CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice Has A New Line Of Strawberry Drinks To Celebrate The Holidays


While it feels like it was just December yesterday, 2016 went by extremely fast and we’re now nearing the end of the year again.

And we all know what that means! It’s time to bring the huge parol out of the bodega, dust it off, and hang it outside to shine and sparkle. It’s also that time of the year when everyone gets to break their diet because it’s perfectly acceptable to enjoy large amounts of food during the holidays!

But if you’re not feeling the Christmas spirit just yet, CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice came up with a whole new line of holiday drinks to make you feel less like the Scrooge. They’re red, they’re sweet, and they’re the perfect way to get in the holiday mood!

Find more than just bubble tea at CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice

It was back in 1997 when CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice opened up its first store in Danshui, Taiwan. Fast forward thirteen years later, it started to branch out to locations overseas, including the Philippines. Another five years down the road and they’ve put up over 2,000 stores all over the globe, making them the biggest bubble tea chain in the world!

But despite being most known for their selection of bubble tea, CoCo caters to all types of drinkers with different lifestyles. It’s all about discovering which drink best matches you! If you need a dose of caffeine before you can fully function, there’s a portion on their menu that’s dedicated to just milk teas.

CoCo Fresh Tea and Juice

CoCo Fresh Tea and Juice branch in Gateway Tower

But if your taste buds prefer more fruity, refreshing flavors, they have a long list of fruit teas and juices made from fresh fruits, sourced both locally and internationally (most of them are from right here in the country though to make sure they’re at their freshest when they get to CoCo stores!)

And now, they have drinks made especially for the Christmas season too! Because strawberries give off a festive vibe, CoCo created different kinds of strawberry drinks to celebrate the holidays.

Enjoy fresh strawberries in your au lait, tea, and slush at CoCo!

There are four new strawberry drinks to sip on at CoCo and they keep it real by using only the actual fruit to make all of them.

If you’re looking for something to brighten up your mood, order a cup of the Strawberry Black Tea (₱110 for regular, ₱120 for large), a mixture of fresh strawberries and black tea. The combination of sweet and bold flavors makes for one refreshing drink!

CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice Strawberry Drinks

CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice’s Salty Cream Strawberry Tea (left) and Strawberry Black Tea (right)

But if you’re craving for something that’s a little more on the indulgent side, there’s the Salty Cream Strawberry Tea (₱120 for regular, ₱130 for large). Made with velvety Salty Cream and their new Strawberry Black Tea, it’s literally holiday cheer in a cup!

Another drink that goes perfectly well with the holiday season is the Strawberry Au Lait (₱120 for regular, ₱130 for large). This drink, made by pouring rich milk over strawberry puree, is like a delicious helping of strawberries and cream but in decadent liquid form!

CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice's Strawberry Au Lait (left) and Strawberry Slush (right)

CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice’s Strawberry Au Lait and Strawberry Slush

For something cold and invigorating like the cool winds of Christmas, the Strawberry Slush (₱120 for regular, ₱130 for large) is the frosty treat for you! Strawberries are blended in with ice to create a smooth, creamy, and icy drink that matches the sweater weather.

These new strawberry drinks are totally customizable so you can spruce them up however way you want to. Try adding in some chewy black pearls to your Strawberry Black Tea or handmade pudding to your Strawberry Au Lait!

For more information, you can check out CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice can be found at these locations.

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