BLK 513 Has New Stores And A New Kind Of Frozen Yogurt


If you want to know how to revive a dying trend and make it even cooler than it was before, BLK 513 should know a thing or two about that.

Because right when you thought the frozen yogurt craze was about to bite the dust, this local company had the genius idea of enhancing froyo with activated charcoal, thus recapturing the attention of Metro Manila’s foodies.

BLK 513, SM Megamall

Photo from Mary Margaret M.’s looloo review for BLK 513

While the dark color of their frozen yogurt is enough to pique anyone’s interest, what’s really fascinating is the amount of #DarkSkimDetox benefits you get from eating a cup (so much more than you would from usual yogurt!) And the fact that you get to add fresh fruits as well as crunchies and handcrafted sauces to it makes this healthy treat incredibly fun to polish off.

For those who have been BLK 513 fanatics since day one, you’ll be glad to know that they’re opening up two new stores–­­one to cater to the Northerners and the other to the Southerners!

But that’s not all you need to keep a lookout for.

Two bigger stores and a wider menu await BLK 513 customers

At their takeaway stall in SM Megamall, people have gotten used to buying their Dark Skim frozen yogurt, maybe taking a picture or two of their Insta­-worthy creation, and then leaving.

But in BLK 513’s new, bigger branches in SM North Edsa and S Maison at Conrad Manila, SM Mall of Asia Complex, you get to hang around for a lot longer because there are more tables and chairs to accommodate customers. You can take your time framing the perfect shot to share on social media (their new stores are just as Insta­genic as the first one!) and savoring every mouthful of your Dark Skim frozen yogurt.

Aside from the addition of two stores, you’ll find that BLK 513 also has a bunch of new items on the menu. You can now have Homemade S’mores with dairy-free dark chocolate and Ultimate Vegan Brownies as your crunch of choice.

BLK 513's New Crunchies

BLK 513’s New Crunchies: Valrhona Vegan Granola (left) and Vegan Brownies (right)

As for your sauce, you get to have your frozen yogurt drizzled with indulgent toppers like Mango Tropic and Peanut Butter Pie! Inspired by popular desserts, all their crunchies and sauces were created to add just the right amount of naughtiness to your healthy cup of froyo.

Now onto the biggest news yet:

BLK 513 is now serving a new kind of frozen yogurt …and it’s not black!

Called the Super Skim, it’s their version of white frozen yogurt sans the sour flavor, making it perfect for those who like their desserts sweet. While it may seem closer to ice cream in taste and texture, don’t get it twisted because it’s still healthy and loaded with #SuperSkimPerks! It’s a nutritious, energizing snack and a gratifying dessert all in one cup.

BLK 513 Super Skim Yogurt

BLK 513’s New Frozen Yogurt (from left to right): Super Skim Frozen Yogurt with Ultimate Vegan Brownies, Super Skim Frozen Yogurt with Oreo Pie, Super Skim Frozen Yogurt with Valrhona Vegan Granola

What makes both the Dark Skim and Super Skim different from other froyo offerings in the country is the kind of active culture that’s in them. The live bacteria are only activated once they’re inside the body, making sure you get to absorb all nutrients before they die. They’re also low fat, low calorie, gluten free, and have low glycemic indexes.

Here’s an exclusive tip for looloo readers and reviewers: BLK 513 is giving away free Dark Skim and Super Skim cups to the first 200 customers to visit their two new branches on their official opening days. So be sure to come early!

BLK SM North EDSA will open on September 8, 2016 while the S Maison MOA Complex will open on the first week of October, 2016!

To complete your BLK 513 experience, be sure to try out their new Vegan Valrhona Cookies, Vegan Valrhona Granola To-Go packs, as well as their Raw Coco Cacao and Matcha Skim bottled dessert drinks, too!

Use this hashtag to show off your dark lips!

If you’ve ever finished a cup of BLK 513’s Dark Skim frozen yogurt, you’d know that they (temporarily) turn your lips black.

BLK 513 #DarkSkimLippie

BLK 513 #DarkSkimLippie (Left to right: Ida Anduyan, Jaz Reyes, and Tracy Abad)

But before you let the color completely disappear, be sure that you and friends take selfies first and upload your pictures on social media with the hashtag #DarkSkimLippie! Thanks to Kylie Jenner and her signature dark pout, this look is now totally in!

For more information on BLK 513 and their new stores and products, check out their Facebook and Instagram pages.

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