Take A Stroll With Your Dog In These 7 Places In Metro Manila


If Rocky / Snowy / Brownie has been feeling neglected lately, plan out a day just for them. You could take them out on a little date and grab a bite to eat together. Afterwards, you could go for a nice, long walk that they’ll remember furever!

If that sounds like a good plan, here are some dog-friendly spots in Metro Manila where you can take a stroll with your dog. Before heading out, remember to pack their food, water, record of vaccinations (this is a requirement in some places), and poopie bags.

As for you, you might want to put on your comfiest pair of walking shoes if you want to keep up with your high-energy doggo!


1. Bonifacio High Street

This is the perfect place to bring your dog to if you want to get some eating / shopping done at the same time. While you’re walking your pup, you’ll come across all sorts of shops and restaurants (most of which have al fresco dining) so you’ll be just as entertained as your four-legged companion! If it gets too hot outside, you can always bring your furball to Central Square Mall and enjoy some air-conditioning.

2. Terra 28th

If your kids have their eyes forever glued to their phones, take them to Terra 28th and let them play games that aren’t in video format. In this park, they can enjoy art installations that let them experience classic Pinoy games like luksong baka, piko, and habulan. But it’s not just your human children that you can bring here–your fur babies are welcome too! They’re free to walk around, frolic, and enjoy the fresh air.

3. Track 30th

Track 30th is the park to hit up if you’re in need of some exercise. They have a jogging path for those who want to run the calories away, as well as an exercise lawn where you can do jumping jacks, squats, and knee-ups. They even have spaces for yoga and meditation if you’re craving for some zen. If you think your pooch is looking a little flabby and could use a workout too, bring them along because it’s a dog-friendly park!


4. Eastwood City

If you want to spend some time with the family outside of the house but Fido hates being left alone, haul everyone (including the dog) to Eastwood City. There’s lots of space to walk them here, plus you can shop and eat with the family while you’re at it. Just make sure to secure a pet pass beforehand! Simply accomplish the pet pass application form and submit an updated record of vaccinations and a 1×1 photo of your pet.

5. QC Memorial Circle

QC Memorial Circle, a popular landmark in the city, has always been a favorite hangout spot among families. Complete with all kinds of facilities, some of the activities you can try out here are biking, going on a picnic, tiangge shopping, riding the zipline, and watching the dancing fountain. The best part is you can let Spot tag along because dogs are welcome in this park! They even offer occasional animal blessings and vet services here.


6. Ayala Triangle Gardens

Photo from Christina R.’s looloo review for Ayala Triangle Gardens

For those who want a break from malls, try hanging out Ayala Triangle Gardens. Here, you can bask in the sunshine but also take comfort under the huge, shady trees if it gets too hot. When it’s time to eat, you can help yourself to delicious food in any of the restaurants that line the area. This open space is also popular among dog parents because here, their dog children can walk, roll around in the grass, and meet other fur babies!

7. Legazpi / Salcedo Park

Both Legazpi and Salcedo Park are popularly known as venues for weekend markets. People flock to them to buy all sorts of things, including fresh produce, plants, house decor, and food. But ICYDK, they’re also great places to take your dogs to! Tucked away from the busyness of Makati, you can go for a peaceful stroll with your furry one without having to worry about trucks, buses, or motorcycles.

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