These 5 Dishes And Desserts Are For The Avocado Lovers Of Metro Manila


Avocado probably has all the other fruits out there jealous because of the amount of attention it’s been getting lately. You can spot it on every hipster influencer’s IG feed, either sliced up and aesthetically splayed out on toast or diced up and artfully tossed into a bowl of salad.

But the avocado’s popularity is no mystery. Not only is it photogenic, but it’s also tasty, versatile, and packed with nutrition, explaining why it’s the Regina George of fruits.

If you’re into avocadoes or would like to find out what all the fuss is about, here’s where you can try out avocado dishes and desserts in the metro!

1. Bean & Yolk

Bean & Yolk may be a tiny speck in the metro’s dining scene (it’s literally a very small cafe), but they’ve made quite the impression on our taste buds. As simple as their menu might be, everything’s got egg on / in it so what’s not to love?!

Photo from Ruth S.’s looloo review of Bean & Yolk

If you love eggs AND avocado together, the Avo Toast is for you. The smashed avocado forms a creamy layer over the brioche toast and is then topped off with a sous vide egg, chili flakes, and a lemon slice. It’s an explosion of textures and flavors in the mouth!

Bean & Yolk can be found on the 2/F of Westgate Center, Alabang-Zapote Rd. cor. Filinvest Ave., Alabang, Muntinlupa, Metro Manila.

2. Farmacy Ice Cream & Soda Fountain

Designed to look like an old school ice cream parlor from the 70s, Farmacy stands out from the other dessert places in the metro. But it’s not just the cool retro vibes that’s worth visiting for. Their delicious ice cream is just as attention-worthy, made in-house with fresh ingredients!

Their selection of flavors will make it extremely difficult for you to choose but you can never go wrong with their Avocado Ice Cream. You only need to check out the looloo reviews to see just how loved it is for being rich, creamy, and not to sweet.

Farmacy can be found at these locations.

3. Lia’s Cake in Season

There may be a ton of avocado-centric desserts out there, but when it comes to cake, Lia’s Cake in Season has dibs. Their Avocado Cake was the very first of its kind to be available in the metro and it has continued to be one of their hottest sellers–and for good reason!

Photo from Clarissa P.’s looloo review of Lia’s Cake in Season

It’s a delicious layering of chiffon and avocado cream and dusted off with crushed pistachios. Clarissa P. confessed her love for this cake in her looloo review, saying: “It was like eating freshly mashed avocado with whipped cream and a little condensed milk! So yummy!”

Lia’s Cake in Season can be found at these locations.

4. Museum Cafe

If you love Asian food, Museum Cafe’s menu will have you drooling. Skilled in taking traditional flavors and infusing them with modern twists, you get to dig into dishes that are exciting but also familiar. Their sweet treats, like the Ultimate Avocado Crush, shouldn’t be missed either!

Photo from Jayson J.’s looloo review of Museum Cafe

This Asian-inspired dessert is made up of avocado pudding, avocado ice cream, queso, sago, and pomelo shreds. In his looloo review, Jayson J. mentioned how he was absolutely blown away by this creation, highly recommending it to all avocado enthusiasts out there.

Museum Cafe can be found at these locations.

5. Providore

Providore, a coffee bar and bistro, entices customers with its drool-worthy entrees and desserts. But as hard as it may be to order greens when there’s pasta, salpicao steak, and kare-kare on the menu, you’ll regret it if you pass up on the Providore Salad!

Photo from Angela Marie C.’s looloo review of Providore

The star of this salad bowl are the sizeable chunks of fresh avocado that add creaminess and a touch of sweetness to the dish. Along with the avocados are bacon, bleu cheese, cranberries, walnuts, and arugula, all topped off with an addicting buttermilk ranch dressing.

Providore can be found at these locations.

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