Can’t Leave Your Pupper Behind? Here Are 8 Dog-Friendly Vacation Spots In The Philippines!


What’s the one thing you can’t leave the house without when you’re going on vacation? If you answered your dog, then you definitely need this list in your life.

ICYDK, there are a bunch of hotels and resorts in the Philippines that are dog-friendly. This means you don’t have to be sick with worry every time you’re away on a trip because your fur baby can be sitting by the pool / chilling by beach / watching the sunset right beside you!

We specifically included the ones that are accessible by car from Metro Manila so that you don’t have to worry about transportation for your precious ones.

No more sad puppy dog eyes from either you or your pupper!

1. Acuaverde Beach Resort

Acuaverde Beach Resort is loved by many mainly for its chill, quiet vibe but also because it’s so welcoming towards doggos. Chili G. confirmed this in her looloo review, saying: “Even though it’s fully booked, you won’t hear any rowdiness or whatever from the other guests. It’s also very pet friendly (pets can stay in the room!) for all the pawrents out there.”

If you think you’re going to be visiting often with your pupperoo, you might as well sign up for their Pet Loyalty Club. You get rewards, exclusive perks, and discounts!

Acuaverde Beach Resort can be found at Laiya, San Juan, Batangas.

2. Cabins by Eco Hotel

We all have our part to play in saving the environment and Cabins by Eco Hotel is obviously doing theirs. They’ve used upcycled materials for the outside of their hotel and repurposed furniture for the inside. Of course, being the nature lovers that they are, they allow dogs to come and sleep in their comfortable rooms!

Just keep in mind that they have a strict one-pet rule so you can’t bring the whole motley crew. Also, they charge ₱500 per pet, per night.

Cabins by Eco Hotel can be found at Ayala Serin Mall in Aguinaldo Highway, Eco Hotel Tagaytay, 4120 Tagaytay, Philippines.

3. Costa Pacifica

Some people go to Baler for the chill vibes and the simple, slow-paced lifestyle. But others go to Baler for Costa Pacifica. This resort is the swankiest one in town, complete with luxurious rooms, amazing pools, and a splendid view of the beach. It also happens to be a pet-friendly resort! Let’s just say the dogs that get to come here are luckier than some of us will ever be.

Photo from Wiljohn M.’s looloo review of Costa Pacifica

If you’re treating your fur baby to a luxurious stay here, just be sure to bring their vaccination records as well as a carrier or cage where they can rest in.

Costa Pacifica can be found at 80 Buton St., Baler, Aurora.

4. Crystal Beach Resort

Crystal Beach Resort is the kind of place you’d want to escape to whenever city life’s getting too much. This 8-hectare property is filled with pine trees and surrounded by water, making it the perfect venue for all sorts of outdoor activities like camping, surfing, watching the sunset, or simply chilling out and doing nothing. The best part: your dog’s allowed to come!

Photo from Unisse C.’s looloo review of Crystal Beach Resort

If you’re planning to stay the night with your pupperino, just be sure to bring a crate or cage with you as Spot won’t be allowed into the room unless you have one.

Crystal Beach Resort can be found at San Narciso, Zambales.

5. La Luz Beach Resort & Spa

La Luz, once privately owned by a family, is a charming beach resort along Laiya. It may be on the smaller side but running out of things to do here is very unlikely to happen as they offer a ton of beach activities for their guests. There’s beachminton, banana boat, diving, and even board games. You can also play fetch with your dog because canines are allowed here!

Because it’s not as big as the other beaches in Batangas, you can expect it to be more laid back. It’s the perfect destination if you want to destress with your pup!

La Luz Beach Resort & Spa can be found at Laiya, San Juan, Batangas.

6. Stilts Calatagan Beach Resort

We all need quick beach getaways every now and then, and when we do, Stilts Calatagan Beach Resort is always a reliable option. It’s a go-to for a lot of people in Metro Manila not only because of its proximity but also because of the all the options they offer. They have cabanas, open huts, cozy nooks, and pavilions so you can have a different experience each time.

Photo from Camille S.’s looloo review of Stilts Calatagan

Of course, it’s plus, plus, plus points that dogs are welcome here! Stilts is a popular getaway for families and it’s awesome that they remembered to include the cute, furry members.

Stilts Calatagan Beach Resort can be found at Calatagan, Batangas.

7. The Circle Hostel

At The Circle Hostel, the mantra is “there are no strangers”. They provide a safe and comfortable space for their guests to hang out together so that everyone eventually ends up as buddies. This goes for animals too! Their common area is open to four-legged friends which is awesome news for the humans out there who prefer the company of dogs to their own kind.

Photo from Elaine B.’s looloo review of The Circle Hostel

Their La Union, Zambales, and Baler locations all have the same artsy, hipster, laid-back vibe. Definitely check them out if you’re looking for a relaxing getaway with your pupper!

The Circle Hostel can be found at these locations.

8. The Farm at San Benito

If you’re in need of a little bit of physical and mental healing, visiting The Farm at San Benito is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Nothing rejuvenates quite like being around nature and that’s exactly what you’re going to get here! If you think your dog could use some fresh air as well, don’t hesitate to bring them along because they’re totally welcome here.

Photo from Foodcrawl P.’s looloo review of The Farm at San Benito

Take note though that you’re only allowed to bring one dog on your visit. So if you have several fur children, good luck trying to decide!

The Farm at San Benito can be found at Lipa, Batangas.

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