We Blind Taste Tested ₱28, ₱75, and ₱150 Chocolate Macarons. Guess Which One Won?


Can you believe there was actually a time when macarons didn’t have filling?! They used to be extremely boring cookies, made with just almond powder, sugar, and egg whites. Good thing someone eventually thought of putting ganache in between two of these biscuits, sparing the world from having to eat sad macarons forever.

If you’re a huge fan of the much-improved macarons we have today, this looloo Blind Taste Test is for you! We sacrificed our diets yet again to figure out who has the most delicious, visually appealing, AND value for money macaron in the metro, putting three brands with strikingly different prices against each other.

The Rules

The first thing the looloo crew had to decide on for this BTT was what macaron flavor to get. And the most common one that most stores seemed to have was–you guessed it–chocolate!

Chocolate macarons

The second thing was deciding where to buy from. The three places that turned out have macarons at very different price ranges were Tous Les Jours (₱28 / chocolate macaron), Bizu (₱75 / chocolate macaron), and Ladurée (₱150 / chocolate macaron).

Manila Macaron Prices

ICYDK, Tous Les Jours is a French-Asian bakery from South Korea, loved for their fresh and affordable baked goods. As for Bizu, you’re wrong if you think it’s an imported brand! It’s actually a homegrown concept that makes top-quality cakes and pastries. And then there’s Ladurée, the famous Parisian patisserie that set up shop in Manila in 2015. They fly in their macarons all the way from Paris, which explains the not-so-friendly price tag.

For the actual BTT, the judges (namely Gwen I., Peanut D., and Roegan T.) were kept blindfolded as they sampled the chocolate macarons, using only their sense of touch, smell, and taste to critique them. They were then asked to comment and rate them based on cookie texture, filling texture, flavor, cookie-to-filling ratio, aesthetics (they had to take their blindfolds off for this one), and value for money. The lowest possible rating for each category is 1 and the highest is 5.

Macaron Judges

The Results

If you think all chocolate macarons are more or less the same, the judges found out for themselves that they most certainly are not. The three macarons they tasted were different in so many ways, from the color, to the crunchiness of the outer shell, to the texture of the ganache. That said, keep reading to find out which one they chose as the winner!

Macaron #1: Tous Les Jours

Tous Les Jours’ chocolate macaron

Criteria Peanut D. Gwen I. Roegan T. Average Score
Cookie texture 4 4.5 4.5 4.33
Filling texture 4 4.5 4 4.17
Flavor 3 3.5 3 3.17
Cookie-to-filling ratio 4.5 5 4 4.5
Aesthetic 3 3 3 3
Value for Money 4.5 4 4.5 4.33

Tous Les Jours’ chocolate macaron excelled in the cookie texture department, with all three judges agreeing that it was close to perfection. “It’s smooth. I feel like the flour was ground evenly. There were no bumpy parts,” said Roegan T. It also got decent scores for filling texture, which Peanut D. described as “chewy and not dry.”

But its flavor didn’t fare too well, the common comment being that it wasn’t chocolatey enough. “I didn’t taste the chocolate. It’s just sweet. It’s like candy,” said Gwen I. Good thing it got better scores for its cookie-to-filling ratio, with everyone concluding that it had just the right amount of both.

As for aesthetics, there’s a lot of room for improvement according to the judges. “It’s not delicately made. You know they were rushing to make it,” said Peanut D. But for its price, they admitted that it’s still pretty good value for money, considering it’s the cheapest of the bunch.

Tous Les Jours can be found at these locations.

Macaron #2: Bizu Patisserie

Bizu’s chocolate macaron

Criteria Peanut D. Gwen I. Roegan T. Average Score
Cookie texture 4 3 4 3.67
Filling texture 3.5 3.5 3.5 3.5
Flavor 4.5 4 4 4.17
Cookie-to-filling ratio 4 4 5 4.33
Aesthetic 4 4 4 4
Value for Money 5 5 5 5

Bizu’s chocolate macaron didn’t get off to a great start, with its cookie texture getting so-so scores for being on the rough, bumpy side. “I didn’t taste the delicateness that macarons should have,” said Peanut D. It also got low scores for filling texture because the judges noticed that it was a little too liquidy.

Things looked up though when it was time to rate it for its flavor, which everyone thought was rich and satisfying. “The dark chocolatey-ness is more prominent than the first one,” said Roegan T., comparing it to Tous Les Jours’. It also got solid points for having good cookie-to-filling ratio.

When it came to aesthetics, everyone agreed that more effort was put into assembling this macaron versus Tous Les Jour’s, earning it a score of 4 across the board. As for value for money, all the judges gave it 5 points! According to them, the price is not bad at all for the flavor you get.

Bizu can be found at these locations.

Macaron #3: Ladurée Bakery

Ladurée’s chocolate macaron

Criteria Peanut D. Gwen I. Roegan T. Average Score
Cookie texture 5 5 5 5
Filling texture 5 5 5 5
Flavor 5 5 5 5
Cookie-to-filling ratio 5 5 3.5 4.5
Aesthetic 5 5 5 5
Value for Money 4.5 4 3 3.83

Aside from how smooth the cookie was, what really impressed the judges about Ladurée’s chocolate macaron was the way it crackled when they bit into it. “It’s like eating crackers. You can hear it. The crackle is there. I give it a 5,” said Peanut D. The filling texture also earned perfect scores for being chewy and soft.

The 5-point streak didn’t stop there, with the judges completely awed by how rich it was in flavor. “It’s very chocolatey. Dark chocolate to be specific. I can tell that it’s not cheap chocolate,” said Roegan T. As for cookie-to-filling ratio, Peanut D. and Gwen I. found it just right but Roegan T. said that there was more filling than cookie, giving it a 3.5.

This macaron stole the limelight yet again when it came down to aesthetics, garnering praise for how shiny (it definitely stood out from the other two which were matte brown), appetizing, and delicately-made it looked. As for value for money, Peanut D. and Gwen I. thought it was worth the splurge but Roegan T. thought it was a tad too expensive.

Laduree can be found at Lopez Tower, Rockwell Drive cor. Lopez Drive, Rockwell Center, Makati, Metro Manila.

Criteria #3 Tous Les Jours #1 Ladurée #2 Bizu
Cookie texture 4.33 5 3.67
Filling texture 4.17 5 3.5
Flavor 3.17 5 4.17
Cookie-to-filling ratio 4.5 4.5 4.33
Aesthetic 3 5 4
Value for Money 4.33 3.83 5
TOTAL SCORE 23.5 / 30 28.33 / 30 24.67 / 30

It’s as clear as day! The winner of looloo’s Chocolate Macaron Blind Taste Test is Laduree, finishing with an impressive 28.33 points out of 30! It’s the most expensive of the three but the judges think it’s worth the splurge, especially because you get everything that a great macaron should have—that satisfying crunch on the outside, the gooey filling in the middle, and a rich flavor that doesn’t disappoint.
Bagging second place with 24.67 points is Bizu, which also happens to be the second most expensive macaron of the group. Tous Les Jours, the cheapest of the bunch, comes in at last place with 23.5 points.

Based on the results of this BTT, it might be safe to say that when it comes to macarons, you get what you pay for. If all you need is something sweet to satisfy a sugar craving, the cheaper options are there for you. But if you’re looking for top-quality stuff, be prepared to shell out a little bit more.

Let us know what your favorite macaron is!


G/F 8 Rockwell
Rockwell Center, Makati

+63 917 579 5447

Bizu Patisserie

Greenhills Promenade, Greenbelt 2, Alabang Town Center
St. Luke’s BGC, Robinsons Magnolia, Eastwood Mall

Tous Les Jours

SM Mall of Asia, SM City North EDSA, SM Megamall
Alabang Town Center, SM City Fairview, Eastwood Techno Plaza 2
Greenbelt 5, Chloe Center, Shopwise Araneta Center
Jazz Mall, Glorietta 4, Festival Alabang
TriNoma, SM Southmall, Serendra Piazza
Ayala Malls Serin, J Centre Mall
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