Need An Energy Boost That’ll Last All Day? Try Adding Butter In Your Coffee!


If you literally can’t find it in yourself to function like a proper human being in the morning without having coffee first, then congratulations, you are officially hooked!

Buzzfeed Coffee

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But no matter how dependent we are on caffeine, we’ve all been let down by our cup of Joe at one point or another. It’s no fun getting tricked into thinking you’re in the best mood of your life, only to crash and burn thirty minutes later.

Enter Bulletproof Coffee.

Bulletproof Coffee

Bulletproof Coffee. Is it really effective?!

Not only does it claim to give you superhuman energy and focus throughout the ENTIRE day, but it also promises to get rid of annoying cravings and trigger weight loss. What is this magical drink and how do we make it?!

Coffee + Butter + Oil = Bulletproof Coffee

We’d never think to mix coffee, butter, and oil together but fortunately, Bulletproof Coffee founder Dave Asprey did the experimenting for us and discovered the winning formula!

Dave Asprey

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Before you get that stick of butter from the fridge and plop it into your mug of Kopiko, know that you need to follow a very specific recipe to get the right results.


  • 1 to 2 cups of hot brewed coffee
  • 1 to 2 tablespoons unsalted grass-fed butter
  • 1 to 2 tablespoons of Brain Octane or XCT oil (you can also use coconut oil if you already have it in your kitchen)


  • Brew your coffee the way you normally would.
  • Pour your brewed coffee, butter, and XCT oil in a blender and blend until a layer of foam forms on top.
  • Bottoms up!

Or you can also watch this video from Buzzfeed:

The ingredients may sound way too fancy for our own good, but science has it that they’ve got tons of benefits for our bodies. Brain Octane or XCT oil is the stuff that gets you pumped up with high energy, clears your confused, uncaffeinated morning brain, and burns fat. While grass-fed butter regulates cholesterol and provides healthy fats.

What it’s like to drink Bulletproof Coffee for three days straight

Day 1

While Bulletproof Coffee is meant to be taken as a meal substitute, I get cranky without proper food in the morning so I gave in to my usual breakfast of scrambled eggs on bread. I then went to the gym to get a boxing session in before work.

At 11AM in the middle of writing an article, I got my first taste of Bulletproof Coffee! And how timely that first sip was because boxing had zapped all the energy out of me.

First impressions:

  1. It was pretty darn delicious, but anything with butter tends to be that way.
  2. The greasy texture was slightly off putting, but was something I got used to after a few more gulps.

Right after downing a 14 oz cup of BPC, I was beyond jittery! My hands were shaking and I felt more awake than ever! Kind of like a super hyper dog on his first walk in the park.


But aside from the feeling of caffeine coursing wildly through my veins, my brain was also more focused and alert. I worked a lot faster!

That one cup kept me full the entire day too. As someone who’s raring to eat by 12:30 PM, I was surprised to find myself unable to finish my lunch. And dinner didn’t even cross my mind until 9PM!

With energy levels at an all-time high throughout the entire day (even after lunch when I’m usually the most sluggish), I was worried I was going to be spending the night with eyes wide open. But that wasn’t the case at all! The extra alive and alert effect had worn off by bedtime and I was asleep by 11PM.

Day 2

Getting myself out of bed was a lot more difficult than usual And concentrating at work was next to impossible. I was missing the caffeine high from the previous day’s cup of coffee and all I could think of was getting more of it.

I drank the same amount of BPC at 11:45 AM and just like that, my brain cells were alive and kicking again and stringing words together became easy. This time, I didn’t have the shaky, panicky, I-am-so-awake right now feeling, but just a good balance of focus and motivation.

Focused Meme

So focused RN.

The rest of the day went by without me wanting to get under the covers for a nap, which is what usually happens when the clock strikes 2 in the afternoon.

Again, the BPC stayed true to its hunger suppressant claims, keeping my stomach quiet for a good eight hours. I’d usually come home starving for a home cooked meal but even that wasn’t enough to get me to eat. I passed up on dinner and went straight to bed.

Maybe it was a delayed caffeine crash but I definitely felt extra tired in the evening and like a straight up grandma, I was asleep by 9!

Day 3

Woke up with same heavy feeling as the previous morning but I managed to drag myself to the gym for a workout. When I got to the office, full-blown lethargy kicked in and the drowsiness continued until I got my dose of BPC for the day.

Since it was the last day of the experiment, I was given a whole tumbler to drink which I willingly finished in an hour. I thought my brain could handle the triple dosage of coffee but things got a little crazy.


The jitters came back with a vengeance and I was so alert and awake I couldn’t focus on a single task! It took me around an hour to get a hold of myself. But once I had calmed down, work was smooth sailing again and I actually got a lot of things done.

The delayed caffeine crash came for me at 10 PM, ending my brief but eventful time with Bulletproof Coffee.

The Good and Bad Side of Bulletproof Coffee

My body didn’t know what to do with the sudden burst of energy that came with my first cup of BPC. And it went into a bit of a shock too when I upped my dosage. So get ready to experience jitters and shaky hands before your body gets used to it!

Once you do get past the initial stage of caffeine shock, BPC does do a fine job of getting you to focus on work the whole day and keeping you from dozing away on your desk!

While I didn’t experience sudden caffeine crashes during the day, I felt extra heavy and tired at night. What person my age goes to sleep at 9?! Was it because I was so alert and productive the whole day that my body just needed to shut down at a much earlier time?

I feel like it would be very easy to get too dependent on BPC. I’m normally the most productive in the morning even without coffee, but the BPC routine got me feeling like I couldn’t function at all without having a cup first.

Definitely lost my appetite during the three days I was drinking BPC because it kept me full for long periods of time. But is skipping meals good for you? You might be missing out on a ton of nutrients from actual food!

Where to get Bulletproof Coffee in Manila

If you don’t want to commit to the whole Bulletproof Coffee regimen just yet, you can try out a cup and see if you like it first!

You can find BPC at Bait’s by Chef Joseph Margate and UCC Clockwork! (UCC Clockwork’s version though doesn’t use oil and also isn’t mixed using a blender)

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