Burrata Cheese 101: What It Is And Where To Get It In Metro Manila


Anyone who’s fond of cheese will find burrata the most amazing thing to have ever been invented. It doesn’t matter if you have a preference for brie, or gouda, or camembert–take one bite of burrata and you might just end up with a new favorite!

Before we let you in on the restaurants that have burrata on the menu, let’s first take some time to understand some things about these soft, wonderful, gooey balls of goodness. Like how they came to existence, how they’re made, and why they taste as heavenly as they do!

The first-ever burrata, how it’s different from mozzarella, and why you need to eat it ASAP

Burrata is one of the more recent additions to the family of cheeses. It was just around a hundred years ago when the Bianchini family made the world’s first-ever burrata on their farm in Southern Italy. For a good thirty years, burrata was kept a local delicacy that only the townspeople got to enjoy. Fortunately for everyone else, burrata started to become more widely available when factories started producing it.


Fresh burrata cheese heads

As popular as burrata has come to be over the years, it still gets confused with another type of cheese–mozzarella! If you were to compare burrata and mozzarella just based on their looks, they could pass off as the same thing. But don’t get it twisted! While burrata is partly made of mozzarella, it’s got its own thing going, which you’ll realize once you get a taste of it. Burrata literally means ‘buttered’ so that should give you an idea of how rich in flavor and texture it is!

Mozzarella is a kind of pulled curd, meaning these solid balls are formed from the elastic curd found in fresh milk. Burrata is made from the same stringy stuff but instead of being shaped into spheres, they’re made into hollow little pouches and (this is the best part) stuffed with fresh cream and soft, stringy curd! They’re then sealed off at the top with a knot.


A look inside a burrata

The mark of a well-made burrata is a delicate and yielding outer layer that’s just thick enough to hold in its precious contents. If you’re having a tough time cutting through a rubbery rind, then you’ve probably been served old burrata. Of course, the inside is just as important as the outside! What you should be looking for is thick, spreadable strings of cheese that taste milky and buttery with a slight hint of sourness.

Unlike whiskey or fine leather, burrata isn’t one of those things that get better with age. So don’t go waiting around for the next fancy occasion to plate it up. It’s a fresh cheese, meaning it’s best to eat it as soon as possible! So split that burrata open, let its cream-filled center ooze out, and enjoy it with greens, bread, some olive oil, or even just on its own.

Treat yourself to some burrata cheese at these restaurants in Metro Manila

1. Gino’s Brick Oven

When it comes to pizza, most of us are used to the overloaded kind, topped off with all sorts of crazy things. But Gino’s, the go-to restaurant in the country for Neapolitan-style pizza, proves that you can be simple but still be as delicious. They’re well-loved for their straightforward flavors like the Margherita, Four Cheese, and Prosciutto.

Aside from pizza, another thing you’ll see on almost every table at Gino’s is burrata! Most customers start their meal off either with the Burrata Caprese, a platter of burrata, cherry tomatoes, pesto, and basil, or the Burrata with House Salad, a mixture of burrata, greens, caramelized walnuts, dried figs, parmigiano reggiano, and balsamic dressing.

Gino’s Brick Oven can be found at these locations.

2. Green Pastures

Green Pastures is a back-to-basics, farm-to-table, all-organic restaurant. You’re not going to find any processed goods in their pantry nor will you taste MSG in your food. All ingredients are freshly sourced from local farms and almost everything is made from scratch. Basically, it’s paradise on earth for Metro Manila’s health nuts (and those who are trying to be)!

Green Pastures

Photo from Phantasm D.’s looloo review for Green Pastures

The best part is, you have a ton of healthy options that aren’t just salads. One mouthwatering item on the menu you can indulge in is the housemade Burrata, deliciously topped off with Mt. Atok organic strawberries and cherry tomatoes, drizzled with a generous helping of basil oil, and served with crunchy toasted bread!

Green Pastures can be found at these locations.

3. La Spezia MNL

For most Filipinos, Italian food means overly-sweet spaghetti, thick-crust pizzas, and basically anything that’s covered in a blanket of cheese. Which is why La Spezia MNL has made it their mission to school us locals on what authentic Italian fare should really look and taste like through a simple, no-frills menu. Nothing hip or trendy here but you definitely get the real deal.

La Spezia MNL

Photo from Gerald G.’s looloo review for La Spezia MNL

To start off your authentic Italian meal in the best way possible, you have to order up one of the ultimate bestsellers of the house–the Burrata! Its outer layer is made with mozarella di buffala (mozzarella made from the milk of Italian buffaloes) imported all the way from Italy. In his looloo review, Pierre O. described this dish as soft and gooey and said that it did not disappoint!

La Spezia MNL can be found at 90 Sct. Lazcano St., Laging Handa, Quezon City, Metro Manila.

4. The Wholesome Table

We wouldn’t normally call pancakes, waffles, pastas, and burgers healthy but The Wholesome Table has somehow found a way to make these food items (and a bunch of other unhealthy things) nutritious for the body. Because they use free-range chicken and eggs, grass-fed beef, and other organic ingredients, you can chow down on good food without any guilt.

If cheese is your choice of comfort food, there are a couple of choices for you on the menu! There’s the Caprese which gives you burrata, avocado, cherry tomatoes, and roma tomatoes flavored with balsamic reduction and basil. Or you could gorge on the Burrata, served with grape tomatoes, fresh basil, balsamic reduction, and sourdough toasts.

The Wholesome Table can be found at these locations.

5. Wildflour Café + Bakery

Wildflour has made appearances in quite a few looloo articles already, including the ones about grilled cheese sandwiches, big bacon slabs, squid ink dishes, hot chocolate drinks, the churro craze, and deadly desserts. Which goes to show not just how diverse this cafe-cum-bakery’s menu is but also how well they keep up with Metro Manila’s food trends!

Now it’s here in this article for another reason–burrata! One of the most popular appetizers you can dig into at Wildflour is the Burrata and Roasted Tomato Caprese, served with salsa verde and sourdough toasts. If you’ve never been fond of eating greens, you won’t have a problem polishing this salad off.

Wildflour Café + Bakery can be found at these locations.

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