7 Places To Get Crazy, Over-the-Top Sushi In Metro Manila


The Japanese’s love for minimalism shows in their food culture and sushi is definitely proof of that. For them, the simpler the sushi, the better!

But sometimes (especially when you’ve had a terrible day), you just want your sushi to be extra loaded. There’s something comforting about digging into molds of vinegar-flavored rice that’s been stuffed with Osaka beef, wrapped in torched salmon skin, or smothered in creamy, cheesy sauce!

If you’re down for some crazy, over-the-top sushi, here are seven places in the metro where you can help yourself to just that. Nope, these sushi inventions probably aren’t authentic but hey, plus points for creativity, right?

1. Jipan

When Jipan opened in 1992, all they wanted to do was serve their customers freshly baked goods. But their menu has since then expanded to include meals like curry, sandwiches, pasta, and yup, sushi too!

Jipan, Manila

Photo from Kim L.’s looloo review for JiPan

Do yourself and everyone around the table a favor and order up Jipan’s bestselling Dynamite Roll. This massive sushi creation, topped off with generous helpings of ebi tempura, kani, tamago, cucumber, crunchy tempura bits, and kewpie will have everyone whipping their chopsticks out for a piece.

If that’s not enough sushi for you, they have Sushi Pizza too! You get fried sushi rice as the pizza crust and avocado, sashimi, tempura bits, and ebiko as the toppings.

Jipan can be found at these locations.

2. Nori

All thanks to Nori, we don’t have to feel like we’re missing out anymore whenever we see sushi burritos on Instagram. They’ve brought the trend to life right here in Metro Manila and they’ve also come up with a ton of crazy flavors to choose from!

Nori, Kapitolyo, Pasig

Photo from Kate S.’s looloo review for Nori

If you feel like you deserve a real treat, get yourself the indulgent Osaka Beef with Cheese and Truffle Rice. It can’t get any better than sinking your teeth into a huge sushi burrito packed with Japanese seasoned beef, melted cheese, truffle rice, leeks, and Asian Slaw!

Other next-level sushi burrito creations you can get here are the Umami Chicken, Miso Glazed Salmon, Shrimp Crab Aligue, and Beef Bulgogi.

Nori can be found at Bro Bldg., 1st St., Kapitolyo, Pasig, Metro Manila.


OOMA is not and never will be an authentic Japanese restaurant and aren’t we all glad about that! Instead of going by the book, they put their own flavor combinations together to create bold but comforting food. And that includes oomazing maki.

One of the crowd favorites here is the Salmon Skin Aburi Maki, filled with crispy salmon skin, asparagus, and cream cheese, topped off with torched salmon and wasabi aioli, and drizzled with teriyaki sauce. Definitely a far cry from the standard salmon roll!

Fill your table with other inventive maki variations like the Soft Shell Crab Taco-Maki, Scallop and Tuna Aburi Maki, and Uni Ebi Tamago Taco-Maki.

OOMA can be found at these locations.

4. Rice & Dough

Why no one has thought of putting pizza and sushi together sooner is mind boggling. But thankfully, there’s now Rice & Dough, a sushi and pizza bar where you get to load up on two of the most comforting dishes ever!

There are a lot of wacky sushi variations to be had here. There’s the World War Roll, a chaotic masterpiece made with soft-shell crab, kani, tamago, unagi, and tuna battered shrimp togarashi. The crazy part is that it’s served flaming!

Rice and Dough, Manila

Photo from Patrick V.’s looloo review for Rice & Dough

If that’s not wild enough for you, you should also order up the Molten Lava, slathered in spicy melted mozzarella cream and spicy mango sauce, or the Truffled Bacon Cheeseburger Sushi, sandwiched in between sushi rice and drizzled with truffle oil!

Rice & Dough is found at these locations.

5. Sensei Sushi Bar

As Japanese as this restaurant sounds, Sensei Sushi Bar does not pretend to be authentic. Not boxed in by the traditions of the Japanese cuisine, Chef Bruce Ricketts takes the liberty of creating his own dishes using local ingredients!

Sensei Sushi Bar, BF Homes, Paranaque

Photo from Bernisse C.’s looloo review for Sensei Sushi Bar

One of his most popular concoctions you shouldn’t miss out on is the Tuna and Crispy Scallop Dynamite. This visually impressive treat is made up of kyuri, cream cheese, dynamite sauce, and crispy scallops, making it equally impressive to the taste buds.

In her looloo review, Bernisse C. was all about it, saying: “Besides being so photogenic, the flavors are really good. And considering the ingredients are tuna and scallop, it’s pretty cheap.”

Sensei Sushi Bar can be found at 268 Aguirre Ave., BF Homes, Parañaque, Metro Manila.

6. Sushi Nori

The first ever sushi-to-go restaurant in Metro Manila, Sushi Nori is the perfect place to hit up if you need portable sushi. You can bring them wherever, whether it’s to the office to share with your coworkers or back home as pasalubong for your folks.

Sushi Nori, SM Aura

Photo from Sous V.’s looloo review for Sushi Nori

But aside from being convenient to carry around, these sushi creations are also pretty interesting. For something that’s not the typical, order up the Godzilla, stuffed with tamago, kani, cream cheese, and tempura flakes and capped off with a plump and juicy slice of unagi!

Other out-of-the-box sushi inventions here include the Fireball, filled with an overload of spicy salmon, and the Sushi Samba, made with mango, salsa, and blowtorched salmon.

Sushi Nori can be found at these locations.

7. Torch Restaurant

Whatever it is you’re craving for, you’re bound to find it at Torch. This international restaurant has American food like burgers and sandwiches, Italian fare like pasta and pizza, and Japanese cuisine like ramen and yup, sushi!

Torch Restaurant, Manila

Photo from Bernisse C.’s looloo review for Torch Restaurant

You’re not going to find traditional sushi here though. Instead, you get to munch on things like the Volcano Roll, freshly-baked sushi loaded with tempura, tamago, Japanese cucumber, and spice-baked US scallops, and the Bacon Roll, hand-rolled sushi filled with bacon, cucumber, and cheese and drizzled with teriyaki sauce!

If you’re willing to shell out a bit more, there’s the Smoked Salmon Truffle Sushi. It’s drizzled with truffle oil!

Torch Restaurant can be found at these locations.

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