7 Types Of People You’ll See At Manila Bars And Clubs


According to recent completely made-up scientific studies, the most effective sure-fire cure to a rough workweek is an ice-cold glass of beer, sometimes taken in large doses.

In this bustling metropolis, Metro Manila bars and clubs are the go-to sources for the wonder drug. Given that worktoohardinitis is rather common, be prepared to bump into more than a handful of other “patients,” much like yourself, seeking treatment.

In this list we talk about a few characters you’re likely to observe, who display similar, but at the same time, very unique symptoms of the said condition.

1. The Kids You Think Are Too Young To Be Drinking

People in Manila Bars and Clubs - Too Young

How they look when they hit the legal drinking age.

College org parties at bars and clubs have become a mainstream thing these past few years, and when you do get the chance to witness one at your favorite watering hole, you can’t help but shake your head and wonder if those lanyards hanging from their necks have high school ID cards hooked to them. With a lot of the metro’s most popular bars and clubs being around the business districts of The Fort or Makati, we wonder if parents ever bump into their kids partying… *shudders*

2. The “One Shot, Two Shot, Three Shot, FLOOR.”

People in Manila Bars and Clubs - Drunk

Be sure to get rid of photographic evidence.

There’s always gonna be that guy or girl who’ll have waaaay too much to drink. Early on in the evening they look like the life of the party, hands in the air, taking shots like their stomachs are made of steel, until they’re either A) face-down on the floor, couch, B) drunk-texting their crush or C) hanging their head over a toilet bowl.

3. The Group Of Friends TRYING To Have A Catch Up Session

People in Manila Bars and Clubs - Music Too Loud Sure, it sounds like a good idea at first: “OMG we should totally reminisce about college by partying at Hyve!” …until they realize that music blasting, people crowding, and drinks-a-flowing don’t exactly make for the best environment to talk about anything, really. They’ll try, of course, but to no avail. There’s a lot of shouting, nodding and laughing without really understanding what was just said, and sore throats the next day.

4. AFAMS And Friends

Cafe Havana, Greenbelt 3

Check out pepper.ph’s interesting piece on the infamous Cafe Havana | Photo from pepper.ph

Not that we’re generalizing or trying to be offensive in any way, but a lot of the trending bars will more often than not have at least a few AFAMs around, their “companions” in tow. Try hitting up Cafe Havana on a Friday or Saturday night sometime and you’ll see why certain places have developed a bit of a rep because of the crowds they draw in.

5. The Nagpapaka-Batang Yuppies

People in Manila Bars and Clubs - Too Old

“Yep, definitely too old for this shiz.”

These are the late-20s/early-30s guys and girls who are in denial of the fact that they’ve gone way past their drinking prime in college, as if cold beers were brewed from the fountain of youth. With untucked button-down polos and barongs, or hiked up pencil skirts, they hit up places like URBN or Raven for a night of debauchery and letting loose, crossing their fingers and hoping that they don’t bump into their bosses… or worse, their subordinates.

6. The Players And Scouts

People in Manila Bars and Clubs - Players and Scouts

“Haaaaave you met…”

No, we don’t mean pro basketball players (though at a lot of high-end places like 71 Gramercy or Privé, you’ll see them pretty often too!). Often consisting of 2-4 males, these guys are on the lookout for girls they can work their game on. They sit at the bar or stand around the corners of the club at first, scoping out the scene. They’re sometimes worth watching as they “work their magic” — it either results in a laudable pick-up, or a glorious crash and burn that’ll make for an awesome story to tell the next day.

7. The Girls-Night-Outers

People in Manila Bars and Clubs - Girls Night Out

“Triple-T-K-A… time to totally kick ass!”

If there are #6’s out there, then there are these girls… their prey of choice (at least guys think they are). Flower power from the 70’s is alive and kicking in the new millenium and these girls are proof of that. They may seem flirty and fun at first, but they could be man-killers too. They’ll take free drink offers and smile back at guys trying to hit on them… right before they shoot them down and laugh. *Cue Cindy Lauper’s Girls Just Wanna Have Fun*

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