10 Useful Travel Apps For Filipino Travelers


Long gone are the days when the Paul Therouxs of the world traveled with just a notebook, a pen and an old-school map. Nowadays, we can’t wander from one place to another without the help of technology.

There’s an app for that.

While the olden style of traveling seems more adventurous, the allure of traveling isn’t lost and is still as fulfilling as ever–only today, it has become more hassle-free thanks to mobile travel apps that deliver information at the press or swipe of our fingers. To help you achieve a smoother trip, here are some useful travel apps to use when on the road.

1. Traveloka

Traveloka is considered a one-stop travel app that’s perfect for travelers looking for affordable flight and hotel deals. It provides an easy-to-use and straightforward interface that allows you to select the cheapest available flights in and out of the Philippines and score your preferred accommodation that fits right into your budget.

This Indonesian-based company is quickly becoming the top travel booking app in Southeast Asia and for good reasons, including all-year exclusive promos on flights and hotels, partnerships with airlines and hotels providing lower rates, and cheap price alerts just to name a few. From selection to booking to payment, Traveloka definitely makes life easier for travelers who are planning and budgeting their trip.

2. Google Maps

Google Maps is a must-have app for traveling because of its extensive location information. It has mapped even the smallest side street or eskinita to help guide you if you get lost.

There are also additional information in the app for places like restaurants, establishments, and even public areas. One of Google Map’s features is the ability to save an area offline. This is particulary handy for the times when you don’t have an Internet connection.

3. TripKada

Did your friends bail on you at the last minute before a trip? Worry no more, because there is a travel app which lets you “join trips planned by travelers”.

You can think of TripKada as the Uber Pool for local travel. All you have to do is book a slot on a pre-planned trip and you get to split the travel costs as well as meet new traveler friends.

4. looloo Philippines

looloo, a mobile app and website developed in the Philippines, is best suited for the travel habits of Filipino travelers. This travel destination and establishment review app features quality evaluations written by fellow travelers and doubles up as a social networking platform.

It is very easy to browse through and read top recommendations for hotels, tourist spots, restaurants, spas, bars, sports gyms, cafes and many other places of interest. When traveling on the road, these informative reviews found on looloo will surely help you a lot.

5. Skyscanner

Skyscanner is highly recommended for your flight booking needs. The website aggregates airfares from different airlines and shows you multiple travel options for your chosen destination and travel period.

You can easily compare prices, which allows you to book the cheapest (or fastest) option available. First-time users won’t have a hard time using the website because of its user-friendly interface.

6. AirBnb

Frequent travelers sometimes find the hotel and resort environment too crowded so they seek places to stay in that evoke the feeling of home. The AirBnb app features accommodation listings mostly from private individuals who are renting out their spare rooms, houses and even summer vacation properties at affordable rates.

In most instances, they are a lot cheaper than regular hotel rates. Travelers often find the most charming and hip places to stay in AirBnb so if you want to widen your options when traveling, it’s a good app to use. Recently, the app launched AirBnb Trips which aims to provide unique travel experiences to travelers.

7. PackPoint

Most of us have traveled far and wide in the past only to realize we forgot to pack something important. Most of the time, even with the most meticulous planning, we still find ways to leave travel essentials behind. With the PackPoint app, those days are gone.

Aside from automatically checking the weather conditions in your destination, PackPoint creates a checklist of important things to bring such as a jacket for the cool climate ahead. PackPoint also prompts you to select activities you want to experience during your trip. For example, if you checked surfing, it will add watersports clothing on your list of items to pack and so on.

8. Klook

Do-it-yourself traveling will be made so much easier by the travel app Klook, which functions as a go-to-app for everything a traveler would need on the road. It has tour packages, train and bus tickets, restaurant reservations and more.

Travel writer Gael Hilotin is one of the many frequent wanderers who raves about this app, saying: “What I like about Klook is it’s not just good for booking tours, you can book pocket Wi-Fi, car rental, airport transfers, bus tickets, train tickets and even meal vouchers! Tickets and other deals are way cheaper.”

9. WithLocals

WithLocals started with a simple vision of providing travelers with a chance to “get a real taste of local culture by dining with a local”. It has since evolved to connecting both travelers and locals to hidden gems as well, whether they be a secret spot or a not-so-popular landmark.

WithLocals operates by having people sign up to become a host whom the travelers can contact or book in order to share experiences together through a cultural and culinary exploration of their local cities.

10. Tinder

Most travelers wouldn’t admit to using Tinder because of its dating app reputation. However, Tinder is actually a good platform to meet locals who can take you to the secret spots of a city.

By swiping right and matching with someone, you might just get a travel buddy who will accompany you in exploring a new city. It definitely sounds like a win-win!

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