If You Have 3 Days In Albay, Here’s What You Should See


Travelers who love finding adventure but prefer to do so in an urban setting will love Albay. It’s a convenient place to travel and go on food trips. At the same time, you get to feel the Bicolano pride through its local delicacies and the omnipresence of Mayon Volcano.

The magnificent Mayon Volcano.

Here’s a detailed 3-day Albay tour itinerary that will help you enjoy everything this side of Bicol has to offer:

Day 1: Legazpi City Tour

Since you’ve just arrived in Legazpi City, you might want to take it slow and go on more mellow tours on your first day. Do a Legazpi City tour to find out more about the city’s history.

Peñaranda Park

A tribute to its first and visionary governor, Jose Ma. Peñaranda, Peñaranda Park is bordered by other landmarks such as the Legazpi City Hall and Cathedral of St. Gregory the Great.

Embarcadero de Legazpi

Enjoy the sea breeze from the nearby Legazpi City Port and buy locally-made souvenirs here.

Cathedral of St. Gregory the Great

Simply known as Albay Cathedral, this is one of the Philippine churches that has withstood the test of time, wars, fire, raids, and natural disasters. It is the most prominent landmark in Legazpi City.

Lotus Blu Hotel

To enjoy your 3-day stay in Albay, make sure you stay in this luxurious but inexpensive hotel located near Legazpi City. Lotus Blu Hotel is located near the bus terminal and the airport. Though it has no common amenities such as a swimming pool, it does offer comfort and accessibility that allows you to maximize your stay in the city.

1st Colonial Grill

Being the “Home of the Original Sili Ice Cream”, 1st Colonial Grill is easily the favorite part of any Albay food tour. Their sili ice cream is rated from level 1 to 3 according to its hotness. Aside from sili, there are other interesting flavors such as tinutong na bigas (toasted rice) and pili.

Photo from Foodcrawl P.’s looloo review for 1st Colonial Grill

21st Amendment

21st Amendment is designed to be a speakeasy bar. Though it’s located along the main road and is far from being hidden, its handsome bar and couches make it look like a legit 1920s bar. They have a wide selection of cocktails, beer, wine, and shots. The ambiance is classy, great for winding down and evening conversations.

Day 2: Outside-the-City Adventures

On your second day, be more adventurous by going out of Legazpi City. Each of these Albay attractions are a bit scattered over more remote areas for maximum adventure.

Sumlang Lake

Behold the view of Mayon reflected by the glassy Sumlang Lake. You can choose to cruise along in a balsa (bamboo raft) for that perfect Instagram shot.

Quitinday Green Hills

Famously dubbed as the Chocolate Hills of Bicol, you’ll need to ride through rocky roads and do a 10-minute hike to get to the top of Quitinday Green Hills. You’ll find a great view of slopes and contours that’s worth all the effort.

Quitinday Green Hills

Jovellar Underground River

Take a balsa ride inside the caves to see beautiful rock formations. Jovellar town is setting the place up to make their Underground River as popular as that of Puerto Princesa.

Ligñon Hill

Get a 360-degree view overlooking Albay as the sun sets and the city lights come alive. From here you can also spot Kapuntukan Hill, which looks like a sleeping lion, the Legazpi City airport, and various other landmarks.

Bigg’s Diner

Feel the Bicolano in this local fast food chain that has gone “bigg” in the region. The interiors of Bigg’s Diner is reminiscent of 50s diners–American-style with bikes, road signs, skateboards, and toys hanging on the walls. They have a wide array of food including spaghetti, baby back ribs, chicken, and more. For desserts, be sure to try their molten lava cake with ice cream!

Day 3: Cagsawa ATV Adventure

For your last day in the City of Fun and Adventure, be sure to drop by Cagsawa. You can find various ATV rides, souvenirs, and a picturesque view of Mayon here.

Mayon Volcano ATV adventure

Get as close as you can to the famous perfect cone volcano as you rough it out atop all-terrain vehicles. Various trails are available, which includes going down rivers and lahar. Try booking with Mayon SkyDrive ATV Adventure, which offers unique 6-in-1 combo trails, which includes exclusive trails and terrains you won’t find anywhere else.

Riding the ATV.

Cagsawa Ruins

Walking distance from the ATV spots is Cagsawa Ruins, the most prominent landmark of Albay. On a clear day, you’ll get a good shot of Mt. Mayon alongside the fallen church.

Photo from Pearl R.’s looloo review for Cagsawa Ruins

Daraga Church

The elevated stone church in Daraga is carved with various religious images from volcanic rocks coated with limestone, now artfully eroded by time and the elements. What makes it worth visiting is how the omnipresent Mayon Volcano lies unobstructed in its midst.

Daraga Church

Balay Cena Una

After visiting Daraga Church, you can have a good lunch at Balay Cena Una. The ancestral home vibes are coupled with a modern, industrial twist, making it highly Instagrammable. Plus, it’s good for big groups because of its chunky wooden tables ala old Filipino casa. Make sure to try their famous Crispy Bicol Express.

There’s so much more to discover in Albay! For more travel stories, visit http://followyouroad.com.

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