9 Philippine Restaurants With Clever Names (Part 2!)


There’s a saying when it comes to restaurants, that it’s all about “location, location, location.”  These days though, it takes so much more.

Of course you’ve gotta have a nice spot, good food, and great service. But for a restaurant to do well, it’s gotta have that X-factor to get people’s attention (and awesome looloo reviews!).

For the 9 places on this list, an annoyingly memorable place name seems to do the trick!

Bruce Tea296 Bonny Serrano Ave., San Juan, Metro Manila

Paying homage to martial arts master Bruce Lee, Bruce Tea is an indie tea shop in San Juan offering teas, milk teas, and snacks that may or may not be prepared using the methods of Jeet Kun Do. We’re not sure why they have a pug on their logo though. Wouldn’t a dragon be more fitting?

Hijo de PitaThe Zone, 33A Malingap St., Maginhawa, Quezon City, Metro Manila

For the sake of keeping this article kid-friendly, we’ll leave it to you guys to figure out what makes this place’s name stand out. Whether or not you get the slightly-vulgar joke behind this food joint’s monicker, you might want to give their beef pita pouches a try. Reviewers say they’re pretty good!

Lyndon’s World’s Worst Ribs and Awful ChickenRoxas Ave., Davao City, Davao del Sur

For a place that claims to have the world’s worst and/or awful food, it’s actually pretty damn good if their 5-star average rating is to be believed. First Wrong Ramen, now this place… setting the bar low with lines like “worst-ever” only to blow unsuspecting customers away with awesome food. There must really be something behind this self-deprecating marketing strategy.

Holy Crab252 Aguirre Ave., BF Homes, Parañaque, Metro Manila

This seafood-in-a-bag trend seems to be picking up a bit of steam, which makes differentiating your restaurant more important than ever. With its bright orange (maniacal-looking) crab mascot, this place hopes to get customers going “holy crab, that’s good!” with their repertoire of seafood dishes.

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Pata Queen261 JP Rizal St., San Roque, Marikina, Metro Manila

Obviously owing credit to the household name “Tapa King,” Pata Queen doesn’t quite command the pata kingdom just yet. However, it’s sure as heck to be a lot more eye-catching and memorable than that crispy pata take out joint around the corner whose name you can never remember.

Beans TalkMPB Bldg., 45 Session Rd., Baguio, Benguet

It kind of makes us wonder if the person who owns the place is named Jack, but we like the clever play on the word “beanstalk” for this one. Beans Talk is pretty popular in the Baguio area, for both their coffee, AND the pastries to go with it — reviewers love their sticky buns, yema cake, and s’mores pie!



It’s Tex-Mex meets Vegan meets… social responsibility? That is definitely something we’d call fabulous. Aside from its cutesy-clever name, Faburrito serves Mexican-Vegan fusion food that’s good for the heart, literally and figuratively. Their 3 branches have not only scored 4 to 5-star ratings for the food and service, but give 10% of the proceeds of every meal to charity. No wonder they use the hashtag #eatgoodfeelgood.

Empire Steak4 Masinsinan St. cor. Maginhawa St., Maginhawa, Quezon City, Metro Manila

The Maginhawa area has always been a bit of an oddball foodie community, so it makes sense that we’d find this place, named after New York and its iconic Empire State Building, as an addition to the list. Serving steak gyros, steak wraps, and steak rice meals, it’s a small restaurant amidst QC’s concrete jungle that ought to put you in an Empire Steak of mind!

Lord of the Wings (CLOSED)36 Maginhawa St., Maginhawa, Quezon City, Metro Manila

The place closed up shop earlier this year, but their clever name was just too good to leave off this list. It wasn’t quite enough to keep the place open unfortunately, but who knows… perhaps their wings were better suited to the tastes of hobbits, dwarves, or elves as opposed to the hungry folk over there in the Maginhawa area.

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