shawarma

Jayson J. really liked the Chicken Shawarma Rice that he ordered, saying that he would recommend this dish to anyone who decides to drop by. He said in his looloo review: “The chicken was really soft! The garlic sauce was creamy enough for me already.”

Rafik Shawarma can be found at these locations.

2. Shawarma Bros.

If you jog your memory a little bit, you’ll remember that food trucks once had a shining moment in Metro Manila’s dining scene. And Shawarma Bros. was one of the pioneers of the trend. That fad may be long over by now but this restaurant is still going strong, which goes to show how much their shawarma is loved! They customize their recipes to fit Filipino taste buds, making them a favorite among local shawarma lovers.

In his looloo review, JP G. recommended the Lamb Steak rice meal, saying: “I know some people don’t enjoy lamb because of the occasional ‘malansa’ taste but this one doesn’t have that so yay. Plus the garlic yogurt and cheese sauce will negate any trace of it anyway!”

Shawarma Bros can be found at these locations.

3. Shawa Wama

If you need someone to blame for your uncontrollable eating out habits, you can hold The Moment Group sort of accountable. Because ICYDK, they’re behind a lot of the drool-worthy restaurants in the metro, including OOMA, Din Tai Fung, and Manam. As if that’s not plenty enough to chew on, they recently added another cool concept to their lineup: Shawa Wama! In this Mediterranean grab-and-go restaurant, shawarma is the star of the menu.

Photo from Reich T.’s looloo review of Shawa Wama

Reich T. was pretty happy with her Pita Pocket order, saying this in her looloo review: “The pita bread is soft and filled to the brim. The beef is super tender and full of beefy x shawarma-ish goodness. Best eaten with lots of sauce.”

Shawa Wama can be found on the LG/F of Power Plant Mall, Amorsolo Drive, Rockwell Center, Makati, Metro Manila.

4. Tri-mo Shawarma Co.

There’s nothing much to say about the way Tri-mo Shawarma looks. To passers-by, it’s probably just another dingy carinderia that’s been weathered by time. But you’d be missing out if you were to judge this place based on appearance alone because boy do they have good shawarma here! Their food has earned them lots of loyal customers throughout the years, explaining why it’s packed around the clock.

One of the bestsellers from their menu is the All Meat & Cheese Shawarma which Chloe C. raved about in her looloo review. She said: “The shawarma is rich, meaty, juicy, and incredibly indulgent.” They also have Sizzling Shawarma here if you want ulam to go with your rice!

Tri-mo Shawarma can be found at Bristol St. cor. Flores de Mayo St., Lagro, Quezon City, Metro Manila.

5. Turks Shawarma

When you think of Turks Shawarma, the first thing that probably comes to mind is Papa P’s gorgeous smile. But it’s not just their famous endorser that gets people to line up at their stalls–they’re well-loved for their portable shawarma offerings too! If you only have a few minutes to spare to go get yourself a decent lunch, find the nearest Turks stall near you and you’ve got yourself a filling on-the-go meal.

Photo from Casey D.’s looloo review of Turks Shawarma

They get plus points for their convenient packaging too! Christa U. described it in her looloo review, saying: “The paper wrapped around the shawarma has its own pre-perforated area that you can tear as you’re biting lower into the shawarma.”

Turks Shawarma can be found at these locations.

6. Uncle Moe’s Shawarma Hub

Uncle Moe’s has been serving us shawarma for what seems like forever now. They started out about ten years ago in a rented space in City Golf and eventually turned into a full-blown family venture with several branches in the metro. Despite how long they’ve been in business, their food has remained the same over the years, much to the happiness of their loyal customers. Their shawarma has always been simple but packed with flavor!

Here’s what Herl C. had to say about her shawarma order in her looloo review: “The amount of beef was just right with the pita size. The taste was consistent and flavourful! I super liked their white and spicy sauce that went well with the beef and veggies.”

Uncle Moe’s Shawarma Hub can be found at these locations.

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