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Did you know that the Philippines has its own ‘Art Capital’? My home country certainly does, and you’ll find it in Angono, Rizal—a city filled with some of the finest galleries and museums. Aside from Angono’s remarkable artworks (which run the gamut from sculptures to paintings), you can also explore the famous murals along Doña Aurora Street (you shouldn’t miss this!)

Now, if these aren’t enough, just head to the Angono-Binangonan Petroglyphs site and be equally amazed. It’s where you will discover the oldest artworks in the Philippines. Believe me, your trip here will be worth it, as Angono is an art-lovers’ paradise!

1. Balaw-Balaw Specialty Restaurant and Art Gallery

If you want to hit two birds with one stone (like dining while admiring the many creative pieces that surround you), then I’ve got the perfect place: Balaw-Balaw Specialty Restaurant and Art Gallery. Not only does the restaurant offer some of the most delectable and exotic Filipino dishes, it also exudes a serene atmosphere filled with extraordinary artistry.

The late Perdigon Vocalan (a well-known sculptor and painter of Angono) owned the restaurant with his wife, Mrs. Luzvimin Vocalan. It’s where you will find several of Mr. Vocalan’s fine art and sculptures, as well other creations from well-loved Angono artists. You can find this artsy establishment at 16 Doña Justa Subd. Angono, Rizal.

Did you know? The Vocalans named the restaurant after a specialty dish called ‘Binurong Hipon’, which is made from fermented shrimp paste.

Balaw-Balaw Specialty Restaurant and Art Gallery can be found at 16 Doña Justa Subd. Ph. I Manila East Highway Angono, Rizal.

2. Blanco Family Museum

‘Ohana’ is what best describes the Blanco Family. Literally, no one was left behind when it came to the arts, as everyone in the family displayed their own talents and skills, evident in the paintings they displayed in their museum. The entire household knew how to express themselves creatively, a lot of their art inspired by rural life and town scenes.

Jose Pitok Blanco Painting

The family-owned museum holds paintings from the late Jose “Pitok” V. Blanco, along with other visual pieces from his seven children: Glen, Noel, Michael, Joy, John, Kaye and Peter Paul. While everyone paints, each member is different when it comes to their own techniques and choice of mediums. You can view their creations at 312 Ibañez St., Angono, Rizal. The gallery is open from 8 AM to 6 PM.

Blanco Family Museum can be found at 312 Ibañez St., Angono, Rizal.

3. Angono Street Gallery

One of the things that I love about Angono is how devoted they are to the specialties of their town (e.g. culture, arts). These have been quite evident in the city, especially along the Street Gallery by Doña Aurora Street. The art-infused pathway was creatively set up as a tribute to the magnificent works of Angono’s very own National Artists: Carlos “Botong” Francisco (muralist) and Lucio San Pedro (composer and teacher).

Angono Street Gallery

The Angono Street Gallery (along Barangay Poblacion Itaas) displays a great collection of Botong’s masterpieces that depicted rural life. These murals were carved on walls and fences and were preserved using concrete. These were also carefully executed by local artists Charlie Anorico, Gerry Batang and Ebong Pinpino. You will also find San Pedro’s famous “Sa Ugoy ng Duyan” composition (a Filipino lullaby that he co-wrote with Levi Celerio) with its own concrete fresco.

Angono Street Gallery can be found at Doña Aurora St., Angono, Rizal.

4. Carlos Botong Francisco Studio / Second Gallery

If you haven’t had enough of Botong’s works after visiting the Angono Street Gallery, just head to his house-turned-gallery, which is also along the same road. His home holds a lot of his artworks and memorabilia, which has self-portraits, mural paintings, old paintbrushes and other personal belongings (e.g. medals, awards, plaques, hats, and shoes).

Carlos Botong Francisco Gallery

While the gallery has no entrance fee, visitors who find appreciation in the late artist’s work are encouraged to spread the word about his creations to further inspire future generations.

Botong Francisco Studio / Second Gallery can be found at 217 Doña Aurora St., Angono, Rizal.

5. Angono Lakeside Park (WAWA)

Once you’re done exploring the art scene of the city, enjoy some downtime at the Angono Lakeside Park (located at A. Ibañez Street). Known to the locals as ‘Wawa’, the common ground is ideal for morning runs, afternoon bike rides, and evening walks.

You can even rent a boat and sail through the lagoon, or go over it via zip line. You’ll like it here given how serene the lake looks, especially when the sun is about to rise and set.

Angono Lakeside Park can be found at A. Ibañez St., Angono, Rizal.

6. Angono-Binangonan Petroglyphs

Believe it or not, the oldest artwork in the Philippines can be found in Rizal. Declared as a National Cultural Treasure, the Petroglyphs dates back to the late Neolithic period. Interestingly enough, it was discovered by National Artist, Carlos “Botong” Francisco.

Angono-Binangonan Petroglyphs Site

The Angono-Binangonan Petroglyphs is not just any other rock art. It’s regarded as a “highly significant cultural landmark”, as per the National Museum. It has about 127 stylized carvings of static figures, both human and animal alike.

The Petroglyphs site, which is bordered by Angono and Binangonan, requires passing through a short tunnel and doing an easy hike (around 5-minutes, depending on your pace).

Angono-Binangonan Petroglyphs can be found at Col. Guido Rd., Binangonan, Rizal.

Where To Stay

Villa Jhoana Resort

1070 Ibañez St. Carebi Subd., Brgy. San Isidro,
Angono, Rizal

+63 2 542 8975


Thunderbird Resort

Eastridge Ave.,
Binangonan, Rizal

+63 2 651 6888


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