Boulangerie 22 Stuffs Milky Bread With Gooey, Stretchy Cheese And It’s To Die For


There are two major groups of people in this world–those who don’t like cheese (but why???) and those who can’t get enough of it. Knowing the different types of cheeses better than you know yourself is one sign that you fall under the latter category. And so is not being able to pick a favorite kind because you like them all too much!

If cheese is the love of your life, you need to try out all the melty, gooey, stretchy things this one bakery in the metro has up its sleeve. Taking their expertise in baking bread and combining that with copious amounts of cheese, they’ve come up with new items on their menu that can send any cheese lover’s eyeballs rolling back into their sockets.

Boulangerie22: high quality but affordable breads, pastries, and cakes for Filipinos

As fancy as Boulangerie22 sounds, there’s no need to feel intimidated because the posh name is simply their way of paying homage to French baking. After all, they’ve been greatly inspired by the quality and freshness of the goodies you’ll find in France.

Boulangerie22, Manila

Photo from EJ B.’s looloo review for Boulangerie22

If anything, you should feel at ease at Boulangerie22 because the price tags in this bakery are of the friendly kind. It’s their number one goal to provide Filipinos with top-of-the-line baked treats that you can enjoy without having to splurge.

So go ahead and grab that piece of buttery pastry you’ve been drooling over or that tempting slice of cake you’ve been staring at!

While the name Boulangerie22 is as French as it gets, there’s so much more to find here than just croissants and pain au chocolat. Filling their racks with baked goods from countries all over the world like Japan, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, and USA, you can help yourself to different flavors and textures in this global bakery.

And because twenty two is their favorite number, they’ve made it their mission to create twenty two international variants of everything, from pastries, to breads, to cakes!

Three new cheesy items on the menu you need to sink your teeth into

As if having twenty-two kinds of each baked good isn’t wide enough of a selection, Boulangerie22 has added three more items on the menu. And they’re all generously stuffed with cheese!

Boulangerie22's Holy Cheesus

Photo from Midz S.’s looloo review for Boulangerie22

There’s the Holy Cheesus, indulgent bread that oozes with three different kinds of cheeses. The melt-in-your-mouth cheddar is responsible for the rich flavor of the Holy Cheesus while the mozzarella’s stringy texture makes this creation incredibly fun to bite into. There’s parmesan in there too to lend a nutty aftertaste, making every bite that much more interesting.

All of that is bundled up inside Japanese-style fermented dough that’s made with 84% French butter. This thing comes out of the oven all golden, toasty, and irresistible!

Boulangerie22's Holy Cheesus

Photo from Ruth S.’s looloo review for Boulangerie22

If you want to take things to another level, the Holy Cheesus has a hotter, spicier brother and it’ll set your mouth on fire! The Holy Hot Cheesus is made with the same combination of cheeses but the addition of this one ingredient makes all the difference–jalapeno!

The spicy kick cuts through the richness of the trio of cheeses, creating an addicting sensation in your mouth that’s hard to resist. You might want to order something from the drinks section to go with your Holy Hot Cheesus though!

Nathaniel Uy of The Hungry Chef

Nathaniel Uy of The Hungry Chef

For those with a more sophisticated palate, you’ll find that the Holy Blue Cheesus is the right match for your taste buds. Adding perfectly cured and aged blue cheese to the original Holy Cheesus recipe, you get to enjoy little pockets of sharp and salty flavors as you polish every morsel off (tear the bread in half and stretch out the cheese to see all the blue bits!)

If you’re not a fan of moldy cheese, you might still want to try this one out because the milky, buttery bread is great at toning down the powerful flavors of the blue cheese.

Boulangerie22, Manila

Photo from EJ B.’s looloo review for Boulangerie22

For more information on Boulangerie22 and everything it has to offer, check out their website or their Facebook Page!

Boulangerie22 can be found at these locations.

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