Baler For The Non-Surfer


Baler is not just famous for having killer waves, it’s also said to actually be the birthplace of surfing in the Philippines.

Sounds like heaven on Earth for surfers and sports enthusiasts but if you’re not too keen on riding waves… you might end up taking Baler out of your travel list.

But don’t be deceived. Even without a surfboard, Baler will prove to be a good weekend spot if you’re looking for adventure.


Here’s a list of things the non-surfer can do instead:

See The Famous Mother Falls (Ditumabo Falls)

Ditumabo Mother Falls Baler

Photo by Chad M

Located in Barangay Ditumabo, San Luis, they say a trip to Baler isn’t complete without visiting Mother Falls.

An hour-long trek through fairly flat terrain that includes crossing small rivers will get you face-to-face with the tallest waterfall in Aurora Province. It won’t be an easy trek especially with the slippery rocks but the reward of seeing the majestic falls afterwards will make up for the challenging journey.

Standing at 140 feet, Ditumabo Falls offers clear and cold water out of its 30-meter wide basin. You can either swim and brave the impact of the water behind your back or just relax, sitting on stones while getting soothed by its sound.

Admire The Rock Formations At Lukso-Lukso Islets


Photo by Joel Alarilla

It’s no surprise how Lukso Lukso Islets makes it to visitors’ list of favorite Baler spots.

With rock formations ranging in size, Lukso Lukso Islets makes it look like you can hop around the area through the small (but sharp) rocks surrounding the islets. Considering “lukso” is Tagalog for “hop,” it’s easy to figure out how it got its name.

Aside from attempting to hop on rocks, what you’ll mostly find yourself doing is taking a whole lot of photos because of its breathtaking views you can see at any angle.

Climb The Millennium Balete Tree

30 minutes away from Baler is what’s said to be the largest Balete tree in Asia. And you can climb it.

You’ll need both upper body strength and a good dose of courage for this one as there are no safety harnesses available. There are two options in this challenging 60-foot ascent, either inside the tree where you will squeeze your way in, or outside where you’ll be constantly reminded of how high you’ve already gone.

How To Get There

By Car: From Manila take North Luzon Expressway and exit at SCTEX entering La Paz, Tarlac toll gate. Follow the highway going to Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija that will lead you to the Aurora border leading to Baler.

By Bus: Genesis Transport Bus provides the only direct route from Manila to Aurora, Baler.

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