The Cheese Tarts From BAKE Are So Good You’re Going To Want To Give Them Out To Everyone


When someone close to you is coming home from a Japan trip, you know it’s time to get ~real~ excited. Because that means you’re getting pasalubong! And there’s nothing more fun than eating your way through a pile of tasty Japanese snacks.

Well, did you know that you can give someone that same kind of excitement without having to go to Japan? Just gift them with irresistible BAKE Cheese Tarts! Yup, this Hokkaido cult favorite is now in Metro Manila so go share some boxes and and make lots of people happy!

Gift someone with BAKE Cheese Tarts and they’ll love you forever!

In case you didn’t know, BAKE Cheese Tarts are real big in Japan. So big that around 35 million cheese tarts are sold per year! Founder Shintaro Naganuma settled for nothing but perfection when it came to formulating his recipe and his years of hard work paid off.

His creation has come to be known as The Best Cheese Tart Ever, now being sold in countries like Hong Kong, Thailand, South Korea, Singapore, and most recently the Philippines!

So what exactly makes a BAKE Cheese Tart so darn delicious? For starters, the filling is a rich blend of four different cheeses, three of which are from Japan and the other from France!

As for the crust that holds the precious cheese mousse together, it’s double baked which explains its signature golden brown hue. Made only with the best ingredients from Hokkaido and baked fresh every day, even the foodie with the most sophisticated palate will find themselves unable to stop at just one bite of this pastry.

If you’ve never tasted a BAKE Cheese Tart before and you’re wondering what all the fuss is about, here’s the lowdown. Digging into one is quite the heavenly experience!

The crust crumbles like a cookie in the mouth, its crunch and sweetness reminiscent of a butter cookie. It only gets better as you munch your way to the cheese tart’s center where all the magic is—it’s almost like biting into a creamy cloud! The filling manages to be airy yet rich at the same time, giving the mouth plenty to marvel at.

The cheese flavor is definitely present but comes to you as a subtle hint rather than being all up in your face. The crust and the cheese filling together is perfection!

If all that sounds good to you, grab a box or two of BAKE Cheese Tarts and give them out to your family and friends! They can be enjoyed as dessert or merienda, whether freshly baked, refrigerated, frozen, or warmed.

As a bonus, they come in the most attractive packaging you’ll ever see! These bright yellow boxes are layered (the bottom layer pulls out like a drawer) and compartmentalized so that the cheese tarts are well-protected as you transport them. This way, they’ll still be as perfect as ever when you give them as a gift.

You can come get some from their flagship store in The Podium, Mandaluyong as well as their newest location in Power Plant Mall, Makati.

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