The 8 Most Popular Hot Chocolate Drinks In Manila


There are a few tell-tale signs that the Christmas season bug has hit Manila: If you’ve started taking your hoodies out of storage, are using the air conditioning a lot less, and if you find yourself randomly craving for a mug of good ol’ hot chocolate.

While a cup of Milo popped in the microwave for a few minutes will do the trick on occasion, the holiday season calls for something extra. Few things warm the soul (and calm weary muscles after an afternoon of gift-shopping) quite like some toasty cocoa.

Few things warm the soul (and calm weary muscles after an afternoon of gift-shopping) quite like some toasty cocoa.

The 8 Most Popular Hot Chocolate Drinks in Manila

We dug through everyone’s looloo reviews and found 8 hot chocolate drinks in Manila that’d be worth trying when your next cup of instant hot chocolate feels like it lacks an extra sprinkling of holiday magic:

8. Tsokolate Batirol at Tsoko Nut BatirolPlace’s Average Star Rating: 4.12

Batirol refers to that wooden utensil, perhaps one you’d find in your lola’s kitchen, that looks like either a miniature mace/club or some kind of cat-sized backscratcher. It’s a Filipino mixing tool that makes for extra thick, creamy, and rich hot chocolate drink. Not a lot of places still use this technique, and Tsoko Nut Batirol is one of them.

7. Frozen Hot Choco Velvet at Larcy’s CupcakeryPlace’s Average Star Rating: 3.93

Frozen Hot Chocolate - Larcy's Cupcakery

Photo from Joizy M’s looloo review for Larcy’s Cupcakery

A COLD hot chocolate. It was too much of an oddball to not include this Larcy’s favorite on the list. With the name being pretty self-explanatory (they must’ve taken hot chocolate, and then… made it cold), it’s a great way to satisfy hot cocoa cravings without ending up sweating like a pig, especially during the summer months.

6. The Angelina at La CreperiePlace’s Average Star Rating: 4.17

Named after the famous Cafe Angelina in Paris, La Creperie’s premium dessert-drink specialty is probably the closest a lot of us will get to sipping hot chocolate by the River Seine. It’s made with 60% cacao and served with whipped cream and large chocolate chips (more like chunks!), which makes for an extra-rich and truly decadent companion for the crepe you ordered alongside it.

5. Taza de Xocolat at XocolatPlace’s Average Star Rating: 4.23

Taza de Xocolat Hot Chocolate

Photo from Vinny L’s looloo review for Xocolat

Xocolat’s “rich and opulent” signature blend is probably the most popular one on their menu, but should you find yourself feeling more adventurous, they’ve got a lot more to offer. There’s the mint tea-infused Xocolat Chai, the homestyle Tablea de Xocolat, heck, even something called the Bittersweet — an option for all the vegans out there.

4. Nutella Hot Chocolate at Early Bird Breakfast ClubPlace’s Average Star Rating: 4.04

Nutella Hot Chocolate - Early Bird Breakfast Club

Photo from Jac B’s looloo review for Early Bird Breakfast Club

“To. Die. For.” says one reviewer. As with anything that’s got “Nutella” in it’s name, you’d probably be right to expect that this one’s for those that love the sweeter things in life… literally. Other reviewers have described it as “like drinking liquid Nutella.” After reading that, we can’t see why this shouldn’t be on any hot chocolate-lover’s list.

3. Hazelnut Hot Chocolate at Wildflour Cafe + BakeryPlace’s Average Star Rating: 4.09

Hazelnut Hot Chocolate - Wildflour Cafe + Bakery

Photo from Alisa B’s looloo review for Wildflour Cafe + Bakery

Much like the previous drink, Wildflour’s hazelnut-y take on the classic hot chocolate takes the idea of a dessert-drink to the next level. Some reviewers call this their “happy drink” (because really, when has sugar ever been known to make you sad?) and even go so far as to pairing it with chocolate bomboloni or two. Carlories shmalories. It’s a Nutella and chocolate match made in heaven.

2. Starbucks’ Signature Hot Chocolate at StarbucksPlace’s Average Star Rating: 4.27

Starbucks Signature Hot Chocolate

Everyone’s favorite coffee joint may be better known for their lattes and frappuccinos, but you’re doing yourself an immense disservice by not giving their Signature Hot Chocolate a try at least once. Perfect for those rainy or gloomy nights that make you want to just curl up under the covers, it’s not just delicious — it’s also less likely to keep you up until 4 in the morning when all you want to do is pass out on your bed afterwards.

1. Mary Grace Hot Chocolate at Cafe Mary GracePlace’s Average Star Rating: 4.35

Cafe Mary Grace Hot Chocolate

Photo from Barbara d’s looloo review for Cafe Mary Grace

Not only is Cafe Mary Grace the most-reviewed place on looloo when it comes to hot chocolate, the reviews talking about the drink also had the highest ratings. They serve really good hot chocolate, and there’s not much more to say other than that. Opting to leave out the bells and whistles like flavor-infusions and unusual brewing techniques, Mary Grace’s Hot Chocolate let’s the cocoa speak for itself. You’ll find no better companion for their equally-famous cheese rolls and ensaymada.

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