10 Reasons Why You Should Add The Bojo River Cruise To Your Cebu Itinerary


Bojo River is the jewel of Aloguinsan, a quiet municipality located in Western Cebu. The river is one of the best eco-tourism destinations in Cebu. It is a prime example of how a fishing and farming community can instigate a sustainable tourism project.

A cruise along the river is a must if you plan to visit Aloguinsan. The Bojo River cruise is not only relaxing, but you will actually learn a lot from it too. Think of it as a Biology and Social Studies field trip rolled into a tourism package!

Check out why the Bojo River Cruise should be a part of your itinerary if you’re visiting Cebu:

1. It is one of the last clean and undisturbed rivers in Cebu.

Many of Cebu’s rivers have been drained, quarried, or polluted, but not Bojo River. If you want to see a real, virgin, and pristine river, then you should check out Bojo River.

Clean Bojo River in Cebu

As a source of tourism and livelihood as well as an important waterway, Bojo River is protected by the local government and the locals. You won’t see an ounce of trash there.

2. It is accessible, and getting there is effortless.

To get to Bojo River, simply take a bus bound for Toledo City at the Cebu South Bus Terminal. Once you reach the bus terminal in Toledo City, ride a jeepney that goes to the town of Aloguinsan. Alternatively, there are minibuses that go directly to the town of Aloguinsan.

At the town, ask a habal-habal (motorcycle for hire) to take you to the entrance of Bojo River. From there, just take a short hike to the visitor’s center.

3. The river is managed by the Bojo Aloguinsan Ecotourism Association (BAETAS).

With an official and accredited entity being in charge of the river, you are assured of a properly organized tour. BAETAS have proper procedures and standardized prizes are in place.

Bojo River in Cebu

4. You help the local community.

You are required to pay for tour services. However, rest assured that the money goes a long way.

Bojo River, Cebu

It goes to the local fishermen who maintain the river, providing them extra income during off-season. Because they have an alternative source of money, they no longer need to use illegal and destructive methods to catch fish. In other words, your money helps a family and protects the environment.

5. You will experience the legendary Cebuano hospitality.

Filipinos, and particularly Cebuanos, are world-renowned for their preternatural hospitality and friendliness. In Bojo River, you will experience these traits firsthand. Administrators and local guides will go out of their way to ensure you’ll have a great time during your tour. The locals who are most likely doing their daily grind will smile and wave at you as you pass by them during your cruise.

Bojo River, Aloguinsan, Cebu

Also, if you take certain packages other than the basic tour, the BAETAS crew can prepare a sumptuous and healthy Cebuano feast for you. While you’re enjoying your meal, locals will serenade you with traditional music and folk songs. How cool is that!

6. You learn a lot about river systems and mangroves.

The local fishermen themselves act as guides, which is excellent as they know the place like the back of their hand. Supplemented with a comprehensive training program, these guides are like biology teachers!

Bojo River, Cebu

They explain why the river’s water is brackish, what the roles of mangroves are in the river’s ecosystem, how fish from the sea head towards the river to spawn, and more. Believe it or not, they even know the genders and scientific names of different mangrove species!

7. The scenery is absolutely stunning.

As you cruise along the Bojo River, you will marvel at beautiful vistas of green hills, lofty mountains, rich mangrove forests, and towering limestone cliffs.

Bojo River Cruise in Cebu

However, these are just warm-ups. Nothing will prepare you for a totally breathtaking view as your banca approaches the highlight of the tour, a canyon that serves as a postcard-perfect gateway to Tañon Strait.

8. Swimming is allowed.

If the day is scorchingly hot and you’re feeling sweaty, then just dive in!

Swimming in Bojo River, Cebu

You can swim in the cool, clear water at the mouth of the river.

9. Take a peek at Algouinsan’s rich coral reef.

The exit of Bojo River is part of a huge coral reef and marine sanctuary that stretches along the entire coastline of Aloguinsan. Grab your mask and snorkel, and enjoy the rich biological city right underneath you.

10. There are more activities than just the Bojo River tour.

Don’t leave yet after your river cruise. There are more activities in store for you! You can walk along a wooden boardwalk which leads to an uphill trail. At the end of that trail is a cool platform and a viewing deck that provides an encompassing view of the river and the surrounding area.

If that is not enough, you can visit other sights in Aloguinsan, such as Hermit’s Cove, Aloguinsan Farm House, Baluarte Park, Hidden Beach, and more. All of these are in close proximity of the Bojo River.

Important Information

  • For bookings and more information, kindly call +6 332 469 9042/ +63 997 371 5698/ +63 933 120 9480 or message the Aloguinsan Toursim Office through their Facebook Page.
  • Before you head out to Bojo River and other tourist spots of Aloguinsan, you need to visit and register at the Aloguinsan’s tourism office. The LGU has decided to centralize the process, to monitor the tourists and to protect these natural treasures. This rule has been effective since March 2016.
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