5 Places in Metro Manila Where You Can Get Brown Sugar Drinks


Do you remember what it’s like to not have milk tea anywhere? No? We can’t either. It seems like it’s here to stay too, especially since milk tea places keep coming up with new flavors to entice us with.

Take the latest milk tea trend for example. We’re sure that you’ve seen Taiwan’s Tiger Milk Tea at least once on Facebook or Instagram. It’s just so picture-perfect but it’s actually not a complicated drink at all! Black tea, fresh milk, and boba pearls are mixed with brown sugar syrup, which creates that tiger look you’ve seen in pictures. It’s so Instagram-worthy and tastes so good that the hype in Taiwan became real really fast. And now it’s here in Manila!

For this rundown, we list all the places where you can get brown sugar milk tea in the metro. But that’s not all you’ll get! There’s also a latte in the mix for those who aren’t big fans of milk tea, as well as a twist on our classic favorite taho!

1. Happy Lemon

When you think of milk tea here in the metro, one of the names that will surely come to mind is Happy Lemon. It’s no surprise because it’s been eight years since this Hong Kong brand first reached our shores!

While Happy Lemon will always be known for its Rock Salt and Cheese series, it also has its own take on the Tiger Milk Tea! The brown sugar syrup is swirled around the cup when you order so you’re sure to get a richer flavor with every sip!

Happy Lemon can be found at these locations.

2. Yi Fang Taiwan Fruit Tea

Opened just last year, Yi Fang Taiwan Fruit Tea is one of the newest milk tea franchises we have here in the metro. Yi Fang takes pride in using fresh ingredients and no preservatives, which makes its popular fruit teas an instant hit among foodies!

Photo from Herl C.’s looloo review of Yi Fang

But if you’d rather stick to milk tea when you drop by Yi Fang, go for the Brown Sugar Pearl Tea Latte! “The milk tea looks really good. You can see each layer of the drink,” FoodventuresByFrapao T. says in her looloo review. “I loved their milk tea and their pearls are really soft and small.”

Speaking of the pearls, Reich T. notes in her looloo review that they’re exactly the same as the ones in Taiwan! “Soft and chewy always win me over,” she says. “Let us celebrate that the pearls are awesome, yeah?”

Yi Fang Taiwan Fruit Tea can be found at these locations.

3. Gong Cha

Believe it or not, Gong Cha’s brown sugar drinks have been part of the regular menu for the longest time. There are actually two you can choose from: the Brown Sugar Milk Tea and the Gong Cha Milk Brown Sugar Black Tea.

Photo from Jomarie A.’s looloo review of Gong Cha

“Unexpected” is how Keysi Eats P. describes the Gong Cha Milk Brown Sugar Black Tea. “I thought it’d be boring and just taste sweet,” she says in her looloo review. “But you can actually taste the tea in there.” On the other hand, Jomarie A. tried the Brown Sugar Milk Tea and called the caramel taste of the brown sugar “enjoyable” in her looloo review.

Gong Cha can be found at these locations.

4. Serenitea

Serenitea brings us not one, not two, but four delicious drinks as part of their Brown Sugar Series! Leading the bunch is a twist on everyone’s favorite taho, the Brown Sugar Taho! It’s made up of chilled taho, brown sugar-flavored ice, and of course, the pearls. In her looloo review, Haidee C. calls the Brown Sugar Taho “amazing” and says she will definitely buy it again.

Staying true to the Tiger Milk Tea recipe, Serenitea makes use of fresh milk (from Holly’s no less!) in its Brown Sugar with Holly’s Fresh Milk offering. Want to add a little more oomph to this? Go for the Brown Sugar Frost with Holly’s Fresh Milk, which is topped off with Serenitea’s signature cheese frost and muscovado sugar!

If none of these are your cup of tea, try the Brown Sugar Grass Jelly. It’s milk tea mixed with brown sugar ice, pearls, and cream. Sounds so good, right!

Serenitea can be found at these locations.

5. Black Scoop Cafe

If there’s one place that looks ready to push the envelope when it comes to desserts, it has to be Black Scoop Cafe. It’s already making its rounds in social media with its Milk Tea Soft Serve that comes in four different flavors and is served with pearls!

When it comes to drinks, Black Scoop’s selection deserves its share of the limelight, especially with its Brown Sugar Latte! In her looloo review, Aira A. says she “instantly tasted the brown sugar” when she took her first sip. “It was good and blended well.”

Black Scoop Cafe can be found at 101 Maginhawa St., Diliman, Quezon City.

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