6 Restaurants From Cebu That Are Now In Metro Manila


The way things normally go, it’s usually the restaurants that are opened here in Metro Manila first that end up branching out to the provinces. Lately, however, we’ve been seeing the trend go the other way: restaurants from the province are opening branches here in Manila!

For this rundown, we list six restaurants that trace their beginnings to the province of Cebu! We’re certainly lucky that we don’t need to fly all the way to Visayas anymore to taste dishes from these restaurants.

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1. Zubuchon

One thing that you should never ever miss out on when you’re in Cebu is the famous Cebu lechon. One of the restaurants at the forefront of this famous dish is Zubuchon, which takes its name from Cebu’s old name (Zubu) and lechon itself!

Zubuchon opened its first Metro Manila branch in Makati last year. Now six branches strong in Metro Manila, you can find Zubuchon in locations like Eastwood, Megamall, and SM Mall of Asia!

Photo from Judy R.’s looloo review of Zubuchon

As for its famous lechon, Neb A. has this to say about it in his looloo review: “The lechon did not just meet my expectations, it just blew me away! My tastebuds was in for a treat! The crispy skin was very crunchy and crumbly even when it’s not thin! It also melted in my mouth very fast! But, while I wasn’t surprised about this consistency of their pork skin, the meat was a delight to the mouth.”

Zubuchon can be found at these locations.

2-3. Golden Cowrie Filipino Kitchen and Hukad

Owned and operated by Cebu Golden Restaurant Inc., Golden Cowrie Filipino Kitchen highlights the best of Filipino dining traditions: the gathering of families and friends to share a really yummy feast together. It’s no surprise then that the dishes on Golden Cowrie’s menu are all good for sharing.

There are currently two Golden Cowrie branches in Metro Manila: one in S Maison at Conrad Hotel and another in Podium. If those two aren’t as accessible to you as you’d like, head to Golden Cowrie’s sister restaurant, Hukad, instead! Hukad has branches all over the metro serving the same heart-warming, homey Filipino dishes on their menu!

Golden Cowrie can be found at these locations.

Hukad can be found at these locations.

4. Phat Pho

Now that the Christmas season is fast approaching, the weather is certainly about to become cooler. And what better way is there to stay warm than with a bowl of delicious pho?

Thanks to the Moment Group, foodies here in Manila can enjoy Cebu’s Phat Pho! In her looloo review, Ruth D. even calls Phat Pho one of her favorite restaurants! If you’re not quite sure what to order when you drop by its branch in Power Plant Mall, go for the Bún Bò Hué, which has a pork and beef-based broth that’s just unbelievably good.

Photo from Unisse C.’s looloo review of Phat Pho

“This is Pho-tastic!!!” Reich T. exclaims in her looloo review. “The star of the show is the Pho-mazing broth. I taste the beefy flavor in each sip and yes, the red chillies made it even better. The beef is fall-off-the-bone tender.”

Phat Pho can be found at these locations

5. Rico’s Lechon

There’s another Cebu lechon brand that just arrived on our side of the Philippines just last August!

Rico’s Lechon is one of the favorite names that pop up whenever Cebu lechon is being talked about. First opened in 1997 by its owner Enrico Dionson, Rico’s Lechon has since become popular not just in Cebu for its Spicy Lechon!

Photo from Glam-O-Rose G.’s looloo review of Rico’s Lechon

Wondering just how good it is? In her looloo review, Sandra Y. describes it as “highly recommended” and says that “the lechon skin is superb, super crunchy, and literally melts in your mouth.”

Rico’s Lechon can be found at these locations.

6. Casa Verde

Those familiar with the foodie scene in Cebu will probably come up with Casa Verde as one of the must-visit restaurants serving American cuisine in the province. It’s been around for quite some time now (it first opened in 2002!) and has since crossed the Cebu borders to reach Manila!

One of the must-try dishes at Casa Verde is the Brian’s Ribs. In her looloo review, Aileen O. says that the ribs are always a “favorite” and that they’re “the best ribs” in the metro.” But if you’re not in the mood for ribs and you’re dining with a big group, you should order the The Mighty Ton!

Photo from Jen L.’s looloo review of Casa Verde

Made up of a kilo of USDA tenderloin patty, bacon, American cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, sauteed onions, and mushrooms stuffed in between a 12-inch bun, this is a feast meant to be shared and enjoyed by many people! But if you think you can eat majority of it, we won’t stop you!

Casa Verde can be found at these locations

Casa Verde Too can be found on the LG/F of Mega B, SM Megamall, EDSA corner Julia Vargas Ave., Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong.

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