Sundae Your Way: DIY Your Fave McDonald’s Sundae With Limited Edition Toppings!


We all have our own personal favorites at McDonald’s, whether it be the World Famous Fries, the Chicken McDo, or the Cheeseburger. But if you have a sweet tooth that needs to be satisfied on the regular, the cold, creamy Sundae is probably your most-ordered item from the menu!

McDonald's PH Sundae Your Way

For all you Sundae enthusiasts out there, we’ve got some sweet news for you. You can now DIY your Sundae with a bunch of limited edition toppings! If you want to try mixing and matching them with your soft serve ice cream, you can catch the Sundae Your Way offer in any of the McDonald’s Dessert Centers. You gotta hurry up though because they’ll only be available for a few months!

And here’s the moment you’ve been waiting for…the limited edition toppings! If you’re a matcha fan, you can have your ice cream drizzled in Matcha Syrup (this is the bestseller and is running out pretty quick so you better try it out soon!)

McDonald's Matcha Sundae

McDonald’s sundae with a layer of crushed Oreos and topped with matcha syrup

But if you have more of a sweet tooth, you can go for the Strawberry Syrup or the Candy Sprinkles.

You can also have your ice cream topped off with Mini Marshmallows if you want soft, fluffy bits to chew on. Another topping option is Crushed Oreos, which would be perfect if you’re looking for an extra crunch.

Lastly, they have Sansrival Bits which would be a great choice for those who want to add a Filipino touch to their Sundae. Of course, the classic favorites like the Hot Fudge and Hot Caramel Syrup are still available.

McDonald's Sundae Toppings

For only ₱29, you get to pick one of these toppings to enjoy with your Sundae. If you want to add another topping to the mix, it’s still very affordable at ₱39. Customers may only enjoy a maximum of two toppings per Sundae order.

If you’re wondering which toppings go best together, we tried to DIY our own Sundaes and have identified a few favorite combos! Hot Fudge + Candy Sprinkles feels like you’re eating chocolate-covered candies, but better because there’s ice cream involved.

McDonald's Hot Fudge Sundae with Candy Sprinkles

McDonald’s Hot Fudge Sundae topped with Candy Sprinkles

Hot Caramel Syrup + Marshmallows is the perfect mix if you have a super sweet tooth!

McDonald's Hot Caramel Syrup Sundae topped with Marshmallows

McDonald’s Hot Caramel Sundae topped with marshmallows

Another great match is Sansrival Bits + Crushed Oreo, the chocolatey-ness of the Oreos complementing the nutty-ness of the sansrival.

McDonald's Sundae with Crushed Oreos and Sansrival bits

McDonald’s sundae layered with sansrival bits and topped with crushed oreos

There you have it! There’s nothing left to do but to hit up a McDonald’s Dessert Center near you and order yourself a Sundae with these new toppings. Tell us about your Sundae Your Way experience on looloo!

Matcha Sundae McDonald's Philippines

For more information, you can check out McDonald’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages.
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