9 Beaches In Batangas Perfect For The Beach Bum


Who says you have to wait all the way until summer to go to the beach? When you have as many beaches as the Philippines does, any day is perfect for that beach trip! And if you’re looking for a place close to Metro Manila with stunning, picturesque beaches, you need not look any further than Batangas.

There are so many options in Batangas to choose from and we’re listing down 9 places you can check out! From soft, white sand beaches to those with rocky, ragged shores, we’re sure that you’ll find the perfect beach for you!

1. Laiya, San Juan

No rundown of beaches in Batangas will ever be complete without San Juan, specifically a barangay called Laiya Aplaya.

While it may not be as popular as Nasugbu or Anilao, the white sand beach of Laiya Aplaya (or Laiya for short) has built a loyal following among beach lovers. In fact, if you’re looking for a beach with a wide array of resorts to choose from that does not get overcrowded, Laiya is a place you should definitely go for.

Laiya Beach, Batangas

Laiya Beach, Batangas

If you feel like doing more than just swimming while in Laiya, the resorts offer water sports and activities that you’ll surely enjoy!

And if you think that those are just limited to hiring a boat to visit other resorts and coves, kayaking, and other activities such as banana boat and flying fish rides, Laiya is actually one of the underrated scuba diving and snorkeling spots in the country! Up for a challenging adventure? Try hiking up the nearby Mount Daguldol!

Commuters’ Guide to Laiya:

Commuting to Laiya is very straightforward! Head to an ALPS Bus terminal nearest you (there’s one in Cubao and another in Alabang) and take a bus with a direct trip to San Juan. Once you get there, look for the municipal hall, and ride a jeepney bound for Laiya.

You can also get to Laiya through Lipa! Ride any Lipa-bound bus from Cubao, Kamuning, or Pasay and once you get to the bus terminal in Lipa, take a jeepney to San Juan! Upon reaching the municipal hall, you’ll find jeepneys that will take you to Laiya!

Some resorts you’ll find in Laiya, Batangas:

2. Calatagan

Without a doubt, Calatagan is one of Batangas’ popular destinations. While the Cape Santiago Lighthouse and Calatagan Mangrove Forest Conservation Park bring in their fair share of tourists, expect to find local and foreign beach lovers alike in its beautiful beaches.

Cape Santiago Lighthouse, Calatagan, Batangas

Photo from Ronith Jazel D.’s looloo review for Cape Santiago Lighthouse

Nano Beach and Ivory Beach are just two in the the long stretch of beaches you’ll find in Calatagan and whether you’re going on a day trip or staying for a weekend or more, each beach has resorts you can stay in.

From rooms on stilts right above the water to comfortable, private casas, you will surely find the right one that suit your needs and budget.

Burot Beach, Calatagan, Batangas

Photo from Elaine B.’s looloo review for Burot Beach

Commuters’ Guide to Calatagan:

Buses that will take you to Calatagan can be found in terminals in Pasay, Lawton, Cubao, and Alabang. When you arrive, you can ride a tricycle to take you to your chosen resort. It’s that easy!

Some resorts you’ll find in Calatagan, Batangas:

Puesto Del Sol

+63 915 988 8011


3. Nasugbu

When you think of beaches in Batangas, chances are the first place that will come to mind is Nasugbu. Famous for its picturesque location where the rugged mountains meet pristine, white sand shores and clear blue waters, Nasugbu was declared a Special Tourism Zone in 2007 by then-president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

Tali Beach, Nasugbu, Batangas

Photo from Josette P.’s looloo review for Tali Beach

Its numerous coves are a popular attraction among tourists and many private resorts are located in them so you can enjoy what they have to offer. If you’re staying somewhere else, there’s no need to worry!

Resorts offer cove and island tours for their guests so make sure to take advantage of the opportunity! If island hopping isn’t your cup of tea, you can go snorkeling, diving, or even trekking! The nearby Mount Batulao and Mount Pico de Loro are perfect for hiking!

Mt. Batulao, Nasugbu, Batangas

Photo from Mitzi B.’s looloo review for Mt. Batulao

Commuters’ Guide to Nasugbu:

Buses bound for Calatagan are usually found in Pasay, Buendia, and Cubao. Once you arrive at the town proper, you’ll find numerous tricycles that will take you to your destination in Nasugbu!

Some resorts you’ll find in Nasugbu, Batangas:

Pico Sands Hotel

+63 2 464 7800 / +63 2 464 7888



4. Anilao, Mabini

For those who want to see and experience what nature has to offer those who head below sea level, Anilao is the place to head to for your next trip. One of the most popular diving destinations in the country, its location at the Calumpang Peninsula and near the Verde Island Passage assures divers of a rich and diverse marine life.

Freediving in Anilao

Photo from Valerie Faye B.’s looloo review for Anilao

Want to give diving a try? Resorts in Anilao usually have dive centers so for those who want to learn scuba diving, they’re the best place to start. If you’re looking for other things to do, there’s island hopping, windsurfing, and even hiking!

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Commuters’ Guide to Anilao:

Get on a bus that’s heading for Batangas City (you’ll find them in Buendia or Cubao!) and make sure to get off at the Batangas City Bus Terminal. From there, ride a jeepney bound for Mabini. Go down at the Anilao Port where you can hire a tricycle to take you to your resort!

Some resorts you’ll find in Anilao, Mabini, Batangas:

5. Tingloy

A trip to Tingloy is nothing short of an adventure. This town is actually an island in the southern part of Batangas found between the mainland of the province and Mindoro! If you’re coming from Anilao and you want to explore even more, it’s easy to rent a boat to take you to the beaches of Tingloy!

Despite its close proximity to widely popular diving destination, Tingloy’s beaches aren’t as crowded, making it a perfect option for those who want relative seclusion and less noise when vacationing and diving.

Masasa beach is a good place to start if it’s your first time visiting the town but don’t miss out on the chance to check out its multiple islands and islets. Sombrero Island. Caban Island, and Maricaban Island are just some of them!

Commuters’ Guide to Tingloy:

The route that will take you to Tingloy is generally the same as the one that will take you to Anilao. But as what you might’ve already guessed, your journey doesn’t end at Anilao Port!

Instead, you have to ride another boat that will take you from Anilao Port to Tingloy Port. Upon arrival, you’ll find tricycles that will take you to your chosen destination!

Where you can stay in Tingloy, Batangas:

Unlike the other beach destinations you’ve read about so far, camping is generally the way to go when in Tingloy, especially in Masasa Beach. There are few places on the islands of Tingloy offering rooms for rent so you can also opt for homestays or spending the night at the nearby Anilao.

6. Lobo

Many beaches in and outside of Batangas are known and loved for their white sand and some places in Lobo count themselves as part of that list.

But if you’re looking for something different and more ragged, you can also find beautiful rocky beaches or those with coarse, light brown sand in this part of the town. If softer, feet-friendly beaches are what you’re after, head to the ones in Barangay Fabrica. On the other hand, the beaches of Barangay Malabrigo are where you should go for stone-filled shores.

Other places with wonderful coastlines include Olo-olo, Soloc, and Sawang. Barangay Sawang, in particular, is where you’ll find Submarine Garden. Declared as a fish sanctuary by the local government, Submarine Garden is home to living corals that are not too far away from the shore. Try seeing them in the morning when there’s low tide!

Commuters’ Guide to Lobo:

Hop onto a bus bound for Batangas Pier, which you’ll normally find in the Buendia-Taft area, and make sure to go down at the Grand Terminal. From there, ride a Batangas City-Balagtas jeep. Go down at the Lobo Terminal where you can take another jeepney into the town.

Some resorts you’ll find in Lobo:

7. Lian

When in Lian, it’s no surprise that one of the places beach lovers head to is the famous Matabungkay Beach. In fact, Matabungkay has enjoyed decades-worth of popularity for its white sand beaches that were said to be discovered by Germans who resided in the country.

Today, one of the trademark sights of Matabungkay are the the floating rafts (also known as balsa) and a floating raft festival is even held every May 18.

But if you think that Matabungkay is the only piece of paradise that this fishing town offers its tourists, you’re about to learn differently. Lian is also home to the San Diego Beach, which counts a mangrove plantation as its popular tourist destination, Lumaniag Beach, another diving site, and Matuod Beach.

Commuters’ Guide to Lian:

Buses and even vans bound directly for Lian are usually found in Pasay.

Some resorts you’ll find in Lian:

Coral Beach Club

+63 917 901 4635 / +63 919 822 0383



8. Isla Verde, Batangas City

The Verde Island Passage is undoubtedly one of the busiest places in the country. One of the most important fishing routes in the country, the Verde Island Passage connects the ports of Manila, Subic, and Batangas. A lot of our country’s fishermen also rely on it for a living.

But the flourishing of life and activity doesn’t only happen above sea level. Under the sea, the Verde Island Passage is also teeming with marine life. The presence of a wide variety of species, including whale sharks, sea turtles, and living, colorful corals, has turned it into a diving haven.

If you want to spend a day or two (or more) exploring what the Verde Island Passage has to offer, Isla Verde is the best place to do it in. Amidst all the seemingly busy activities lies this quiet and pristine island surrounded by cool, clear, unpolluted waters, making it one of the top options for divers and regular beachgoers a like. Don’t forget to check out Mahabang Buhangin, Isla Verde’s own stretch of white sand beaches that is one kilometer long!

Commuters’ Guide to Isla Verde:

Ride any busy that will bring you to Batangas City and have yourself dropped off at the Batangas City Grand Terminal. From there, you can take a tricycle to Tabangao Aplaya. This is where you’ll find the boats that will take you to Isla Verde. Make sure to leave Manila early so as not to miss the boats!

Where to stay in Isla Verde:

There are only a handful of resorts on Isla Verde. The most well-known of which is Isla Verde Tropical Friendly Resort. There are also homestays available on the island.

9. Bauan

It’s said that Bauan got its name from the word bauang, which means concealed, rugged mountains. Without a doubt, the name suits this Batangas town that was once a barrio of a taal. But more than concealed mountains, there are other hidden gems in Bauan that you might not know about.

Among the barangays in Bauan, many of the resorts are located in Barangay San Juan. But if you’re looking for a hidden gem that not many people know of, head to Sampaguita Beach and let the clear blue-green waters and powdery sand of the beach backdropped by the tall mountains of Bauan take your breath away. You can also find beaches in other barangays such as Orense, Santo Domingo, and Locloc.

Commuters’ Guide to Bauan:

Take any bus that can bring you to Batangas City. From the Batangas City Terminal, ride a jeep to Bauan.

Some resorts you’ll find in Bauan:

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