Get Ready To Carbo Load Because Here Are 7 Bakeries That Offer Huge Discounts At Night


There’s nothing quite like tearing into a piece of freshly baked bread and sinking your teeth into its soft and warm insides.

But it’s also pretty gratifying to not have to pay for your baked goods in full price, even if it means they’re not hot out of the oven anymore (we can always reheat them at home anyway, right?!)

If you love a good bargain, you can get bread and pastries at huge discounts from these seven bakeries in Metro Manila! They put their goodies on sale just before closing time and we’ve got all the deets.

1. Jipan

You might know Jipan as a Japanese restaurant but it serves up more than just huge dynamite rolls and hearty curry rice. Doubling up as a bakery, you can also help yourself to all kinds of delicious carbs here like the Baked Spicy Vegetable Curry Pan, the Raisin Walnut French Bread, the Choco Fiesta Danish, and the Ham and Cheese Croissant!

Photo from Christina R.’s looloo review for Jipan

Swing by any of their branches from 7:30 PM until closing time to catch their baked goods on sale. They slap on a 20% discount on all their breads and pastries!

Jipan can be found at these locations.

2. Little Flour and Wildflour

Living up to its name, Wildflour does wonders with the baking ingredient it was named after. You’ll find a wide selection of drool-worthy carbs in this bakery, all of which are just as good as they look. If you’re a Wildflour fan, you might want to check out its younger sister, Little Flour Cafe, too! They’re just as skilled with flour and the oven.

Photo from Ruth S.’s looloo review for Little Flour

At 7:00 PM, both Wildflour and Little Flour start selling their breads and pastries at half price. So if you’re coming in for dinner, you might as well buy yourself breakfast for the next day!

Little Flour can be found at 4th Ave. cor. 31st St., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila. Wildflour can be found at these locations.

3. Marks & Spencer Bakery

If you’re not into retail therapy and would prefer to munch on a cookie to destress, head over to the bakery side of Marks & Spencer. Just follow the sweet aroma of baked goods! There you’ll find freshly-baked cookies (what they’re most popular for and what looloo reviewers rave most about), shortbread, pretzels, and tarts.

Photo from Theresa L.’s looloo review for Marks & Spencer

An hour before they close at 10:00 PM, M&S slashes the prices of their baked goods in half. That’s quite the steal considering they bake with quality, imported ingredients!

Marks & Spencer Bakery can be found at these locations.


PAUL has been in business since 1889 and it was in 2013 that this bakery from France set up shop in the Philippines. Now we get to enjoy hand-crafted bread made with top-notch ingredients flown in all the way from France. Not to mention they make eclairs, cookies, tartlets, and croissants for you to carbo load on too!

Photo from Mary Love S.’s looloo review for Paul

Every night, PAUL has a promo that lets you enjoy 50% off on all of your succeeding baked goods. This gives you all the more reason to buy more breads and pastries!

PAUL can be found at these locations.

5. The French Baker

Born in 1983, The French Baker is older than the hip millenials of the metro. But they’ve withstood the test of time despite all the hipster cafes that have popped up in the city, and have continued to grow in number of branches. They remain a favorite choice among the titas of Manila, well-loved for their fresh and affordable goodies.

Photo from Muffy T.’s looloo review for The French Baker

If you’re planning to stock up on bread and pastries, the best time to pay a visit is an hour before closing time (this varies per branch). You can score baked goods for half their original prices!

The French Baker can be found at these locations.

6. Tous Les Jours

Tous Les Jours might have a fancy, French-sounding name but they actually make their baked goods with high-quality ingredients imported from South Korea. And they sell them at very affordable prices! Some of the tasty offerings you can try here are the Sweet Black Rice Bread with Black Sesame Cream Cheese, Sweet Potato Cream Bread, and Sweet Red Bean Bun.

Photo from Melody B.’s looloo review for Tous les Jours

While their products are already very wallet-friendly, they offer an even sweeter deal for their customers come 7:00 PM every day. You get to enjoy 30% off on all their breads!

Tous Les Jours can be found at these locations.

7. Yamato

Even before the sun’s up, the bakers at Yamato have already begun their daily routine of making delicious treats for their customers. And the baking goes on during the rest of the day to make sure that everything is as fresh as can be. Some of the must-tries here are the Cheese Lava, Vanilla Choux Cream, Pork Floss, and Fruit Danish!

Photo from Jairus d.’s looloo review for Yamato

At night, they slash the prices for the pastries and selected breads in half. The only catch is they don’t have a fixed time for the sale so you just have to keep watch!

Yamato can be found at these locations.

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