Forget The Fruitcake! Bring One Of These 7 Desserts To Your Christmas Potluck Instead.


It’s the least productive time of the year! Aside from December being the time for Noche Buena and presents, it’s also the busiest season for Christmas parties, holiday get-togethers, and the general I’d-rather-eat-than-work gatherings.

On top of having to pick out the best Secret Santa presents, there’s also the added pressure of choosing what to bring to the Christmas potluck. For the love of St. Nick, please don’t bring any more holiday fruitcake!

Who likes that stuff anyway??

You’re in luck, though! We did a bit of research for you and came up with a list of possible alternative desserts that ought to impress your boss, co-workers, classmates, and family members!

1. Custaroons from The Custaroonery

Custaroons from The Custaroonery

Custaroons from Maj C’s looloo review for The Custaroonery

The Christmas season is also the season of SWEETS. Screw the diet! There’s no reason for anyone to say no to these cupcake-sized pieces of happiness in a box.

What’s a custaroon, you ask? Well it’s all the goodness of custard and macaroon in one.

We’d be a grinch if we said this wouldn’t knock the socks of your pastry-loving co-workers at the office Christmas party. Oh, and they’re also available in cheese flavor… because everyone’s tired of queso de bola by now.

2. Bocaditos from Baked by Anita

Bocaditos from Baked by Anita

Bocaditos from EJ D’s looloo review for Baked by Anita

Because the holiday season is probably the most special time of the year, it’s also about time to ditch the usual Amber’s pancit for once. Bocaditos are savory bite-sized baked treats that would probably make the perfect hors d’oeuvres for a fancy shindig at home, or as appetizers for your best friend’s pre-Christmas dinner party.

With these things coming in flavors like Wild Mushrooms with Gruyere and Truffle Oil, or Baby Spinach with French Goat Cheese and Toasted Pine Nuts, no one will dare call you “the kuripot one” this year.

3. Cookie and Milk Shots from CookieBar

Cookie Shots from CookieBar

Cookie Shots from Shae R.’s looloo review for CookieBar

If last year’s Christmas party ended up being all a blur the next day, you might want to consider laying off the tequila shots this year.

Luckily, the folks at CookieBar offer shots that are not only bound to impress at any party, but also have a 0% chance of resulting in you being reprimanded by your boss the next day for puking on the office printer.

4. Japanese Cheesecake from Green Cheese

Japanese Cheesecake from Green Cheese

Japanese Cheesecake From Jericho Konrad U.’s looloo review for Green Cheese

At the newly-opened Hole in the Wall in Century City Mall, Makati is a place that serves “The Happiest Cheesecake in the World.”

Going for light and fluffy over dense and rich, Green Cheese’s Japanese Cheesecake is probably unlike any cheesecake you had before. Some have even gone so far as calling it “What would happen if a mamon (Filipino yellow sponge cake) and a cheesecake had a baby.”

5. Revel Bars from Purple Oven

Revel Bars from Purple Oven

Revel Bars from Melody T.’s looloo review for Purple Oven

Purple Oven’s revel bars are not only a tried and tested classic, they’re also pretty darn delicious too, according to looloo reviewers.

The mix of fudge, chocolate, oats, and whatever magic dust the folks at Purple Oven sprinkle over them will save any Christmas roast-gone-wrong. Because they’re easy to order and pick up when you need them, they also make pretty cool gifts for people — they’re more or less guaranteed to put you on recipients’ “Nice” lists for next year!

6. Cereal Cookie Bars from Scout’s Honor

Cereal Cookie Bar from Scout's Honor

Cereal Cookie Bar from Russel F.’s looloo review for Scout’s Honor

Another must-visit spot from Hole in the Wall is the craft cookie shop called Scout’s Honor. Their freshly-baked and customized cookies are pretty famous here but it’s their Cereal Cookie Bars that are also widely talked about and loved by looloo reviewers. Plus they’re easy to box and take with you!

An oatmeal molasses bar (with a hint of cinnamon for that “Christmassy” taste) generously topped with buttercream and white chocolate-smothered Koko Crunch pieces and cornflakes, it’s two of our most favorite things deliciously put together: breakfast and Christmas.

7. The Original Bucky from Toby’s Estate Coffee

Original Bucky from Toby's Estate Coffee

Bucky A La Mode from Ayen P.’s looloo review for Toby’s Estate Coffee

When you bite into these small square blocks of dense and gooey chocolatey goodness, you’ll know just why the Bucky does not want to be called a brownie!

A combination of flourless cake, brownie, and fudge, the Bucky is perfect even just by itself or with a tub of vanilla ice cream. A welcome addition to the many reasons why we gain weight over the holidays.

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