7 Desserts In Metro Manila That Will Have Cheese Lovers Drooling


No matter what form it’s in, whether melted into a rich, gooey puddle or sliced up into bitesize wedges, cheese is extremely difficult to resist. It makes everything taste a hundred times better, explaining why it’s used in so many dishes including nachos, pizza, burgers, pasta, you name it!

While cheese is more commonly found in savory things, we can’t forget that it makes for great dessert too! ICYMI, there are a number of cheese desserts to help yourself to in the metro–great news for the tastebuds but not so much for the waistline!

1. Bake’s Cheese Tart

Bake may have been the last player to join the metro’s cheese tart showdown but it was also the one to leave the best impression on our taste buds. Every single one of these golden gems are made with fresh Hokkaido cheese and milk, explaining why our eyes roll back with every bite!

Photo from Christina’s R.’s looloo review of Bake

There are a couple of ways to enjoy Bake’s Cheese Tart. You can heat it up in the oven if you want it all warm, gooey, and oozy. But Bake employees will actually recommend that you freeze them up so that they come out all rich and cold just like ice cream!

Bake can be found at these locations.

2. Cafe Mary Grace’s Cheese Roll

Cafe Mary Grace has been around for more than a decade and over the years, we’ve all developed our personal favorites from their menu. But one of their most iconic creations has got to be the Cheese Roll. It’s simply not the same experience without these addicting little things!

They’re light and fluffy; a little sweet and a little salty. They’re especially delicious after they’ve been heated up in the oven and the cheese gets a little melty. The best (or worst) part about them is how light they are, making it pretty easy to demolish an entire box on your own.

Cafe Mary Gace can be found at these locations.

3. Kumori’s Fuwari Cheese Cup

Not to throw shade at the local pan de sal or anything but Japanese bread has a way of making our mouths drool extra hard. Which is why when Kumori opened up in the country, we went cray for their buns, croissants, cheese tarts, and other tasty baked goods.

Photo from EJ B.’s looloo review of Kumori

If you’re a fan of this Japanese bakery, you should check out the newest addition to their menu. The Fuwari Cheese Cup, made with a crunchy crust, a spongy middle, and a cream cheese top layer, is the closest you’ll get to biting into a fluffy cloud!

Kumori can be found at these locations.

4. LAVA’s Premium Cheese Soft Ice Cream

International food brands may have been infiltrating the local dining scene but here’s a homegrown concept that’s not scared of the competition! LAVA fully supports local cheese makers even if they’re up against brands that pride themselves on imported ingredients.

Photo from Norman Lester T.’s looloo review of LAVA

One of the favorites from their menu is their Premium Cheese Soft Ice Cream, made with four different kinds of cheeses plus carabao milk. looloo reviewers describe it as thick, creamy, and milky with a delightful cheese flavor that’s not shy to shine through.

LAVA can be found at these locations.

5. Macao Imperial Tea’s Cream Cheese Drinks

If you like sipping your dessert rather than chewing it, Macao Imperial Tea has the perfect drinks for you. The most popular picks from the menu are those that fall under the Cream Cheese category, all topped off with a rich layer of the stuff!

They have flavors like Cream Cheese Milk Tea, Cream Cheese Oreo Milk Tea, Cream Cheese Uji Matcha, and Cream Cheese Cocoa. What looloo reviewers love about them is that the layer of cream cheese isn’t too fine, leaving chunks for you to chew on!

Macao Imperial Tea can be found at these locations.

6. Melt Grilled Cheesery’s Dulce De Lecheese

Melt Grilled Cheesery is the obvious solution to any cheese craving. Everything on their menu has been cheesyfied, from their appetizers all the way down to their desserts. Speaking of desserts, it’s not the full experience without an order of their signature Dulce De Lecheese!

Made with a blend of three melted cheeses (mozzarella, cheddar, and cream cheese) and topped off with ice cream and dulce de leche, it’s every cheese lover’s dream come true and more. ICYDK, you can order this as a whole cake if a slice isn’t enough.

Melt Grilled Cheesery can be found at these locations.

7. Pablo’s Golden Brulee Pudding

Remember the cheese tart craze that swept the nation a few years ago? Yup, we have Pablo to blame for that. It didn’t matter to people how long they had to wait in line just as long as they could walk away with a box of Pablo’s much-coveted Cheese Tarts.

But because cheese tarts were all the rage back then, there’s one item on the menu that had always been overlooked–the Golden Brulee Pudding! This sticky, gooey cheese pudding is topped off with crushed caramel bits and caramel sauce, making it just as delicious of a dessert.

Pablo can be found at these locations.

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